Directed by: Glenn Morgan

RUNNING TIME- 84 minutes

STARS: Kristen Cloke, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Andrea Martin

This review of “Black Christmas” will not contain the same mistakes as all the other reviews you may have read. This film will not be compared, at all, with the original. The common mistakes by all critics was calling this film a “Remake”. This film is not a remake of the original, it is a retelling of a plot-line, a film of it’s own, and shall be reviewed that way.

That said, Black Christmas received undeserved criticism from critics and hardcore fans. The film suffered at the box office not because of it’s content, but of Dimension Film’s stupidity of releasing a horror film containing scenes of violent gore on Christmas Day. It sounded good in theory, but in reality, an early November release would have given this film a better chance of being a hit, because it has all the makings of one.

We are all familiar with the plot, so there is not need to rehash it. What is different here is we got to see how Billy ended up a demented maniac. At times during the film, you actually feel for him. Most of what happened to him was not his fault, it was his mother (who is ten times more ugly then any woman I’ve scene lately), and so he kills her and makes Christmas cookies with her flesh in detail, with cookie cutters. The best part of this scene is, if you listen closely, when he places them in the oven, they sizzle. You’ll never like the sound of cooking bacon again.

Billy escapes from the asylum where he was placed (due of course to the stupidity of the guard), and goes home. Home is now a college sorority house for girls. Billy systematically begins killing almost all in the house, but he has some assistance. If you have not yet scene the film, I will not give away that plot-line.

The killing are in graphic detail, and Billy has a thing about eyeballs, so we see eyeballs graphically removes from victims, and he even eats them.

The film is chock full of eye candy (the co-eds), all good actresses. But the story here is Billy, and another movie killer could have been made into a sequel or two here. But as much as I enjoyed the film, I hated the ending. I hated it even more when I watched from the DVD the “Alternate Endings” section. The first one on the DVD would have been the perfect ending to the films. I do not know why the filmmakers went with the ending they did, but that makes two very large mistakes for Dimension Films. They had a classic in their hands, and they treated it like a fourth class remake of “Police Academy”. We can all hope Dimension Films doesn’t make the same mistake with Rob Zombie’s upcoming retelling of “Halloween“.