BRAZILIAN STAR WARS- What if the Three Stooges were the heroes of Star Wars? This rare import print in Portuguese language can answer that question. A must for every cult movie fan. Excellent print quality. (1978)

COFFIN JOE: AT MIDNIGHT I’LL TAKE YOUR SOUL- Hallucinatory, hyper-violent Brazilian horror chronicles incredibly evil actions of sadistic undertaker, Coffin Joe (Jose Mojica Marins). Twisted, surreal, and quite stylish considering its low budget, this is only for non-squeamish cult movie fans. (1964)

COFFIN JOE: AWAKENING OF THE BEAST- Psychiatrist experiments LSD on 4 volunteers, to investigateCoffin Joe’s influence over them. Each patient presents a different reaction, involving sex, perversion and sadism.IN WIDESCREEN FORMAT. (1969)

COFFIN JOE: THE BLOODY EXORCISM OF COFFIN JOE- José Mojica Marins,a director of horror films about the diabolicalCoffin Joe, is spending Christmas with friends. Household members go violently mad for no reason: first grandpa, then the hosts’ daughters, one of whom, Vilma, is about to get married. Mojica discovers that Vilma’s mother made a pact with a witch in order to become pregnant with Vilma, promising this first-born child to Satan; her impending marriage to a human is stirring up things supernatural. (1974)

COFFIN JOE: THIS NIGHT I’LL POSSESS YOUR CORPSE-Coffin Joe (Jose Mojica Marins)is still looking for the perfect woman to give birth to a son of his, and, cleared of the past crimes in the first film ( At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul), keeps terrorizing the people in his small town with his iconoclast and sadistic practices. (1967)

NOSFERATO IN BRAZIL-Director Ivan Cardoso’s first film. Shot totally in Super 8mm! It’s a parody of the old-age vampire story, but this time Nosferato decides to feed on the bikini-clad beauties lying on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro (land of the string bikini, mind you!) Lots of laughs, skin and an beautiful locations! (1970)

SECRET OF THE MUMMY- Laughed at when he announced the discovery of the elixir of life, a scientist Professor Expedito Vitus devotes himself to the reconstitution of a map which has been divided into eight parts. The owners of these parts are being mysteriously murdered. He ends up making the most important archaeological discovery of the century: the tomb of Runamb, the Mummy, in the sands of Egypt. Back in Brazil, the professor brings the Mummy back to life, who was actually a dangerous psychopathic murderer. Rare and recommended. (1982)


ANGEL NEGRO- The first horror film from the country of Chile in Spanish Language w/English subtitles.Angel Negro pushes the limits of horror to the max! When the lovely Angel disappears following a jubilant graduation party, leaving only questions. Years later, her group of friends numbers diminish at the hands of a mysterious serial killer, Angel’s ex-boyfriend attempts to answer all questions surrounding her disappearance and the subsequent string of murders. (2000)

COUNTRY- SWEDEN Netherland Flag

BLODAREN- Swedish film w/German subtitles! On tour through Sweden, the all-girl rock ´n´ roll band “Rock Cats” suddenly find themselves trapped in no-man’s land when their tour-bus breaks down. Soon they get to meet “the Bleeder”, an insane beast of a man whose sole interest is to kill them all off, one by one. The hunt is on… (1983)

REPTILICUS (Original Dutch Theatrical Print)- This print of the well known camp film is the original Dutch theatrical print. This print is completely different then the U.S. release with more scenes that were deleted for the cut U.S. print. It is in Dutch language only, no English subs. A must for any collector. (1961)


ASWANG- Filipino Language. Man summons blood-drinking, flesh-eating demon. Very Gory.

BALAWIS- Filipino film in Tagalog language. A slimy reptile creature eats humans… Extremely obscure Asian Horror film. Very good print quality. (1996)

BLOOD THIRST-Another blood bath from the Philippines depicting bloodthirsty sun cultists praying on the population. (1965)

DARNA RETURNS: THE FILIPINO WONDER WOMAN- Filipino Language. More adventures involving Darna, the Filipino Wonder Woman. Very recommended.

DEATH HEAD VIRGIN- A treasure hunter finds a sunken Spanish galleon off the coast of a Philippine island. What he doesn’t know is that the ship is guarded by the spirit of an ancient Moro princess. (1974)

FILIPINO BATMAN AND ROBIN- Some Filipino film producers in the early 90’s decided to spoof the Tim Burton’s Batman movies. But in this version they made the villains and heroes look like the 1966 Adam West version right down to the costumes. Critically acclaimed and a cult favorite, the soundtrack is 35% English and 65% Filipino. Highly recommended.

IMPAKTO- Filipino language. A woman is hired to care for a baby who by nightfall transforms into a hideous creature out to kill anyone for blood. (1996)

SUPER NAMEN- Filipino Language only. A guy who reads comic books is given strange powers by two aliens that enable the hero to enable him to change into his comic book heroes. When robbers are harassing local villagers, the hero conjures up version of Zorro, Lone Ranger, Tarzan, Captain America (Captain Peno), The Incredible Hulk, and Hawkman (Matnguawin) to defeat the robbers. (1990)

VAMPIRA-A romance-horror hybrid, was cited by the Young Critics Circle as Best Picture for 1994. The film follows a vampire woman’s attempt to find in the love of a young architect her and her family’s redemption from their accursed state.FILIPINO DIALOG WITH NO ENGLISH SUB-TITLES. Very rare and very recommended. (1961/94)

COUNTRY- FRANCE t_t_french.jpg

A WOMAN POSSESSED- French Language w/English subtitles. Laurent, who is married, decides to delve into the arts of black magic and decides he wants to be initiated into the darkest sect for which he must undergo certain rituals. Laurent is told by the powers of the sect that in order for him to completely join them, he must have his wife Aline join as well. Aline then finds herself in a series of events destined to break her mental structure. (1975)

CALTIKI, THE IMMORTAL MONSTER- Widescreen Import French Language Print!!! No English Subs!!!

CHILDREN’S PLAY- French Language. A woman finds herself faced with visions of violence and the supernatural. Her husband, a successful businessman also starts experiencing hallucinations in which he often ends up physically hurt. Their babysitter hangs herself and the children begin acting strangely, their sadistic behavior arousing suspicion. It becomes apparent that the children’s bodies have been possessed/inhabited by two dirty, old people. (2001)

DEEP IN THE WOODS- French Language w/English subtitles. A troupe of actors is hired to perform for a young boy’s birthday at a remote mansion. The party goes well, except for some unusual behavior by the youngster and his grandfather, but then things take a turn for the worse when the police come by to warn everyone that a murderer is roaming loose in the area. The actors decide the safest thing to do is to stay in the mansion, but soon the bodies start piling up. (2000)

DEMON IS ON THE ISLAND – French Language w/English subtitles. Doctor Gabrielle Martin arrives on an island off Normandy. It is not long before strange instances start occurring: a man cuts himself with an electric knife which was not connected, a small girl is wounded by a teddy bear, and the arm of a woman is carbonized in a furnace… (1983)

EXPULSION OF THE DEVIL- French language w/English subtitles! Sophie is a pubescent adolescent girl, and when her family moves into a new house, poltergeist effects begin to appear: paint cans tip over, tin soldiers disappear. Upset after being forced to allow her fearful brother to sleep in her room, she barges into her parents’ room, only to find them making love. After this, supernatural mayhem breaks loose in a big way all over the house. (1973)

LES AMOURS DE HERCULE (The Loves Of Hercules)- French Language. This Italian-French production is wide screened. Muscleman Mickey Hargitay plays Hercules, fighting off the Cyclops, the Hydra, and the Incredible Forest Of The Tree-Men. He is also passionate about co-starJAYNE MANSFIELD (who had a brief marriage with Hargitay in real life). (1960)

SADIST WITH RED TEETH- Widescreen in French language only. Daniel gets out of the hospital where he has been cured for “vampirical obsessions”. But his life takes a weird turn as he transforms into a vampire and starts to kill women. Despite his young fiancés support, Daniel’s fate is definitely doomed. (1970)

SEVEN WOMEN FOR SATAN- Widescreen, French Language. Michael Lemoine plays a descendant of the original Count Zaroff who leaves his Paris flat every weekend to hunt humans on his isolated estate. (1976)


ANATOMY- German language w/English subtitles. Medical student Paula Henning wins a place at an exclusive Heidelberg medical school. When the body of a young man she met on the train turns up on her dissection table, she begins to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death, and uncovers a gruesome conspiracy perpetrated by an Antihippocratic secret society operating within the school. (2000)

BLACK ANGEL- A film by Tinto Brass in German Language. Trapped in an unhappy marriage, the wife of a high ranking Fascist official starts a dangerous, self-destructive relationship with a duplicitous S.S. Officer. (2002)

BURNING MOON- New Digital Print In German Language.

DAMONENBRUT-Extreme gore in German Language. After a bank robbery a couple of gangsters hide out on an island to escape the heat. Unfortunately they picked the wrong island as there are demonic forces at work! Effectively mixes plenty of blood, flesh and sex in this film that stands out as one of the best German underground films. (2000)

DEUTERONOMIUM- German Language. The special effects for “Deuteronomium” are made by Olaf Ittenbach, notorious for his low-budget horror films. An angel tells our bored hero what he should do. His name is Michael Luhser BTW, pronounced as the English word “loser”. Luhser kills various people in various ways because his angel tells him to do so. (2003)

EROTIC NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD (In Der Gewalt Der Zombies) -(UNCUT) German Language print. Don’t forget weSTILL also offer the English dub version which is also an excellent print.

GERMAN CHAINSAW MASSACRE- German Language Only. Gore, Mayhem, Chainsaws. Need I Say More

HORROR OF BLACKWOOD CASTLE- In German Language Only. One of the most unusual killer films based of Edgar Wallace. Ten years since she had seen her father, Jane returns to Blackwood Castle she had received in his inheritance. Jane has suspicion that something is not correct within the old, stone walls. The fathers lawyer behaves extremely strangely and pushes Jane to sign some obscure documents: The lot is to be sold as fast as possible. Gradually she starts seeing strange shapes, the same time suspicious potential buyers arrive. (1968)

MONSTER OF CONTANZA LAKE- German Language. A dreaded monster residing in a local lake terrorizes a community. Scary and recommended.(1980)

MUTATION 2: GENERATION DEAD- German Language Gore directed by Timo Rose. The toxic chemical rediscovered in the original film causes more death and destruction across Germany, leading to a new mutation unlike anything the world has ever seen… (2001)

MUTATION 3: CENTURY OF THE DEAD- Directed by Timo Rose, widescreen, in German language. More gore zombie horror from Germany’s premiere underground director. (2002)

NIGHTMARE IN A DAMAGED BRAIN- Complete uncut import print from Germany of the movie “Nightmare”. A psychotic killer is freed and begins his pursuit of his ex-wife and kids in Florida, leaving a brutal trail of horrible and bloody murders along the way.THIS FILM IS IN GERMAN LANGUAGE ONLY. IT CONTAINS SCENES OF GRAPHIC KILLINGS AND EXCESSIVE GORE, THE PRINT CONTAINS AN EXTRA 7 MINUTES THEN THE UNCUT U.S. VERSION. (1981)

NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW- German Language. Uncut Import Print. A group of drunk teenagers accidentally set free the spirit of a warlock, which possesses a scarecrow. The scarecrow goes on a bloody rampage killing the descendents of the men who had killed the warlock a century before. A newcomer and the daughter of the mayor try to stop it before it is too late and the warlock can reincarnate… (1995)

PARAPSYCHO SPEKTRUM DER ANGST- German Language. Bizarre German horror thriller about a creepy fellow who psychically murders his lovers. Includes very real autopsy footage. (1975)

RIGOR MORTIS: THE FINAL COLORS- German gore directed by Timo Rose, Widescreen, in German language w/English subtitles. More sick and twisted gore from Germany’s premiere underground director. (2003)

RIVERPLAY- Directed by Olaf Ittenbach (Burning Moon, Premutos) In German language. Three couples that meet for the first time while vacationing at a river come across a cruelly disfigured corpse. Now the couples do not know if the killer or killers may be among them. (2000)

URBAN SCUMBAGS VS COUNTRYSIDE ZOMBIES- German language. An institute is plagued with the living dead when terrorists cause a biological disaster and the locals turn into zombies. (1992)


BAAZ: A BIRD IN DANGER- Filmed in India w/English subtitles. Baaz’s plot is as conventional as possible for a thriller. Neha Chopra is an interior designer new to the town of Nainital. As she begins to settle in the area, she befriends a number of people in the town. There is the Mayor, Jai Singh Dabral, who is smitten by Neha and asks her to redesign his house. Then there is Harshvardan, a police officer with unorthodox methods of monitoring suspects. And finally, there is Raj Singh – a local playboy and Neha’s new neighbor. Two of these men fall in love with Neha, and the third is a mentally disturbed serial killer who is trying to kill her. But who’s who? (2003)

DHUND: THE FOG- Made in India, widescreen, in Hindi language w/English subtitles!!! Four friends get involved in a murder in self-defense but rather than confessing before the police, they go about dumping the body at several places. Sending shivers down their spine, the corpse disappears one day. And then, to their horror, the dead man reappears. (2003)

KHOON KI PYASI- Hindi Language. A Classic tale of devil worship, a mad high priest and the hero that steps in to save the day! All to the rhythm of a bollywood musical. (1998)

PAPI GUDIA- Foreign Language from India. Bollywood does “Childs Play”. This movie tells the story of a black magic practicer (Shakti Kapoor), who before dying, transfers his soul into a doll who finally gets into the hands of Karishma Kapoor’s brother. This evil doll has plans of his to get into a new body before he permanently gets stuck into the dolls body. (1996)

SAPNO KI RANI- Hindi language. Unemployed daydreamer, Vijay has one goal in his life, to marry his dream girl. His dad has other plans, to get him married to Vandana, the daughter of his friend. While at a wedding ceremony, Vijay actually gets to see the girl from his dreams, appropriately named Sapna both meet and decide they are meant for each other, little knowing that Sapna is none other than Vandana’s sister; and an admirer of Sapna.

SSSSSHHHHH! – Horror from India w/English subtitles. Malini Gujral is brutally murdered in a college campus, and no one knows why and who did it. Then Malini’s sister, Mehak, starts getting threatening phone calls from a male, who claims he murdered Malini, and is now out to kill her and anyone else who will dare to stand in his way. Mehak is terrified, she does not know who the caller is, but he could be anybody, and most of the people around her have a motive for killing her. And then the killings start…. (2003)

VAASTU SHASTA- Made in India, widescreen, in Hindi language w/English subtitles. Jhilmil and Virag move to their new house with son Rohan and Jhilmil’s younger sister Radhika. There is an old tree outside the house. The tree and the house are haunted by the dead. (2004)


BIRTH IN THE GRAVE- Indonesian horror. Rotting corpses, attacking birds, curses, a ghost and a very ugly hunchback. Indonesian Language. (1972)

COUNTRY- ITALY Italian flag

ARCANA- Italian Language. A Sicilian widow earns her living as a clairvoyant, in Milan, but she hasn’t got any power at all. His son instead holds supernatural powers and with the help of his mother he becomes a strong sorcerer. But he fails perhaps to understand the real strength he possesses inside and unbinds uncontrolled forces that lead people that surround him to go mad. (1972)

BEAST IN SPACE- Italian Language w/English subtitles. A young lieutenant (Vassili Karis) travels via spaceship on a course to the Toriton planet, having to face the danger of a violent monster that she needs to destroy (1980)

BEASTIALITA- Italian Language. George Eastman stars in this Italian flick where a young woman finds her mother doing the family dog. The chick goes insane and that’s when the fun starts. Another totally strange politically wrong movie that’s sure to make you wonder who in the hell makes these movies and where in the hell do we find ’em. (198?)

BLOODY MANSION OF DEATH – Italian Language. Bloody Italian slasher killing of beautiful models. Very rare and recommended. (197?)

CARNIVOROUS FEMALES (Femmine Carnivore)- Italian Language. Outrageous sleaze about a woman who joins an exclusive spa only to discover it’s run by feminist cannibals! With gore and nudity, this is the only movie we know of that’s got both a group bra burning women (anybody remember those?) and a man being split down the middle with a table saw! (1970)

CRYSTALBRAIN (aka Man With The Crystal Brain) – Italian language. Italian horror of a brain transplant gone bad. RARE sci-fi horror from Juan Lugar director of the 1973 mondo oddity Autopsy. (1970)

DEAD MEN RIDE (1972) Rare spaghetti western, widescreen, in Italian Language w/English subtitles. Starring Fabio Testi, Eduardo Fajardo, Massimo Serato, Luciano Pigozzi, Charo Lopez, Jose Calvo, and others. Directed by Aldo Florio. Dubbed in Italian, with English subtitles. (1972)

DEMONS 5- Italian Language with Chinese subtitles. Dir. Lamberto Bava. An updated version of director Lamberto’s dad Mario’s film “Mask of the Devil” (Black Sunday) with stronger violence, sexual overtones and modern settings. (1989)

DO YOU LIKE HITCHCOCK? – Italian Language. The latest from director Dario Argento. Making references to several Hitchcock films, this thriller pokes fun at the horror genre as a whole, while trying going against the typical Argento style by placing less emphasis on blood and guts. (2005)

EVIL EYE- Italian language w/English subtitles. Directed by Mario Bava. A tourist in Rome is witness to a bloody street murder done by a disguised fiend. She cannot convince the police when no body is left at the scene. Then she becomes stalked by the killer. Stars John Saxon. (1962)

EYES BEHIND THE WALL- Italian Language w/English subtitles. Wheelchair bound pervert (Fernando Rey) and his equally kinky wife (Olga Bisera) get their kicks by renting out their specially designed guest house and spying on the tenants’ sex lives through a series of microphones, telescopes, and hidden cameras. Little do they know their latest border (John Phillip Law) is a sex-crazed serial killer! Very hard to find Gallo. (1977)

FRANKENSTEIN 1970- Rare version In Italian Language.

GALAMETH- Italian Language. When an ambitious evil knight seizes the throne of Donnegold and murders the nation’s goodly king, its teenage prince conspires to regain his father’s kingdom–with a little help from Galgameth, a benevolent, diminutive monster. (1996)

HANSEL EN GRETEL- Italian Language, directed by Lucio Fulci. No trace of the Grimm Brothers in this horror film. Children are kidnapped by a crime syndicate who sell their organs. Two dead children return from the grave to take revenge. Some truly repulsive gore in this one. (1990)

IL PRATO MACCHIATO DI RUSSO (aka The Red Stained Pastures)- Italian Language. A young hippie and his American friend take a ride from a motorist and are taken to a strange Villa. Unknown to them, their blood is to be sacrificed to the owners of the Villa, who are vampires. EXTREMELY RARE AND GORY FILM. (1973)

JACK THE MANGLER (aka Seven Cadavers For Scotland Yard)- Spanish horror starring Paul Naschy, Italian Language. In this version of the famous story of the London serial killer, Jack not only likes to kill prostitutes but he is a cannibal as well. Rare find for Naschy fans. (1971)

KILLER IS STILL AMONG US- Fair print quality in Italian Language. (1985)

MALABIMBA- Italian Language w/English subtitles. Italian “Exorcist” clone from director Andrea Bianchi. Malabimba is a young blonde haired lass who becomes possessed by an evil spirit: she masturbates with a teddy bear and later with a giant smurf (!?). She flashes her fanny during a party, tries to seduce the family nun and even tries to seduce her father. (1979)

THE TOMB (La Tomba) – Italian Language. A group of university students of archeology accidentally unleash upon the world the gore-munching Mummy of legend. (2004)

MONSTER OF FLORENCE- In Italian Language. A sadistic killer is brutalizing couples at a lover’s lane. Supposedly based on true events. (1986)

P*RNO HOLOCAUST- Directed by Joe D’Amato, uncut and in it’s original Italian language. This sci-fi/horror/skin and violence epic revolves around a captain that leads his crew on a top secret mission provisioned by the Government. The mutilated bodies of fishermen have been found near a radioactive atoll. Rumors of human survivors from atomic tests are afloat. Overall a great adventure in Italian horror filmmaking. Although in Italian language, it is easy to follow. (1979)

SPIRITS OF DEATH (aka Un Bianco Vestito Per Mariale)- Romano Scavolini – Italian Language. Best known for the infamous film Nightmare in a Damaged Brain delivers a truly strange giallo here, which somehow looks like a Federico-Fellini-movie on drugs. Beautifully shot with lots of nightmarish sequences, it delivers enough to keep every fan of suspenseful thrillers right on the edge. It is also quite disturbing, because it never clearly unmasks the killer, not even in the end (but see for yourself and decide for yourself). It’s a pity that this unique giallo has been unavailable for some years until now. (1972)

SUPER STOOGES VS WONDER WOMAN- Extremely ridiculous, but funny. This effort was produced by three countries; Italy, Hong Kong and Mexico. It’s in Italian language only, widescreen format. The “plot” is three men with supernatural powers interfere in a tribal warfare to prevent evil Amazons destroying the inhabitants of a village. (1975)


DOM SARY (aka Sarah’s House) – Horror from Poland in Polish Language. This is a tale of a young woman Sara Braga who kills her lovers with the help of her servant Juliusz. She is a succubus and her servant is a personification of Asmodeus. “Dom Sary” is a very obscure and rarely seen Polish horror film that offers plenty of atmosphere. (1984)

FANTOM KILER- Polish Language w/English subtitles. Fantasy and reality become blurred as a misogynistic, masked killer ritually stalks and kills beautiful women who he has encountered previously. (1998)

TARANTHRILLER- Polish Language. If you love creepy crawlies, you’ll love this Polish horror film about rabid spiders. A researcher works on a therapeutic use of the venom of spider.

WILCZYCA (The Wolf) -Polish Language. Rare horror film from Poland (a country that doesn’t produce many) about werewolves and wolf-beasts. (1983)


SEDUZIDAS PELO DEMONIO (Seduced By The Demons) – Brazilian horror in Portuguese Language. A teacher’s stepson performs brutal killings when possessed by a spirit who’s been near him, since a satanic ceremony performed during his childhood. (1980)


BLACK BIBLE (La Biblia Negra) – Spanish Language w/English subtitles. The story of a boy who is left orphan and he is forced to live with an aunt grandmother hers who reads a strange version of the Bible and seems to adore the Devil. (2001)

CANNIBAL MASSACRE (La Matanza De Cannibals) – Spanish Language. Warning; this film contains extreme gore and violent scenes. Proof of age is required. Gory shot on video cannibal film that is like a remake of the US Texas Chainsaw Massacre! A cannibalistic family is kidnapping people and eating them!! Lots of gore such as arms, legs hacked off, fingers chopped off and eaten, and these people even cut open a baby’s skull. Good low budget gore and even has some black humor as well! Hard to find and recommended!

EL INQUISITOR- From Argentina in Spanish Language. When the police start finding the bodies of dead females – tortured and burnt – they realize there’s an ‘inquisition’ cult involved leveling it’s own perverse punishment against loose women; grim and rough sado fare from South America. (1975)

EL BOSQUE DEL LOBO- Spanish Language. Based on a novel by Carlos Martinez Barbeto, and steeped heavily in Galician folktales, this impressive film from Spain tells of an epileptic peddler who lures 11 women into the woods and murders them. The locals come to regard him as a werewolf. (1970)

EL TERROR DEL ESQUELETO- Spanish language. It’s All Saints Day and a group of kids play a joke on their friend, nicknamed ‘The Skeleton’. The joke backfires as this particular day coincides with the rebirth of Marquis De Gortari’s soul who possesses the body of The Skeleton. It is up to a cunning nun, Sor Juana and her reverend uncle, to save The Skeleton before his soul is overtaken by Marquis De Gortari for good.

GOREINVASION- Made in Argentina in Spanish Language. Goreinvasion is not a movie for “everyone”. It is full of cheap blood and gore, it have offensive scenes – but it’s made all in a comedy way. It’s the story of a cheap filmmaker that shooting a b-movie while he fights against his stupid, mainstream assistant. And then, the alien invasion. Yes, there is an alien invasion, which consists in guys dressed with cheap Jason Voorhees masks. If you are easily offended, do not view this film. (2004)

HOUSE OF THE SEVEN GRAVES (La Casa De Las Siete Tumbas) – Spanish Language. A widowed psychopathic killer plays a bloody game of hide-and-seek with a stranded couple forced to spend the night at her house. (1982)

HOWL OF THE DEVIL- Upgraded print in Spanish Language. (1987)

KILLING OF THE DOLLS- Spanish Horror w/English subtitles. Serial killer on the loose. Very gruesome. (1975)

LA CASA DE LA SIETE TUMBAS (House Of The Seven Tombs) – Made in Argentina in Spanish Language. Two childhood friends return after not seeing each other for a long time, with memories of stranger and a terrifying mansion. One of them remembers its violence in macabre facts and events that finish breaking the friendship between both. One of few Argentine films dedicated to horror. (1982)

LA CASA DE LAS MUERTAS VIVIENTES- Spanish Language. A rich young heir marries for a second time, but his wife is received coldly by his sister and step-mother who attempt to murder her. Print quality is fair. (1972)

LA MARCA DEL HOMBRE- Beautiful print, released recently in Spain as a PAL tape, of Paul Naschy’s first wolfman film (aka Frankensteins Bloody Terror). This film was never released in America in a full uncut print, in Spanish Language.

LA NOCHE DEL EJECUTOR (aka Night Of The Executioner)- Spanish Language. Directed by and starring Paul Naschy. Naschy is out on the town with his wife and daughter. They’re followed home by a gang of punks who proceed to break in. Naschy is tied up and the punks cut off his tongue. Meanwhile, they rape and kill his wife and daughter. Days later, and fed up with the lack of help from the police, Naschy plots his revenge. He starts hunting the criminals down. Armed to the teeth with a variety of side-arms and knives, the trench coat clad avenger takes on the gang. (1992)

LADRONES DE TUMBAS- Spanish Language. The best slasher film from Mexico from the 1990’s. This movie is populated by gorgeous women, young men and extremely gory effects. Three grave robbers and their girlfriends steal the jewels from a serial killer/zombie and after that its nothing but mayhem as this zombie kills, kills and kills. This has a large body count and you actually see the victims getting the classic axe in the head, be-headings, limbs chopping, guts squashed out with a bare hand, etc… I highly recommend this gem. (1990)

LATIDOS DE PANICO (Cries Of Terror)- Spanish Language Horror starring Paul Naschy. The spirit of a deceased knight returns every 100 years to clean a house by graphically murdering the women who are making the life of his descendants unbearable. This entertaining effort has everything you would expect from a Spanish horror movie: a) Paul Naschy, b) a low budget, c) a curse from the past and d) gratuitous gore to satisfy splatter freaks. (1983)

LYCANTROPUS- Paul Naschy’s 1996 return to the werewolf genre. Great special effects. In Spanish Language.

MANSION OF TERROR (Los Mata monstrous En La Mansion De Terror)- Filmed in Argentina in Spanish language. Bizarre comedy / monster flick from Argentina.

MANSION OF THE LIVING DEAD- Spanish Language. Sleazy Jess Franco helmed rip-off of Amando de Ossorio’s Tombs of the Blind Deadabout a group of lesbians who take a trip to a remote resort that just happens to be right next to an ancient temple occupied by rotting monks who wear skeleton masks to hide their nasty, sore-encrusted faces. After much soft-core sex antics the girls traipse one by one into the temple and to meet their doom. (1982)

MAS ALLA DEL EXORCISMO (aka Eroticofollia)- In Spanish Language. Mario Siciliano directs Jorge Rivero, Richard Conte and Anthony Steffan in sexy supernatural thriller about dream demons and a death cult terrorizing man. Naked cultists from another dimension! (1974)

MORBUS- Spanish Language. Bizarre Spanish horror-fantasy about two prostitutes (Joan Borras, Carla Day) who take their customers into the woods, only to be set upon by cannibalistic zombies created by a local mad scientist. The zombies also make hamburger out of a group of rural devil-worshippers, and the survivors eventually seek shelter at the home of a reclusive novelist. (1983)

OUIJA- Spanish Language w/English subtitles. Clara, a young, attractive student of journalism, arrives at the town where she is going to spend her vacations. Soon after arriving she meets Victor, and quickly becomes fascinated with her new friend. Together they will form a group of young people who will meet simultaneously to live an amusing experience that’s dangerous: To make a session OUIJA. To the surprise of all, the table begins to move from the beginning and that is just the start of their horrors. (2003)

SATANIK- Spanish Horror dubbed in English w/Spanish subtitles. A withered old hag turns into a beautiful young woman after drinking a youth formula. (1968)

SILENCE OF THE TOMB (Silencio De la Tumba)- Spanish Language, directed by Jess Franco. Group of people spending the weekend on an island are killed one by one. (1972)

SURVIVE- Beautiful digital upgrade. In Spanish language w/English subtitles. We also still carry the English Dub print. Please specify when ordering.

TRAMPA INFERNAL- Spanish Language. Seven young people go to a desolated forest looking for a bear, what they don’t know is that a crazy Vietnam vet lives there and he is waiting for fresh blood. Soon, they are killed by stomach and throat slashing, axe in the neck, exploding inside a car, etc… (1990)

VENGEANCE OF DR. MABUSE (La Venganza Del Doctor Mabuse)- Spanish Language, directed by Jess Franco.A Frankenstein-like creature, poison gas and the mad Dr. Mabuse’s inventions of torture. (1970)


999-9999- Widescreen w/English subtitles. A new girl has just transferred to a school after the death of a girl at her last school. When a couple of friends start investigating the case, they find out about the number 999-9999. If you call this number after midnight, you will get anything you ask for… in exchange for something. But as the friends start making their wishes, they start dropping dead after every wish have been granted. How can the evil phone number be stopped, and who or what is it really that’s granting their wishes? (2002)

CHAOS IN THE GRAVEYARD- Thai horror, widescreen, w/English subtitles. Horror/comedy from Thailand. (2004)

DIECOVERY- NEW UPGRADED PRINT. Thai language w/English subtitles. A newly wed couple goes on a honeymoon to the wilderness of Thailand. Unfortunately there’s someone there waiting for them. Someone with evil intentions. See 25 years ago a girl was killed there and buried in the yard. So now the couple has to try to escape this ghostly nightmare. (2003)

DEVIL’S SPECIES- Thailand horror w/English Subtitles. A mistake of experiment may transform human into devil species. Dr. Diana and her father, Dr. Rung, discovered a new kind of snake-bite serum. Both scientists were invited by World Health Organization (WHO) to receive a great award at Switzerland. Dr. Diana had to travel with Alex, her boyfriend, because her father would like to continue experimenting at the laboratory. During the experiment, Dr. Rung was bitten by a fierce snake. This made him transform into devil species with human’s body and snake’s head. At the same night, he killed all scientists in the research institute. (2004)

HAUNTED NIGHT- Thailand horror, no English. Concerns three high-school friends. Back when they were about nine or ten they went exploring a haunted house on a rainy night, together with hulking school bully Tongkon. On discovering a trapdoor, Tongkon insisted on exploring the cellar alone. The others latched the trap after him then left and Tongkon was never seen again. Seven years later, the bully they killed is back to haunt them, still looking like his ten-year-old self and still wearing the same green rain coat that he wore on that night. (2004)

SHUTTER- Thai language w/English subtitles. The horror begins when Thun ,a young photographer and his girlfriend, Jane accidentally crash a woman by the street while driving a car. They decide to leave the dead woman and drive away. Later, Thun discovers an unexplained event when he finds a mysterious shadow appears on his photo. He thinks that’s just a bad picture, but then he realizes there’s something more behind the shadow — the shadow shows as the shape of the face that’s familiar to the dead woman. Now, the couple gradually find out a terrible connection between the shadow and the photo. (2004)

THE CRYING TREE- Thai Language. Terror is running through an idyllic country resort, for every time the words of ‘The Crying Tree’ are heard, residents know that when the music stops, one of them will have been murdered…

UNHUMAN- Thai Language w/English subtitles. When a sudden meteor shower rains down upon the lush Thai jungle, the astronomical phenomenon triggers a series of earthly events. Clues begin pointing to an evil scientist dabbling in the black-market human-organ trade. A police detective and a genetics expert investigate the murders–only to discover that the real killers may not be of this earth. (2004)

WEREWOLF IN BANGKOK- Thai Language w/English subtitles. One day, Frank is bitten by a werewolf, but he escapes and survives. But since that day, when the half moon comes up in the night sky, Frank will turn to be a werewolf–but a different kind of werewolf. (2005)


3 SUPERMEN AND MAD GIRL- Turkish Language. The three Supermen battle a curvy blond, her evil boss, their lackeys, and a robot that carries a deadly ray gun. (1973)

AATANK- The Indian (Hindu) version of “Jaws”. “Jaws” gets the Hindu makeover including the large underwater beast, over the top special effects, and even the old song and dance as we are used to seeing in Indian films. Must be seen. (1996)

BATTAL GAZI DESTANI- Turkish Language. Cuneyt Arkin goes to town in this colorful Turk costume drama that’s packed with bloody sword fights, whippings, torture, and even a little wrasslin’. (1971)

BATTAL GAZI GELIYOR- Turkish Language. Action-packed sequel to Battal Gazi Destani with even MORE torture, swordfights, kung fu, and nudity! Plus Satanic nuns, crucifixion, and a revenge plot where all the bad guys get their crotches stabbed, axed, or mutilated. Great stuff! (1973)

BUYU- Turkish Language- A group of archaeologists are determined to make digs on a ghost town to find an old book, ignoring that the town is cursed due to events occurred about seven hundred years ago. An evil spirit comes to haunt this team… (2004)

CAPTAIN AMERICA & SANTO VS SPIDERMAN (aka 3 Dev Adam) – Istanbul is being terrorized by a crime wave, and the police call in American superhero Captain America and Mexican wrestler Santo to put a stop to it. They battle Spiderman, who looks exactly the same, but now is a homicidal maniac and who carries a chainsaw and switchblades. He removes his mask only when he has sex! In Turkish language.

DEATHLESS DEVIL (Wazzuanngu mmenepp thucuu, Doctor Satan?) – Turkish Language. Guy wears a mask to defend his Turkish peoples from the nefarious plots of Dr. Satan.

DRAKULA IN ISTANBUL- Foreign Language. International vampire horror has Dracula on the loose. (1953)

KARA BOGA- Turkish Language. Vlad The Impaler is brought to life with virgin’s blood by his hunchbacked servant. As the leader of a Satanic group of black-masked villains, he ravages the countryside. (1974)

KILINK ISTANBULA- In Turkish language only. Turkey’s bad ass anti-hero “Kilink”, the guy with the skeleton bodysuit and attitude to match, made his debut. Filled with sultry Turco babes, torture, flogging and fistfights, this baby’s got just what your dysfunctional inner child’s been looking for. Namely an unstoppable id in a cool trick or treat costume who fucks or beats up (or sometimes both) anybody he wants to and answers to no one. Yeah! B&W. (1967)

KILINK: STRIP AND KILL- Turkish Language. “Kilink” is the Turkish version of Italy’s “Kriminal” a super-cool anti-hero and ladies man who runs around in a very bitchin’ head-to-toe skeleton costume. The difference is Kilink takes the whole “anti-hero” thing to a new level. In one scene he punches a woman in the face with his skull ring, strangles her and then throws her off a balcony! B&W. (1967)

LAST HOUSE IN ISTANBUL- Turkish Language. A bunch of lunatic criminals try to hide them into a villa out of Istanbul. They keep a rich married couple and their little boy as hostages. One of the most violent horror thrillers to come from Turkey. (1974)

LION MAN- Turkish blood and guts adventure in English Language. Blood and Guts Action–From Start to Finish. A young man who has been raised by a witch uses his clawlike hands to battle his enemies and rescue a princess. (1975)

MAHAKAAL (Time of Death) – Filmed in India spoken in Hindi! A ghost torments the family and friends of a young girl. Often referred to as the “Nightmare on Elm Street” of India. The heroine and the killer look exactly like the stars of the “Elm Street” film. (1993)

MASKELI SEYTAN (Devil With A Mask) – Turkish Language. MORE off the wall Turkish superhero action! This time a COOL hero and his cowboy-dressed midget sidekick (Well, he’s either a tall midget or a really short man…He’s kinda in between!) is out to battle a criminal who also enlists the help of a mummy! You get lots of action, beatings and even NUDITY in this must-see Turkish film from 1970!

MONSTER OF TOROS- A real curiosity.Egyptian film about a Big-Foot like creature. An expedition to capture it results in a female member of the group being abducted by the beast . An all-Egyptian cast in Egyptian Language.(196?)

SEVIMILI FRANKENSTAYN- Turkish version of “Young Frankenstein”, in Turkish Language. Print quality is fair.

SEYTAN (Satan)-Upgraded print in Turkish Language. Turkish film about a possessed little girl. Complete with the usual possession gore.(1974)

SUPERADAM INSTANBULA- Turkish Language. Here’s one worth having for the opening alone: A woman who has been stabbed in the back staggers along, tracking bloody footprints across the credits, which are painted on the street! Now that’s ingenuity! In this one “Superadam” comes to Istanbul disguised as a corny American (hence the cowboy hat) and infiltrates a hippy crash pad and, uh, assorted silliness and cheapjack heroics occur. (1972)

TARKAN AND THE GOLD MEDALLION- Turkish Language. Jaw-dropping Turkish fantasy / action film overflows with one crazy scene after another. Here are just a few of its charms: A nude horseback riding vampiress snares a woman in a giant spider web, mad slashing and hacking “Ha ha!” style swordfights, acrobats tossing a young boy around like he’s a hot potato, our hero Tarkan fighting a gold swordsman in a room full of spikes, and, in our favorite scene, a nun and a stripper are tied to crosses and stabbed in the stomach, their blood trickling down troughs to revive a busty undead babe in a coffin ala The 7 Golden Vampires! Highly recommended! (1972)

TARKAN AND THE SILVER SADDLE- Turkish Language.Further adventures of Turkish hero Tarkan.

TARKAN: VIKING BLOOD- Turkish Language.Further adventures of Turkish hero Tarkan.

TARKAN VS THE ARMLESS HERO- Foreign Language. Tarkan goes to the Orient in an action filled attempt at mixing the Turkish hero with martial arts.(1973)

THE TURKISH E.T. (Badi) – Turkish Language. Creepy, sometimes hilarious rip-off of “E.T.”, done Turkish-style. (1983)

THE TURKISH I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE- Turkish Language. As the title states, but with loads more sex than the American version.

THE TURKISH STAR TREK- Here it is. A Turkish language only film of the beloved Star Trek. Ripped-off even down to using the same theme music. A must have.

THE TURKISH STAR WARS (Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam)- Turkish version of “Star Wars” in Turkish Language.

THE TURKISH WIZARD OF OZ- Turkish Language version of “Wizard Of Oz”. The industrious Turks did in fact rip off virtually every Hollywood blockbuster ever made. Any filmmaker would be hard pressed to surpass this baby for sheer cut-rate weirdness. Was there really a scene in the Judy Garland flick that had cavemen in it? And do we really need to tell you that this is a must have?