99 WOMEN- Complete uncut print by director Jess Franco, widescreen in German language w/English subtitles. On an island prison, a sadistic female warden has the women inmates leading lives of torment and misery. Without men, they must turn to each other to fulfill their innermost desires. (1969)

ACHTUNG! THE DESERT TIGERS- Vulgar Nazi war Eurosleaze from the evil Ivan Kathansky (director of SS Hell Camp) has something for everyone: giant gasoline explosions, fierce machine gun fights, vicious beatings, screaming nude women draped over sawhorses, a whip-wielding lesbian doctor who likes to be on the receiving end in her spare time, hairy full frontal nudity, penises being torn off, a transvestite belly dancer, forced urine drinking, and Gordon Mitchell as a slimy homosexual SS officer! (1976)

AMIN: THE RISE AND FALL (UNCUT) – Very rare uncut print. The rage of a maniac… the rape of a people! The chronicle of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin and his tyrannical rule from 1971 to his overthrow in 1979. (1981)

ANGEL OF DEATH- A Jewish commando unit hunting Nazi war criminals tracks down the infamous Dr. Mengele in the jungle, and finds that he is torturing nubile young virgins and performing horrible medical experiments on the locals. They prepare to battle their way past Mengele’s hordes of fanatic Nazi bodyguards in order to get to him. (1986)

BAMBOO TORTURE GARDEN (aka Chinese Torture Chamber)- Widescreen, in Japanese Language w/English subtitles!!!A Hong Kong “Category 3” (exploitation) classic set during the Sung Dynasty, as a corrupt magistrate subjects a lovely, innocent young bride to inconceivable physical punishments after “convicting” her of killing her husband (by causing his penis to explode, of course). Plenty of raunchy and unintentional humor. Viewer discretion advised. (1994)

BARBED WIRE DOLLS- Uncut widescreen import print unreleased in North America, dubbed in English, directed by Jesse Franco. Maria ( Lina Romay) is sentenced to prison for life for killing her father that attempted to rape her. She is sent to a special section of the jail known for it’s cruel and sadistic treatment of prisoners. The wardress ( Monica Swinn) is a sadistic lesbian who knows no mercy and takes pleasure in her job. A must for all fans of sadistic women in prison films and for Jess Franco addicts, this is considered one of the all-time best in this genre. (1975)

BIG DOLL HOUSE- Pam Grier stars in this sexy, funny, thrilling exploitation classic. At a prison farm in the Philippines, new girl Collier (Judy Brown) is locked up with bitter lesbian (Grier), rebel girl Bodine (Pat Woodell), tough blonde Alcott (Roberta Collins), and Harad (Brooke Mills), a strung-out junkie. (1971)

CAGED WOMEN (aka Emmanuelle In Prison)- Emmanuelle goes undercover into a prison to expose the corrupted officials who are brutalizing the inmates. Emmanuelle is shocked by the horrors and humiliation the prisoners are subjected to, but when her true identity is discovered, she finds herself at the receiving end. (1983)

CONVENT OF SINNERS- Directed by Joe D’Amato. Finally, an English dubbed print of this Joe D’Amato’s nunsploitation masterpiece. Eva Grimaldi stars as a young girl forced into a convent after being raped by her father. Once there, she goes through the usual degradations, lesbian encounters, and whippings until it all ends quite pessimistically. High sexual content!!! (1984)

DEATH CARRIES A CANE- Ketty, a photographer living in Rome, accidentally witnesses the murder of a young woman at the hands of a razor-wielding black-gloved killer. Ketty and her fiancé, Alberto, go to the police-only to learn that two other witnesses to the crime have been slashed to death. Ketty fears that she will be the next victim when her ballerina friend Magda is brutally killed by the same elusive culprit. (1972)

DEPORTED WOMEN OF THE SS SPECIAL SECTION- About the daily ins and outs of life in a Nazi women’s prison. The women get to the camp and are given the usual medical tests to make sure they’re healthy enough for torture. There is a long shaving sequence in which pubic hair goes under the razor. The commander of the camp becomes infatuated with one of the prisoners. He wants her to love him. He goes through various romantic wooing ideas, (humiliation, solitary confinement), until she decides to leave a present in her vagina for him in the climax. (1976)

ELSA FRAULEIN SS- To improve the morale of the German officers, a train with beautiful girls is arranged to entertain them when on leave. Nazi Exploitation!!! (1977)

EMANUELLE’S REVENGE (aka Blood Vengeance) – Starring George Eastman and Rose Marie Lindt as Emanuelle. Emmanuelle is out to avenge her sister, who committed suicide after escaping from her sadistic lover Carlo (Eastman). So she chains him up in her basement, drugs him, and forces him to watch her having sex. Carlo starts hallucinating all kinds of bloody horrors and cannibalistic doings, so he decides he has to break free and kill Emmanuelle. Directed by Joe D’Amato. (1976)

ESCAPE FROM WOMEN’S PRISON- Nothing like a dose of European sexploitation to perk up your day, especially when it comes from behind bars – women in prison style! Always full of uncomfortable situations, gritty violence, and hot lesbian action, the Italians pour it on a little heavier. With a familiar sleaze cast line-up of favorites and a director in Giovanni Brusadori, who’s no stranger to these things having acted in a good number of them, it was bound to be a guilty pleasure. And folks, it sure was! English Language. (1978)

GESTAPO’S LAST ORGY (Extended Version)- Lise Cohen is taken to a special prisoner-of-war camp that is run as a bordello to entertain the German officers and troops going in to battle. The camp is run with an iron fist by Commandant Starker and his minion Alma. Starker becomes frustrated when Lise demonstrates no fear, and devises cruel experiments to scare her, to no avail. Once she realizes her guilt is unfounded, Lise begins to play Starker’s game. (1976)

HELL BEHIND BARS- A woman murders her boyfriends and steals some diamonds he has smuggled. She gets found out though, and locked in a prison with an evil sadistic lesbian warden. She immediately sets about planning her escape with some of her fellow inmates, but the plans are even more difficult than they seemed when set in motion. (1984)

HELLTRAIN (aka Hitler’s Last Train)- Very rare exploitation film. Take a train excursion packed with young women who have volunteered to keep Hitler’s officers happy with sexual encounters. When the train stops to pick up female prisoners who have taken sides against the Nazis, trouble ensues between a former cabaret singing faithful and a prisoner who was once her childhood friend. (1977)

HOUSE OF WHIPCORD- An old man that lives in an old house conducts a correctional institute for girls. But he does not realize that the date is the present as he is cooped up in the house. He is assisted my a matron who likes to get the girls into trouble and present them in front of the old man who thinks he is the law and he passes out punishment. Afterwards the girls get tied to a cross and whipped. (1974)

ILSA: ABSOLUTE POWER- An undercover agent infiltrates a female prison to gather information of the wrong-doings of the prisons warden, Ilsa. But the cruel Ilsa learns of this ploy and subjects the woman to shock treatments and despicable sexual abuse, leaving her a vegetable. WARNING: This film is not for the squeamish or faint of heart. Directed by Jesse Franco. (1977)

ISABELLA, DUCHESS OF THE DEVIL- An Alsacian Baron massacres the family of a French Duke, and takes his lands, and his title. Isabella, the Duke’s baby child, escapes the massacre, is raised by gypsies, and comes back twenty years later to exact revenge. (1969)

ISLAND OF LOST GIRLS- Sleazy fun as a group of scumbags run a cheesy white slavery ring that operates from a secret location in the orient. One man sets out to rescue the damsels in distress and gets more than he bargained for. Lots of undressed babes and plenty of action highlight this lurid tale. (1973)

KILLER NUN- (UNCUT) This whacked-out cult horror film casts former sex symbol Anita Ekberg as Sister Gertrude, a nun working in a mental institution. Gertrude is clearly insane, and takes a great deal of morphine for her self-diagnosed cancer. She goes to town and picks up men, seduces a younger nun ( Paola Morra) who was abused by her grandfather, and supposedly murders patients. Luigi Casellato appears crippled painter who gets kicked to death. Dubbed in English. (1978)

LOVE CAMP 7- Set in a Nazi “Love Camp” that services the needs of front line officers. Two young WAC officers go undercover as POW’s in the prison camp hoping to get some information from a scientist that’s being held there, before being sprung out by the French resistance. Unfortunately things go wrong with the break out and they end up overstaying their welcome and being subjected to the same indignities as the other inmates. (1969)

LOVE LETTERS OF A PORTUGUESE NUN- 16-year-old Maria is forced into Serra D’Aires convent, secretly run by Satanists. Her confessor is in collusion with the Mother Superior. Maria is tortured, forced into sex with men, women, and the horned Devil, and told that it’s all a bad dream. She writes a letter to God, and a Knight rescues her, only to fall into the hands of the Inquisition, put on the rack, and condemned to death like Joan of Arc. Directed by Jesse Franco. (1977)

RED NIGHTS OF THE GESTAPO- 12 beautiful women are assembled by the SS to provide a little weekend fun for influential Germans. The plot though is to assassinate the political and military leaders. Chockfull of fun and sleaze – but that’s what’s expected from the genre. English language with German subtitles. (1977)

SINFUL NUNS OF ST. VALENTINE- An Italian nunsploitation epic in which a demented Mother Superior and a rabid collection of mentally disturbed and sex-crazed sisters, lose their habits and morals with equal gusto. Inspired in part by The Devils Of Loudon, this is a classic of the genre. In Italian language with English sub-titles (1973)

WOMEN IN CELL BLOCK 7 (aka Hell Prison) – Hilda goes behind bars in a notorious women’s prison in order to save her father’s life. But once there, her own life is jeopardized in ways she never imagined were possible! From the director of Werewolf Woman. (1974)

WOMEN OF HELLS ISLAND (aka Hell Hole) – This is an absolute champion of trash cinema, one that delivers the goods right along with the best of them. The plot is outrageously kitsch…voluptuous babes are being kidnapped off the street and taken to a mercenary training camp on a remote tropical island. Their purpose- to provide sexual gratification to the trainees. Will their dangerous plans for escape be futile? (