Movies of the 1930’s & 1940’s



Act Of Violence- War veteran Frank Enley seems to be a happily married small-town citizen until he realizes Joe Parkson is in town. It seems Parkson is out for revenge because of something that happened in a German POW camp, and when a frightened Enley suddenly leaves for a convention in L.A., Parkson is close behind. (1948)

Among The Living- A mentally unstable man, who has been kept in isolation for years, escapes and causes trouble for his identical twin brother. (1941)

Black Camel- ULTRA-RARE. The second Warner Oland/Charlie Chan film featuring Bela Lugosi who made this right after “Dracula”. The only Chan film shot on location (Hawaii), it features a villainous, turbaned Lugosi and Dwight Frye. (1931)

Black Dragons- Stars Bela Lugosi!!! A cabal of American industrialists, all fifth-columnists intent on sabotaging the war effort, are methodically murdered by the malevolent Monsieur Colomb. It is only until detective Dick Martin is assigned to the case that everyone’s true motives and identities are revealed. (1942)

Boogie Man Will Get You- Stars Boris Karloff. Crazy professor Nathaniel Billings is working on creating a race of supermen in the basement of a New England house. He sells the building to a naive woman and her ex-boyfriend to run as a hotel. Billings then teams up with equally crazy Dr. Lawrence and uses the guests as a source for their experiments. (1942)

Catman Of Paris- Are mysterious killings in Paris of 1896 the work of man or monster? The prefect of police suspects some sort of “were-cat”. (1946)

Demon Barber Of Fleet Street- A Fleet Street barber recounts the story of Sweeney Todd, a notorious barber who in the last century murdered many customers for their money. Truly a rare classic. (1936)

Devil Commands- Scientist becomes obsessed with the idea of communicating with his dead wife. Extremely rare 40’s horror starring Boris Karloff. (1941)

Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome- Stars Boris Karloff!!! Dick Tracy goes up against a villain who robs banks using a nerve gas. (1947)

Dick Tracy Vs. Cueball- Expensive diamonds are stolen but before the thief can fence them he is strangled by ex-con Cueball, who then takes the gems and continues murdering people he believes are trying to swindle him. Dick Tracy allows his girlfriend Tess to act as a buyer for the gems but his plan backfires when she is captured by the homicidal Cueball. (1946)

Dick Tracy’s Dilemma- Dick Tracy battles the fiendish “Claw” in one of his most difficult cases. (1946)

Drums Of Jeopardy- A strange power in native drums exerts control on others. A true classic. Stars Warner Oland. (1931)

Face Of Marble- This film from the Frankenstein school has such an unusual plot that it’s entertaining and offbeat. John Carradine and Robert Shayne portray doctors in a cliffside mansion conducting electrical experiments in bringing the dead back to life. Brutus, the family Great Dane, becomes the test experiment, but the dog turns into a phantom, passing thru walls and drinking the blood of its prey. A truly fun film. (1946)

Flesh And Fantasy- Two clubmen discuss the occult, introducing three weird tales. (1943)

Ghost Of Rashmon Hall – A very rare and chilling English ghost story set in an old haunted house. When a doctor attempts to rid the house of spirits, he gets more than he bargained for. The excellent twist ending still packs quite a jolt today. (1947)

Murder In The Blue Room- A party is thrown at a haunted mansion, people start to die, and a man who spent a night in the “blue room” disappears. (1944)

Mystery Liner- A ghostly captain is wandering the halls of a mysterious ocean liner, while bizarre science experiments happen below decks. Early film based on a Edgar Wallace novel. (1934)

Revolt Of The Zombies- Dean Jagger stars as an explorer in Cambodia who finds the secret for creating zombies. Very rare print. (1936)

Scared To Death- Filmed in 1947 in color, it is narrated by a woman’s corpse. Stars Bela Lugosi, and dwarf star Angelo Rossitto. The only color film Lugosi ever acted in. Very rare print. (1947)

Spider Woman Strikes Back- A young girl goes to work as a live-in caretaker for a spooky old woman. She doesn’t know that every night, the woman drains some blood from her to feed her strange plant. 40’s classic horror. (1946)

Terror By Night- Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce star as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. In London, an attempt to steal a famous diamond proves unsuccessful. Holmes and Watson are recruited to accompany the diamond on a train trip back to its vault. Racing thru the speeding train are jewel thieves, poison darts, and murder. (1946)

The Brute Man- A football hero is disfigured in a lab explosion. In a beauty-and-beast variation, he falls in love with a blind pianist, all the while he succumbs to brutal murderous urges. Lead is played by Rondo Hatton who used no make-up to look hideous because in real life he suffered from a gland disease. (1946)

The Flying Serpent- George Zucco stars as a mad doctor who cages Quetzalcoatl (the Killer Bird God) and sends the winged killer out to murder after he places a feather of the bird on the intended victim. Loose remake of The Devil Bat. (1946)

The Vampire Bat- Mad scientist Lionel Atwill sneaks around leaving puncture marks in the neck of victims- but is he a vampire? Film also stars Fay Wray (King Kong. A true classic. (1933)

The Woman In White- A young painter stumbles upon an assortment of odd characters at an English estate where he has been hired to give art lessons to a beautiful young woman. (1948)

Trapped By Television- Rare 30’s Sci-Fi! An inventor looking for backing for his television invention gets involved with a crooked businessman and gangsters who try to steal his invention. Extremely rare. (1936)

Undying Monster- A rarely seen movie about a werewolf who prowls around at night but only kills certain members of one family. (1942)

Unknown Island- Classic Sci-fi. Adventure-seeker Ted Osborne has convinced his girlfriend Carole to finance his expedition to an uncharted South Pacific island supposedly populated with dinosaurs. (1948)

Valley Of The Zombies- Dr. Maynard tells Dr. Terry Evans and his nurse, Susan Drake about the theft of ten pints of blood from his lab. Later, he is visited by Ormand Murks, a man Maynard had once had committed to an insane asylum and who later died from an operation, and Maynard learns that Murks is an example of living death whose abnormality is counter-acted only by blood. (1946)

White Zombie- Long hailed as a lost classic, which was rediscovered in the 60’s. The film stars Bela Lugosi, playing a plantation owner in the West Indies who holds sway over an army of zombies. (1932)

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