Directed by: Craig Singer

RUNNING TIME- 94 minutes

STARS: Patrick Renna, Andrea Bogart, Jennifer Tinsdale, and Dave Warden

Netflix, Inc.

A decade ago, two twin girls take a ride on “Dark Ride”, the spook house attraction at the local amusement pier. Both girls are brutally murdered.

A decade later, a group of over aged actors playing college kids decide to spend the night in the now reopening amusement park. They want to spend the night on “Dark Ride”.

If this sounds a bit familiar, it’s because it’s the exact same premise as Tobe Hooper’s “The Funhouse”, but not as well done.

In “Dark Ride” the killer is currently committed in an asylum when two stupid orderlies decide to have some “fun” with him. It seems he is on a vegetarian diet due to his taste for flesh. They smuggle in a steak and tease him with it. He stands up and completely tears off his straight jacket and before you can say “been there, done that”, he kills the orderlies and escapes back to “Dark Ride”.

One by one the not-so-bright characters begin to get knocked off, but the killer is not seen at the park till almost the 1 hour mark of the film. You see his handy work (actors after they are killed), but only see him commit one murder, and I admit it gives new meaning to the term “getting head”. There’s also a supposed surprise twist at the end, but you still really don’t care.

It’s to bad a better film could not have been made here. The set for the “Dark Ride” in itself is very scary, a great back drop for what could have been a frightening game of cat and mouse between the killer and the actors, but all we get is fleet glimpses of the killer, and a really bad ending.

Rent “The Funhouse” instead.