ATTACK OF THE BEAST CREATURES- A little-known camp horror film about a cruise ship that sinks and a boatload of survivors, in a life raft, make it to a small island. What they find are pools of acid that looks like water (of course one man finds that out by sticking his head into one), and small beast creatures that attack at night. You’ll love this grade “Z” movie. (1985)

ATTACK OF THE KILLER HOG- In a chaotic city called Kimanga City, covered by a rare psychedelic ambience product of a piece of news drugs, wild crimes begin to happen seemingly under the claws of a paranormal creature. Two detectives will descend to the psychological hell of the sinister metropolis to try to meet on the most believable truth. (2000)

A*P*E- A quickie King Kong imitation made in Korea with American actors. Brought to America by Jack Harris, the ape suit looks like a mangy horse blanket. Originally filmed in 3-D and out-of-print, this is an excellent addition to your grade Z collection. (1976)

AUTOPSY OF A GHOST- Mexican horror comedy. Spanish Language. Stars John Carradine, Basil Rathbone, and Cameron Mitchell.Story of a mad doctor an his weird crazy family, a very skinny woman two dumb detectives, a ghost, and a female robot, among other characters. The ghost is looking for final rest and peace for his soul, but in order to get that he has to make a woman fall in love with him and she has to die for him.. (1968)

BEACH GIRLS AND THE MONSTER (aka The Monster From The Surf) – Jon Hall directed and stars in a film about a nutty oceanographer who spends half his time watching bikini-clad girls and the other half creating a monster to prey on the cuties. Great camp fun. (1965)

BEAST WITH A MILLION EYES- 50’s sci-fi drive-in fare produced by Roger Corman. An obscure E.T. life form comes to Earth and turns all animals against humans. One scene has birds attacking a car (as in Hitchcock’s’ The Birds). (1958)

BEYOND ATLANTIS- Directed by Eddie Romero. Forgotten by nature… invaded by modern man… half human… half fish! A band of adventurers invade a native island determined to grab a reported fortune in buried treasure. The islanders are just as determined to keep their sacred treasure. Horrible complications ensue. (1973)

BILLY THE KID VS DRACULA- Popular cult film from the 60’s. Dracula travels to the American West, intent on making a beautiful ranch owner his next victim. Her fiancé, outlaw Billy the Kid, finds out about it and rushes to save her. Stars John Carradine as Dracula. (1966)

BLACK BELT JONES- Classic 70’s blaxpoitation. The Mafia wants to buy Pop’s downtown karate studio in an area planned for redevelopment. They get Pinky and his thugs to pressure Pop into selling, but accidentally kill him. The karate students call the kung-fu expert, Black Belt Jones, for help. (1974)

BLOOD- Sexploitation film from director Andy Milligan concerning Dr, Orlovski, a werewolf in 1930’s London, who keeps company with man-eating plants and an offspring of Dracula. (1973)

BLOOD BEAST OF HOLLOW MOUNTAIN- A small-town newspaperman begins to suspect that a wave of murders committed in the area may not be the work of a serial killer but a monster. A little-known fun camp film. (1970)

BLOODSUCKERS FROM OUTER SPACE- An invisible force from beyond our atmosphere takes over people’s bloodstreams, bleed out all their blood through orifices, then reanimates the body as the living dead. (1984)

BLOODTHIRSTY BUTCHERS- Another classic from producer/writer/director Andy Milligan. This is his retelling of the Sweeny Todd story. A barber and a psychotic pastry preparer mutilate victims and sell the remains as meat pies. A must have for Milligan fans. (1970)

BLOODWATERS OF DR. Z (aka Zaat) – A mad scientist first turns himself into a giant walking catfish monster, then sets out to kill the colleagues who ridiculed him. (1972)

BRAIN FIX- Black-listed Professor Fued believes he has found a cure for acute schizophrenia by implanting living parasites into his patients’ brains… (1993)

BRAIN OF BLOOD (aka The Creature’s Revenge) – Directed by Al Adamson. Kent Taylor stars as a nut whose brain-transplant experiments produce Gor, a big ugly monster that gets to carry busty Regina Carrol around. Dwarf assistant Angelo Rossitto laughs a lot and pokes at chained woman. A drive-in classic. (1971)

CREATURE OF DESTRUCTION- More schlock from director Larry Buchanan. A stage hypnotist puts a beautiful girl into a trance, turning her into a sea monster that rises from the surf to murder, kill and slaughter. Direct remake of THE SHE CREATURE. (1967)


CREEPING TERROR- This movie has quite a history. It’s about a large crawling rug (look very carefully in some scenes and see the feet of the people pushing it around) that goes around “swallowing” victims (the actors actually crawl into the mouth). One of the So-Bad-It’s-Good films. It has been reported the soundtrack for the film was lost upon distribution which is why most of the film is narrated. (1964)

CROSS OF THE SEVEN JEWELS- While on his way to Rome, a jeweled crucifix belonging to Marco is stolen. This results in Marco turning into a werewolf. In his attempts to recover the item, he meets a Satanic priest possessed by demons. (1987)

CURSE OF THE SWAMP CREATURE- Classic Z movie directed by Larry Buchanan. Mad doctor in the everglades is crazily at work creating a half-human reptile monster. (1966)

DISGUSTING SPACE WORMS EAT EVERYONE- Killer space worm movie. This one in English set in the U.S.A. with goofy characters and cheesy spaceships. An ultimate camp classic that should be on every collector’s shelf. Also see our new addition “Terror Of The Disgusting Worms From Outer Space” (1988)

DREAMANIAC- In the sleep-stirring tradition of Phantasm and a Nightmare on Elm Street, Dreamaniac introduces Lily, a deadly leading lady who makes Freddy look like a bargain basement bogeyman! Adam is a heavy metal rocker and part-time Satanist. When Lily enters his dreams, he uses black magic to summon her into reality. Too late, Adam learns that Lily is a succubus. (1986)

EROTIC NIGHTS OF PINOCCHIO- It’s Not His Nose That Grows! Adult version of this fairy tale classic. Stars Dyanne Thorne as the Fairy Godmother. (1971)

EVIL BRAIN FROM OUTER SPACE- Another great entry to the “Starman” series from Japan. In this film, Starman battles deformed Marpetians ruled by the brain of Balazar, an evil scientist. Lots of camp fun.(1956/59)

FACE OF THE SCREAMING WEREWOLF- Lon Chaney, Jr.stars in this Mexican production called La casa del Terror. A mad scientist finds a mummy and revives it, but under the bandages is a werewolf. Lon Chaney, Jr. wearing the makeup similar to the old Universal Wolfman movies. Dubbed in English. A rarity. (1959/65)

FILIPINO BATMAN AND ROBIN- Some Filipino film producers in the early 90’s decided to spoof the Tim Burton “Batman” movies. But in this version they made the villains and heroes look like the 1966 Adam West version right down to the costumes. Critically acclaimed and a cult favorite, the soundtrack is 35% English and 65% Filipino.

FILMS NOT TO SLEEP: THE STORY OF CHRISTMAS- On the eve of Christmas of 1985, a group of children finds in a hole a woman (Valdivielso) dressed Papa Noel and who turns out to be a dangerous robber fled with 2 million pesetas. (2005)

FIRST SPACESHIP ON VENUS- Straight from the week-end matinees and TV creature features of the 60’s and 70’s. An international expedition is launched to the planet Venus. There they find the planet and its former inhabitants completely destroyed by atomic war. The crew faces many perils including a blob-like monster and a one-eyed dinosaur. Great sci-fi campy fun. (1963)

FLESHPOT ON 42ND STREET- Exploitation directed by Andy Milligan. Meet them all! Hustlers and pimps, pushers and S&M freaks, straight guys & girls looking for thrills and one-night stands! (1973)

FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE SPACE MONSTER- Don’t miss this grade “Z” classic. The evil princess Marcuzan and her bald assistant Nadir kidnap woman to use to repopulate their dying planet. Frankenstein, an American astronaut who is actually an android, crash-lands near the aliens and becomes a crazed killer with only half a face. There is also an alien monster on-board the spaceship that looks like a cross of every 50’s monster suited creations. Don’t miss this. (1965)

FRANKENSTEIN’S CASTLE OF FREAKS- Italian horror starring Rossano Brazzi as the evil Dr. Frankenstein who creates freako abnormalities with his “Electric Accumulator” Import camp classic also stars “Boris Lugosi” as Ook the Neanderthal Man. (1973)

FROM HELL IT CAME- Great campy horror film from the 50’s. A tree trunk named Tabanga branches out when possessed by the radioactive spirit of a dead native. The tree actually walks. Great film fun not to be missed. (1957)

GODMONSTER OF INDIAN FLATS- A mutant sheep is on the move near a ranch in the American West. Bizarre 70’s drive-in flick. (1973)

GONG SHOW MOVIE- A week in the life of “The Gong Show” host and creator Chuck Barris who lives through a series of outrageous competitors, stressful situations, a nervous breakdown and other comical characters involved in his life and work on the TV show. Extremely rare collector’s title. (1980)


HORROR OF PARTY BEACH- This low budget gem from Stamford Ct. is a cult classic. Sea monsters, with what looks like hot dogs hanging from their mouths, are created due to the dumping of radioactive waste off of “Party Beach” This un-cut version contains the gore scenes originally cut when first released. (1964)

HORROR OF THE BLOOD MONSTERS- More Grade Z camp from director Al Adamson. There’s no escape when a terrifying wave of inexplicable vampire killings sweep across Earth. The killings are traced to a distant planet, where a crew lands to find primitive vampire-like creatures. (1971)

HUMAN DUPLICATORS-An alien is dispatched from a faraway galaxy to take over the Earth by “duplicating” humans and creating a race of zombies resembling animated pottery in this low-budget sci-fi film. (1965)

INCREDIBLE TWO-HEADED TRANSPLANT- An all-time camp classic. Bruce Dern stars as a mad, and we mean mad, scientist who puts the head of a psychotic killer on the body of a large mentally challenged man. The killer becomes able to control the body and goes on a 2-headed killing spree. (1971)

INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES WHO STOPPED LIVING AND BECAME MIXED-UP ZOMBIES (aka Teenage Psycho Meets Bloody Mary)- One of the largest movie titles in history. At a Long Beach amusement park, a gypsy fortune teller hypnotizes patrons, throws acid in their faces, and collects the now ugly monsters in cages in the basement. Filmed in Bloody-Vision. (1964)

INVADERS FROM SPACE- The 3rd Starman film, in which he saves Earth from the threat of the reptile-like Kapia Aliens. Cheap n’ cheery space thrills. (19??)

INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS- Horror thriller with fantasy overtones. William Smith stars as a G-man investigating women who turn into men-destroying insects during sex. Classic “B” (no pun intended) film.(1973)

INVASION OF THE GIRL SNATCHERS- In this 1973 drive-in classic romp down the road of go-go boots, bell bottoms, hot pants and topless women, six girls have mysteriously disappeared due to the “Invasion of the Girl Snatchers”. In a goofy, Mission Impossible-inspired mission debriefing, Private Pig, Sam Trowel (Hugh Smith) accepts the case of the missing girls. Ruthie (Ellen Trip), one of Sam’s operatives, is snatched, bound, gagged, shot-up, hooked to an oscilloscope, painted, smothered then revived quickly, now inhabited by the spirit of an alien. Far-out fun. (1973)

INVASION OF THE NEPTUNE MEN- Humanoids in spacesuits with cone-shaped headpieces, from the eighth planet, attack a group of Earth children rescued by a silver-suited hero they call Space Chief. Later, scientists and military leaders try to put an electronic bubble over Tokyo to fight off the aliens. Along comes Space Chief again to the rescue. Japanese production dubbed in English stars Shinichi (Sonny) Chiba. (1961)

INVASION OF THE SAUCERMEN- Classic sci-fi film from the 50’s as giant-headed aliens with bulging exposed brains attempt to take over our planet. (1957)

INVASION OF THE STAR CREATURES- Sci/fi comedy as large-breasted babes from outer space land their ship, and the army is sent to find it. It is found by two army goofs who then find out they are to conquer the Earth with Vege-Men that are aboard ship. Long out-of-print. (1962) SEE THIS FILMS REVIEW IN OUR MOVIE REVIEW SECTION…

ISLAND CLAWS- A biological experiment in Florida goes awry. The result: 8-foot long land crabs which roar loudly and kill everything in sight. (1980)

IT CONQUERED THE WORLD- One of several remaining members of its race, an alien from Venus is guided to Earth by disgruntled scientist Tom Anderson, who tells which humans it should attach mind control devices to. Hard-To-Find Sci-Fi. (1956)


JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN- The most shattering experience you’ll ever live. A young American soldier, hit by a shell on the last day of the First World War, lies in a hospital bed, a quadruple amputee who has lost his eyes, ears, mouth and nose. He remains conscious, and able to reason, and tries to communicate to his doctors his wish that he be put on show in a carnival as a demonstration of the horrors of war. (1971)

LEGACY OF HORROR- Directed by Andy Milligan!!! Three sisters, with their inane husbands, must spend a night on Haney Island to collect an inheritance. There, they are stalked by a cloaked figure who begins to kill in ghastly ways. (1978)


MAGIC CLOAK OF OZ- SILENT MOVIE. This tale from Oz was directed by the author of “The Wizard of Oz.” (1914)

MAGIC LAND OF MOTHER GOOSE- This children’s matinee from the 60’s has to be seen to be believed. See many storybook characters come to life like OLD KING COLE, RAGGEDY ANN, CASPER THE GHOST, PRINCE CHARMING, SLEEPING BEAUTY, and many others. THIS MATINEE CLASSIC WAS DIRECTED BY GORE MASTER HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS. A true novelty item and a classic cult film. (1967)

MICROWAVE MASSACRE- A black comedy about a hen-pecked husband who murders his bitchy wife, chops her up, wraps her in foil, and pops her in the freezer. When he accidentally cooks a bit of her in the microwave and eats it, he develops a taste for female flesh. (1979)

MIGHTY GORGA- A circus owner and a lady trapper trek into the African jungle to capture a giant gorilla for his circus. A giant monkey camp classic. (1969)

MISTRESS OF THE APES- Directed by the infamous Larry Buchanan. The wife of a famous anthropologist is rushed to hospital in labor. At the same time, druggies raid the hospital looking for drugs, causing the baby to be stillborn. While recovering from the trauma, she learns that her husband has disappeared in Africa. She launches an expedition to find him, and discovers a bizarre world of sexy jungle women! (1979)

MONSTER-A-GO-GO- The picture that comes complete with a 10-foot-tall monster to give you the wim-wams! An astronaut comes back to Earth and crashes in a field, incredibly irradiated and wreaking havoc. Featured the 8-foot tall “actor” “Henry Hite”. This film was concluded by gore master Herschell Gordon Lewis, but does not contain his trademark gore scenes. Must be seen to be believed. (1965)

MONSTER AND THE STRIPPER- A trio of hunters in the Louisiana Bayous capture a monster called the Swamp Thing. They take it to New Orleans where (naturally) they display it in a strip joint. When the monster’s favorite stripper gets into a fight with another stripper, he breaks loose and starts killing. (1968)

MONSTER OF CAMP SUNSHINE- A scientist carelessly dumps some toxic waste into a river. The gardener at a nudist camp drinks the water, turns into a monster and attacks all the (female) nudists. Another 60’s nudie camp classic. (1964)

MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS- Long out-of-print, low budget version of Creature From The Black Lagoon. A lighthouse keeper puts food out for the resident of the caves under the surf. Then gruesome murders begin happening in town, and are linked to the creature from the surf. (1959)

MUMMY AND THE CURSE OF THE JACKYL- A very hard-to-find grade Z production of a Mummy coming back to life and the Jackal (better know as a Werewolf) that start a battle which ends up in Las Vegas. Stars John Carradine. A must for the “worst” collector. (1969)

MY SON THE VAMPIRE (aka Mother Riley Meets The Vampire)- Arthur Lucan presents his final “Mother Riley” film, where his character the bumbling scullery maid finds herself mixed up with a robot belonging to none other than “the Vampire” himself, played by none other than Bela Lugosi. Mother Riley is accidentally dragged along when the mistakenly delivered robot is brought back by remote control to the lair of it’s master. (1952)

NAVY VS THE NIGHT MONSTERS- Plant creatures with acid in the veins attempt to take over the world. But they have to first get by Mamie Van Doren. Classic 60’s sci-fi invasion adventure. (1966)

NIGHT OF THE BLOODSUCKERS- John Carradinestars as a modern day Dracula, controlling a harem of beautiful vampires thirsty for blood. They lure their victims to their doom by posing as ladies of the evening. Rated R. (197?)

OCTAMAN- The title monster is discovered during scientific experiments at a seaside location. Great camp classic. Title creature was an early creation of Rick Baker. (1971)

PLANET OF BLOOD (aka Queen Of Blood)- A scientific expedition to Mars to rescue a crashed spaceship finds only one survivor, a green-skinned alien woman with glowing eyes (Florence Marly). On the trip back, crew members die one-by-one, drained of all their blood. Stars John Saxon and a young Dennis Hopper. (1966)

PLENILUNIO- Spanish Language. The most hilarious special effects in the history of cinema. Undoubtedly the less scary and more naive representation of a monster ever: a cotton made wolf with the look of a decadent cartoon character. This movie fully deserves credit as the best candidate to overthrow ” Plan 9 From Outer Space” as the worst movie ever. A must see for anyone with good sense of humor. (1993)

PSYCHOS IN LOVE- A strip-joint owner and a manicurist find that they have many things in common, the foremost being that they are psychotic serial killers… (1987)

REVENGE OF DR. X (aka Double Garden)- One of the last inept works written by Ed Wood Jr. before his death!!! A mad scientist uses thunder and lightning to turn carnivorous plants into man-eating creatures. Everything you would expect from a movie which involves Ed Wood Jr. Don’t miss it. (1970)

SANTA CLAUS- K. Gordon Murray bought this Mexican film and dubbed it into English. It played in matinees during the holiday season and made him millions. In the movie, Santa teams up with Merlin the magician to fight the dreaded red devil. The devil, in red tights and horns, has the worst Spock ears you’ve ever seen. A very hard-to-find classic. (1959)

SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS- Santa is kidnapped by Martians because Martian children are sad that they don’t have Christmas. A very hard-to-find unique holiday experience. One of the Martian children is played by a young Pia Zadora. Not to be missed. (1964)

SATURDAY THE 14TH-Primarily a spoof of the Friday the 13th series, but also takes shots at several other horror films. After his family moves to a new house, a young boy discovers a mysterious book describing the curse hanging over the date of Saturday the 14th. Opening the book releases a band of monsters into the house. (1981)


SINDERELLA AND THE GOLDEN BRA- Prince David is having trouble finding a bride amongst the maidens of the village, so his father decides to hold a masked ball. Sinderella, an adopted French orphan, puts up with abuse from her stepmother and two stepsisters, and is not allowed to go to the ball. Sinderella and the Prince get along famously, but the time flies and she leaves in a hurry, dropping her gilded support in her haste. The Prince mounts a desperate search for his loved one, requiring all the maidens of the village to try on the forgotten garment. A long lost camp classic. (1964)

SLIME PEOPLE- Infamous “Z” movie about creatures living is a fog bank that surrounds a city and hardens, stopping anyone from entering or leaving. Stars Robert Hutton and Les Tremayne. (1963)

SNAKES (aka Fangs)- A snake lover sends out poisonous snakes and reptiles to kill his enemies. Stars “Z” movie legend Les Tremayne. (1974)

SNOW WHITE- Childhood Productions was responsible for bringing this Euro-kiddy flick to the U.S. in the 60’s. Closely following the classic fairy tale, an evil queen sends Snow White out into the woods with an assassin after discovering she is “not the fairest of them all”. She is abandoned, but soon makes friends with seven irritating dwarfs. You know the rest. A long lost 60’s matinee gem. (1956/65)

SNOW WHITE AND THE THREE STOOGES- Story revolves around a beautiful princess Snow White who must flee her home after her stepmother wishes her to be dead. Seeking refuge in the cottage of the seven dwarfs she accidentally meets the three stooges who are house sitting for them while they are away. (1961)

SPOOKIES- A group of people are driven off course and end up in an abandoned funeral home (or is it?) where a creature commands his army of zombies and creatures to kill. Great haunted house sets, along with eerie photography makes this movie “spooky”. (1985)

SUPER BATMAN VS. MAZINGA- Here’s a bizarre little film for all you Batman fanatics. It’s essentially a Korean children’s film which features an Asian version of Batman that fights aliens and werewolves! Whenever the film runs out of money for special effects, it turns into a cartoon! In Korean with no subtitles, but Batman does have some great martial arts fight scenes.

SUPERBEAST- Half-man, half-monster ripping helpless victims to shreds in his mad hunger! A doctor finds a jungle laboratory, complete with mad scientist and genetic engineering experiments. (1972)

SUPERSONIC MAN- An alien, “Supersonic Man,” is sent to Earth to thwart the plans of evil men who would destroy the galaxy itself with their weapons. Only his superpowers, which include flight, bullet-proof skin, and the ability to turn guns into bananas, can save Earth from destruction. (1979)

TALES FROM THE QUADEAD ZONE- The EXTREMELY RARE second and last film from the director of “Black Devil Doll From Hell”!!! Actress Shirley Latanya Jones returns from the director’s first film to be in front of the camcorder, and reads two spooky tales to the ghost of her dead son, Bobby. The second story features a zombie clown from Hell. When we finally return to Shirley, she kills her hot-headed boyfriend, and there’s a bloody finale as the cops arrive. This movie is extremely rare and has a good print quality. (1987)

TEENAGERS BATTLE THE THING- A group of high school students on an archaeological dig discover a centuries old mummified body in a sealed cave. Removing the mummy, it soon comes back to life, revealing itself to be an inhuman beast that terrorizes a small California town. (1976)

TENTACLES- Italian film like “Jaws” but in place of sharks, the deaths are due to a giant octopus. How they got stars like Henry Fonda, John Huston, Shelley Winters and Claude Akins to appear in it is the real mystery. (1977)

TERROR OF THE BLOODHUNTERS-More grade “Z” filmmaking from Jerry Warren (who brought us Face Of The Screaming Werewolf and Frankenstein Island just to name a few). An escaped prisoner flees to the South American jungle, where he must survive not only wild animals and disease, but a ferocious Indian tribe. Stars Robert Clarke. (1962)

TERROR OF THE DISGUSTING SPACE WORMS FROM OUTER SPACE- In German language with English subtitles. Here’s a rare one. Apocalyptic spraying blood and nudity with fun action sequences and lots of those pesky killer worms. A bit shaky pre-opening credits then clears up. A bizarre nightmare of blood and violence shot tongue in cheek with punk rock soundtrack. Also see our other “worm” film “Disgusting Space Worms Eat Everyone”. (1985)

THE BODY BENEATH- Directed by Andy Milligan!!! A reverend and wife take over Carfax Abbey. They’re unknowingly from a long-descending line of vampires that are slowly being destroyed by in-breeding. (1970)

THE DARK- Stars Cathy Lee Crosby and was originally to be directed by Tobe Hooper. Crosby plays a television reporter investigating a series of decapitations committed by a walking corpse that may be an alien. Great special effects. (1979)

THE EYE CREATURES- Another camp gem from director Larry Buchanan, this time remaking 1957’s “Invasion Of The Saucermen”. Action takes place where kids making out on lovers’ lane try to outwit Buchanan’s versions of “Saucermen”. If you’re a fan of camp films, this is a must have for your collection. (1965)


THE RATS ARE COMING.. THE WEREWOLVES ARE HERE… Directed by Andy Milligan. Set in 1899 is about a woman and her new husband who arrive at the home of her crazy family of incestuous werewolves, ruled over by a 108 year-old patriarch. They keep her brother Malcolm locked up in a room where he commits graphic cruelty to chicken and mice. Legendary “Z” filmmaking by Milligan, this movie is truly hard-to-find. (1972)

THE VIOLENT YEARS- Directed by Ed Wood Jr. (Plan 9 From Outer Space). A newspaper publisher’s daughter suffers from neglect by her parents. She and her friends turn to crime by dressing up like men, holding up gas stations, raping young men at gunpoint, and having make-out parties when her parents are away. (1956)

THE WEIRDO- One of the last films by cult film directorAndy Milligan. Romeo & Juliet meet Dr, Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as a freaked out lowlife is on a murderous rampage. Film is dripping with gore murders. (1989)

TORTURE DUNGEON- Director Andy Milligan is back in this dime store version of the Tower of London. The highlight of this flick is the gruesome dungeon where all the Dukes victims are kept. The makeup is very disturbing, perhaps Andy’s best. Another great scene involves the murder of Milligan regular Hal Borsk, who plays the mentally retarded nose picking prince next in line for the throne. He gets a wooden stake hammered through his chest on his wedding night! (1969)

TROLL 2- Young Joshua Waits is visited by his Grandpa Seth who reads him a fairytale about goblins. However Joshua’s parents are insistent that Joshua’s grandfather is dead. The family travel away to the small country town of Nilbog as part of an exchange of houses with a local Nilbog family. But Grandpa Seth tries to warn Joshua that the inhabitants of Nilbog are really goblins. (1990)

WILD WILD WORLD OF BATWOMAN- In this zero budget cheapie a busty Batwoman enlists her beauteous bevy of Batgirls (when they are not dancing the jerk) to help her regain a mad scientist’s invention (an atom bomb made out of a hearing aid) before a costumed ne’er-do-well, Rat Fink, can glom onto it for his own purposes. (1966)

WINTERBEAST- Very rare horror film. In a wintry kind of town somewhere, people are being killed off by possessed totem poles. (1991)

THEY SAVED HITLER’S BRAIN- This has been ranked as one of the worst movies ever made. A scientist is kidnapped to a South American country where neo-Nazi’s keep Hitler’s head, in a special solution, that can still give orders. (1964/69)

ZOMBIE ISLAND MASSACRE-Camp epic starring ex congressman’s wife Rita Jenrette. A busload of tourists break down near a local voodoo village anf their dream vacation is turned into a nightmare as the vacationers are being converted…into corpses. (1984)

ZONTAR THE THING FROM VENUS-Writer-director Larry Buchanan’s version of Roger Cormans’ ” It Conquered TheWorld”. John Agar stars as a scientists opposing an alien creature that can dominate the human mind. Another grade “Z” from Buchanan. (1968)