AGON- Japanese Language. From the creators of Godzilla comes this four part mini-series from Japan of a giant monster creating havoc in Tokyo. Extremely rare in the U.S. (1968)

AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN- Classic film from the 50’s about a man that grows to over 50 feet tall after a plutonium bomb blast. (1957)

ATRAGON- This classic sci-fi epic from Japan now uncut in widescreen format with English sub-titles. The underwater MU Empire threatens to destroy the surface world. Japan creates a high tech submarine that can submerge in water, burrow in the ground, fly, and is loaded with super weapons. They use it to attack the underwater city and fight the monster sea serpent (MANDA) that guards it. Also features the original U.S. and Japanese theatrical trailers. (1963)

ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS- A mysterious bit of Pacific coral reef and volcanic rock are visited by a second scientific expedition team. Rumors have it the first expedition has disappeared. Rumors beyond the laws of nature. (1957)

A*P*E- A quickie King Kong imitation made in Korea with American actors. Brought to America by Jack Harris, the ape suit looks like a mangy horse blanket. Originally filmed in 3-D and out-of-print, this is an excellent addition to your grade Z collection. (1976)

BEAST OF HOLLOW MOUNTAIN- An American cowboy living in Mexico discovers his cattle are being eaten by a giant prehistoric dinosaur. (1956)

BEGINNING OF THE END- Audrey Ames, an enterprising journalist, tries to get the scoop on giant grasshoppers accidentally created at the Illinois State experimental farm. She endeavors to save Chicago, despite a military cover-up. A sci-fi classic. (1957)

BLACK SCORPION- Giant scorpions demolish Mexico City. They have been released from underground caverns by a series of volcanic eruptions, and it’s up to an American geologist to stop them. (1957)

DABOLIS VS. BOLIOAS- Rare Japanese giant monster film. IN JAPANESE LANGUAGE ONLY. Very rare and recommended!!!

DAGORA THE SPACE MONSTER- The Earth is attacked by a giant jellyfish monster from outer space that, for some reason, has a sweet tooth for diamonds. WIDESCREEN AND DUBBED IN ENGLISH. (1964)

DAGORA THE SPACE MONSTER- Beautiful Upgraded print. Widescreen Japanese theatrical print w/English subtitles!!!

DEADLY MANTIS-A prehistoric giant praying mantis attacks North America. Classic 50’s sci-fi. (1957)


EARTH VS THE SPIDER- When a man doesn’t come home one night his daughter and her boyfriend go out searching and encounter a giant spider in a cave near the man’s wrecked car. Coming back with the Sheriff, the spider is seemingly killed by DDT spraying, and the body then hauled for storage in the high school gymnasium. However, a loud dose of rock music by a teenage garage band revives the arachnid and sends it rampaging through the town. (1958)

EBIRAH, HORROR FROM THE DEEP- (UNCUT WIDESCREEN JAPANESE THEATRICAL PRINT OF GODZILLA VS. THE SEA MONSTER, SUBTITLED IN ENGLISH)- A sea cruise goes bad when a crash landing on a tropical island subjects the crew to an army that wants to take over the world. While the crew tries to get out alive, Godzilla takes on a giant crab that inhabits the waters and can only be kept away by the juice of a berry that grows on the island. (1966/69)

FOOD OF THE GODS 2- a growth hormone experiment gets out of hand, when the resulting giant man-eating rats escape, reeking havoc on the unsuspecting campus… Rather gory sequel to Food of the Gods. (1989)

FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD- UNCUT ORIGINAL JAPANESE THEATRICAL PRINT, WIDESCREEN, W/ENGLISH SUBTITLES. Destructive mayhem between a 30 foot high “Frankenstein” like creature battling the dinosaur Baragon. He is 30 foot high after swallowing a heart created by Dr. Frankenstein for the Nazis. Stars Nick Adams. Classic Japanese sci-fi. (1966)

GAMERA THE INVINCIBLE- Original un-cut Japanese import version from 1965, digitally re-mastered and letterboxed with original Japanese dialog with English sub-titles. This is the Japan theatrical release from 1965, not the American release of 1966. This is when Gamera is initially discovered and tries to destroy Tokyo. A rare find for the Gamera collector. (1965)

GAMERA (SUPER MONSTER GAMERA)- Very rare un-cut import print DUBBED IN ENGLISH. Gamera battles space aliens with the help “flying super-heroes”. This installment in the Gamera series was never released on video in the U.S. (1980)

GAMERA VS BARUGON (aka War Of The Monsters) – First sequel to Gamera The Invincible has the giant turtle battling Barugon, a dinosaur surrounded by a force field. Complete un-cut import print. (1966)

GAMERA VS. GAOS (aka Return Of The Giant Monsters) – Gamera returns when Gaos, a winged monstrosity that fires laser bolts thru it’s mouth, attacks Earth without pity. This is an un-cut import print in Japanese with English sub-titles. (1967)

GAMERA VS. GUIRON (aka Attack Of The Monsters) – Aliens kidnap two children and take them to another planet in an attempt to lure Gamera into fighting the fierce monster, Guiron. DUBBED IN ENGLISH. (1969)


GAMERA VS VIRAS (aka Destroy All Planets)- Japanese import with English subtitles. The fourth is the “Gamera” series, he has fallen under the control of aliens. With the help of two small children, he gets free and fights Viras, The Incredible Sea Squid. This is an un-cut import print in Japanese with English sub-titles.(1968)

GAMERA VS. ZIGRA- Aliens called Zigrans plot to conquer Earth, but first have to kill the heroic turtle Gamera. This is an un-cut import print in Japanese with English sub-titles. (1971)


GIGANTIS THE FIRE MONSTER (aka Godzilla Raids Again – Imported Print)- In this second entry of the Godzilla series, another monster is introduced to fight Godzilla. The new creature is called Anguirus and looks like a big spiked turtle. The two creatures wage their war in Japan and level cities along the way. (1955)

GODZILLA- Godzilla Symphonic Fantasia. 45 minutes of footage of various Godzilla movies with only the soundtracks from each film playing in the background. Rare collector’s item for big G fans.

GODZILLA- Godzilla Symphonic Fantasia 2- 45 more minutes of various Godzilla movies with soundtracks playing. Another rare item for big G fans.

GODZILLA- Legend Of Godzilla – Third installment of 45 minutes of various footage of Godzilla movies with soundtracks playing. Another rare item for big G fans.

GODZILLA 1984 (UNCUT WIDESCREEN JAPANESE THEATRICAL PRINT OF GODZILLA 1985, SUBTITLED IN ENGLISH)- Godzilla returns for the first time in many years to demolish Tokyo but in time some things have changed…the buildings are now taller than he is, and the humans have developed an attack jet called Super X. (1984/85)

GODZILLA 2000 (Gojira 2000)- Original Japanese theatrical print of Godzilla 2000, widescreen, in Japanese language with English subtitles.

GODZILLA AGAINST MECHAGODZILLA- The latest Godzilla film from Japan has Godzilla again facing his toughest rival . Widescreen in Japanese language w/English subtitles. (2002)

GODZILLA: GIANT MONSTERS ALL OUT ATTACK- 50 years after the first attack in 1954, Godzilla returns to Japan to take revenge. Congregated with the souls of countless Pacific War victims, Godzilla cannot be killed by no weapon except three dormant Sacred Beasts (two of which are Mothra and King Ghidorah) fighting together with human beings. (2001)

GODZILLA ORIGINAL JAPANESE THEATRICAL MOVIE TRAILERS- These are the original Godzilla Japanese theatrical trailers from the first 22 Godzilla films. From the first 1954 Godzilla to Godzilla vs. Destroyer in 1996. Most of the trailers are in widescreen and in Hi-Fi Stereo/Mono. In Japanese Language!!!

GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN- Uncut original Japanese Theatrical print of “Gigantis, The Fire Monster”, w/English subtitles.

GODZILLA TOKYO SOS- More Godzilla mayhem.

GODZILLA VS BIOLLANTE- Original Japanese Theatrical print, widescreen, in Japanese language.

GODZILLA VS DESTROYAH- SUPER-RARE UNCUT IMPORT PRINT IN WIDESCREEN WITH SOME ENGLISH DUBBING BUT MOSTLY IN JAPANESE LANGUAGE!!! The aftermath of the Oxygen Destroyer brings forth Destroyah, a beast intent on killing Godzilla, who is on the verge of a nuclear meltdown. (1995)


GODZILLA VS HEDORAH (Special Print)- This is a letterboxed version of Godzilla vs. Hedorah (AKA The Smog Monster). This print is different in several ways from the American version. A few scenes are spoken in Japanese, but the film is dubbed in English, with French sub-titles, and is about 7 minutes longer than the American version. What is missing is the theme song “Save The Earth” (from the American version) as it contains the original Japanese song used in the film. A must have for collectors. (1972)

GODZILLA VS KING GHIDRAH (UNCUT WIDESCREEN JAPANESE THEATRICAL PRINT SUBTITLED IN ENGLISH)- Time-travelers from the future warn that Japan will ultimately be destroyed if the monster Godzilla can’t be neutralized. The future people have an audacious plan: to remove the pre-Godzilla dinosaur from his time stream and prevent his mutation. However, things take an unexpected turn, resulting in the creation of a new horror–the three- headed dragon King Ghidrah. (1991)


GODZILLA VS MECHAGODZILLA II- UNCUT JAPANESE THEATRICAL PRINT, WIDESCREEN, W/ENGLISH SUBTITLES!! In response to Japan’s request for a countermeasure against Godzilla, UN engineers construct Mechagodzilla, a giant robotic version of Godzilla. Nonetheless, Godzilla proves himself a force to be reckoned with against this monstrosity and battle ensues. (1993)

GODZILLA VS MEGAGUIRUS- Godzilla has destroyed the cities in Japan for years. “G-War Headquarters” is set up and invents a super power called Black Hole Bomb to bombard Godzilla. However, they encounter an unexpected problem during the experiment, that leads to the resurrection of an ancient giant bug Megaguirus which fights against Godzilla for energy. Japan, a state of despair, becomes a battlefield among Godzilla, Megaguirus, and humans. (2000)

GODZILLA VS MEGALON- Original Japanese Theatrical print in Japanese Language only.

GODZILLA VS MOTHRA (aka Godzilla Vs. The Thing)- Original Japanese theatrical print, Widescreen, in Japanese Language only.

GODZILLA VS QUEEN MOTHRA- WIDESCREEN IN JAPANESE LANGUAGE W/ENGLISH SUBTITLES. In the midst of another rampage by Godzilla, Mothra emerges to save the human race from Battra. (1992)

GODZILLA VS SPACE GODZILLA (UNCUT JAPANESE THEATRICAL PRINT WIDESCREEN W/ENGLISH SUBTITLES)- Godzilla is threatened by two new forces: Mogera – another UN built machine; and Space Godzilla – a beast spawned from Godzilla’s particles in space. (1994)

GODZILLA VS THE SMOG MONSTER- Import print as Godzilla battles a giant garbage pile named Hedorah (pollution in Japanese). Features the unforgettable anthem “Save The Earth”. Dubbed in English. (1972)


KING DINOSAUR- Extremely rare sci-fi. After a space trip to a new star, the explorers find a planet with terrain similar to Earth’s prehistoric age including vicious dinosaurs. (1955)

KING KONG ESCAPES- Straight from the Saturday afternoon matinees of the 70’s, Rankin-Bass’s production, (the makers of Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer) of an evil scientist, (Dr. Who), that created a giant mechanical version of King Kong to dig out radioactive materials from underground. When it fails, he captures the real Kong to do the digging and he also fails. What happens next is a battle between the two Kongs. Just as entertaining as you remember it to be. Great fun. (1968)

KING KONG ESCAPES (UNCUT)- Uncut Japanese theatrical print w/English subtitles.

KING KONG VS GODZILLA- Uncut Japanese theatrical print w/English subtitles. An exploration team discovers a lost tribe of savages and their god, a giant ape on a tropical island. They bring the monster to Japan just in time to fight Godzilla, who has appeared out of an iceberg. (1962)

LEGEND OF LOCH NESS- A documentary exploring the existence of the legendary “Nessie,” an aquatic dinosaur that is supposed to exist in the depth of Loch Ness, Scotland. (1976)

LEGEND OF THE DINOSAUR AND THE MONSTER BIRD- Giant monster horror from Japan, dubbed in English w/Spanish subtitles. Japanese giant monsters; dubbed into English with Spanish subtitles; directed by Junji Kurata; starring Tsunehiko Watase and Tokichi Maki; two extinct creatures emerge from Lake Sai near Mt Fuji. (1977)

LEGEND OF THE DINOSAURS- Made in Japan but a rare English language print!! From appetizer to dessert – One town becomes a monster meal. A Japanese village is menaced by a plesiosaur from the depths of the sea. Meanwhile, deep in a cave of ice, a prehistoric egg begins to hatch. The plesiosaur and the mystery creature hatching from the egg seem destined to clash. (1977)

MAJIN, MONSTER OF TERROR- This film is in Letterbox format. Well produced Japanese production, dubbed in English, centering around a legendary “golem” that comes to life to battle an evil chamberlain. First in a series of three films. (1966)

MAJIN STRIKES AGAIN- Widescreen Japanese Language w/English subtitles. A giant stone god comes to life to protect the residents of a peaceful island when it is invaded by an evil warlord. The third installment of the three “Giant Majin” films. (1966)

MIGHTY GORGA- A circus owner and a lady trapper trek into the African jungle to capture a giant gorilla for his circus. A giant monkey camp classic. (1969)


MOTHRA 3: INVASION OF KING GHIDORAH- Widescreen, Japanese Language w/English subtitles. To save the world, Mothra goes back in time in an attempt to defeat a younger King Ghidrah. (1998)

MYSTERY ON MONSTER ISLAND- Features Peter Cushing and Paul Naschy. A young European boy living in San Francisco is reluctant to marry his long-term girlfriend because he wants to travel around the world first. His wealthy uncle agrees to send him on a global expedition aboard his ship, but en route the boy and his traveling companion are shipwrecked on a remote island, populated by countless prehistoric creatures as well as gold-hunting bandits. (1981)

OROCHI-THE 8-HEADED DRAGON- After killing his brother, Prince Yamato is banished from his father’s kingdom until he can bring his dangerous powers under control. On his journey, he meets and joins with the magical priestess Oto, and together they go to fight against an evil god that has been ravaging the Earth in the form of an enormous hydra. Widescreen Japanese theatrical print w/English subtitles. (1994)


RETURN OF THE GIANT MAJIN- Sequel to Majin, Monster Of Terror. The giant God of war once again awakens to fight an evil prince in his takeover of the country. Dubbed in English. (1966)

RODAN- Original uncut Japanese theatrical print.

THE CRAWLING EYE- Late 50’s classic starring Forrest Tucker. A mysterious cloud hovering over a mountaintop contains aliens that begin killing the climbers. Slowly the cloud starts making its way down to the village below. Great classic 50’s sci-fi/ horror. This is the uncut European version. (1958)

THE CYCLOPS-The man-thing huge as a dinosaur in a horrendous land of nature gone bad! An expedition to Mexico finds and does battle with a mutated 25-foot man with one big eye. Special Effects and Directed by Bert I. Gordon. (1957)

THE GIANT CLAW- Often called one of the worst movies ever made. A giant bird, which looks like a half-eaten Thanksgiving turkey on a wire, causes numerous airliner crashes. This movie falls under the category “it’s so bad, it’s good”. A camp classic not to be missed. (1957)

THE SEA SERPENT (aka Hydra- Monster Of The Deep)- A nuclear detonation in the Atlantic re-animates a prehistoric sea monster. The creature terrorizes the Spanish coastline, attacking swimmers, boats and lighthouses without mercy. Directed by Armando de Ossorio. (1984)

THIRTY FOOT BRIDE OF CANDY ROCK- Comedy starring Lou Costello who sadly died after completing this film. Lou plays a scientist that creates a machine that can grow objects to enormous size, and he accidentally makes his future bride thirty feet tall. Extremely rare title. (1959)

THUNDER OF THE GIGANTIC SERPENT- Must be seen to be believed!!! Unavailable in the U.S. (until now). Very rare Korean/Indonesian production about a Gigantic Serpent. Dubbed In English and is very much recommended. (1984)

UNKNOWN ISLAND- Classic Sci-fi. Adventure-seeker Ted Osborne has convinced his girlfriend Carole to finance his expedition to an uncharted South Pacific island supposedly populated with dinosaurs. (1948)

VARAN THE UNBELIEVABLE- A Godzilla-like monster with spikes on his back emerges from a lake to destroy everything in it’s path. Pure action as the creature makes a bee-line towards Tokyo. (1958)


WAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST- Sequel to “The Amazing Colossal Man”. The sister of the colossal man goes looking for him when evidence of his existence shows. What they find is a large disfigured monster of a man. (1958)

WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS- Original un-cut, letterboxed Japanese version. Also contains a collection of original rare trailers, and alternate shots made overseas as well as outtakes. An evil green Gargantua comes out of the ocean causing havoc until the brown Gargantua comes out of the forest to try to peacefully stop his ‘brother”. Originally was filmed as a sequel to “Frankenstein Conquers The World”. CONTAINS ENGLISH SUB-TITLES!!! (1967)


YOG; MONSTER FROM SPACE (aka Space Amoeba) – Japanese Language w/English subtitles. This Japanese sci-fi production depicts an alien amoeba that comes from outer space on the hull of a space probe. It infects various life forms on Earth, turning them into giant, monster creations. (1971)

YONGARY, MONSTER FROM THE DEEP- Earthquakes in central Korea turn out to be the work of Yongary, a prehistoric gasoline-eating reptile that soon goes on a rampage through Seoul. DUBBED IN ENGLISH. (1967)

YONGARY VS CYKER (aka Yongary 2001)- New addition to the Yongary series as he faces the giant monster Cyker. Dubbed in English. (2001)