A TOUCH OF DEATH (1988) – The last film by directorLucio Fulci, is a black comedy about a compulsive losing gambler who has affairs with ugly rich widows so he can bump them off and collect the insurance. Occasionally he chainsaws the corpses to cook them up as a late night snack. (1988)

ABSURD (aka The Grim Reaper 2) – Complete uncut print of “Monster Hunter”, the second of the “Grim Reaper” films by Joe D’Amato!!! see photos in our photo gallery…click here…

AFTER DEATH (aka Zombi 3) (198?) – A group of people go to a tropical island and discover zombies brought to life by a voodoo curse. Surprisingly good horror.

AMIN: THE RISE AND FALL (UNCUT) (1981) – Very rare uncut print. The rage of a maniac… the rape of a people! The chronicle of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin and his tyrannical rule from 1971 to his overthrow in 1979.

ANATOMY (2000) German language w/English subtitles. Medical student Paula Henning wins a place at an exclusive Heidelberg medical school. When the body of a young man she met on the train turns up on her dissection table, she begins to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death, and uncovers a gruesome conspiracy perpetrated by an Antihippocratic secret society operating within the school.

AUNT MARTHA DOES DREADFUL THINGS (1989) -Lucio Fulci murder/gore film, Could it be the long dead zombified Aunt Martha committing those gruesome murders? The second half of this film includes a “Psycho” inspired shower sequence and a chainsaw head decapitation.

AUTOPSY (1974) -A war correspondent, sickened by what he has seen and experienced, decides to probe deeper into the heart of Vietnam. At a military hospital, he sees first hand as “doctors” perform the gruesome human dissection or called an autopsy. What he ultimately discovers is far worse than anything a medical textbook would dare show. WARNING: This film is graphic and gruesome. Viewer discretion is advised. see photos in our photo gallery…click here…

BABY BLOOD (aka The Evil Within) (1990) -A cruel circus owner beats and abuses his pregnant wife. One day the circus receives a leopard newly captured in Africa, but the animal soon dies. However, an evil creature that was inside the leopard bursts out of the animal’s body, burrows into the wife’s body and takes over her fetus. It soon starts demanding blood, and the woman goes searching for victims for her new “baby.” Rare uncut import print.

BAY OF BLOOD (1971) -Uncut import print aka Last House On The Left II & Twitch Of The Death Nerve, This highly recommended film was the inspiration for Friday The 13th. At a lakeside property, 13 gore murders take place. Film has a great surprise ending. Directed by Mario Bava. This is one of his goriest films.

BEAUTY EVIL ROSE (1994) -If the concept of exploitation hasn’t opened to you yet, here is a recommended low-budget Chinese film that exploits so many elements that it’s hard to count them! Beauty Evil Rose begins like a soft-core sex film but the rest of the stuff is some kind of combination of thriller, horror, fantasy, comedy, soft-core and a cop movie genres… all this in irresistible cheap way. Just look at those scenes involving witchcraft and “snakes” coming out from the mouths. see photos in our photo gallery…click here…

BEHEADED (1993) -An executioner beheads his 1000th criminal, and unleashes a demon army headed by an evil witch called the Blood Lotus. Asian language w/English subtitles. see photos in our photo gallery…click here…

BEYOND THE DARKNESS (aka Buio Omega) (1979) -Most sought after uncut version from director Joe D’Amato. This orgy of gore is longer than the “ Thriller” version released in the states and more complete than ANY version available. A brutal film alleged to have used real corpses that were mutilated during filming. The story is about Frank, a taxidermist, who exhumes his girlfriends’ corpse and stuffs her while committing other unspeakable atrocities.

BEYOND THE DOOR (1975) -Italian Exorcist imitation has Juliet Mills pregnant with the devil’s child. This import print contains all the green vomiting, blood, and gore. Also stars Richard Johnson. The best of the Exorcist copies. SEE THIS FILMS REVIEW IN OUR MOVIE REVIEW SECTION…

BIOTHERAPY (1986) -“Biotherapy” is a fairly nasty Japanese gore-fest about a group of Japanese scientists stalked and viciously butchered by a creepy-looking alien. This relatively unknown ultra low-budget splatter film is rather well-made and captivating. It is a short film, about 35 minutes, but well worth it. Japanese language only. see photos in our photo gallery…click here…

BIO-ZOMBIE (1998) -A toxic chemical changes people into zombies who lust after human flesh. Six people are trapped in a shopping mall not knowing that zombies are with them. Japanese with English subtitles.

BLACK DEMONS (1991) Voodoo/zombie film directed by Umberto Lenzi. Four young people on vacation come across a voodoo ritual they think is a stage show. Later, the living dead seem to be following them along with one of the young people coming under a voodoo spell, and killing innocent people.

BLOODY MOOn (1981) -Directed by horror director Jesse Franco. The film involves two killers on a rampage during the Festival of the Moon. The killers terrorize this one girl and will kill everyone in their path to get to her. A true Italian gore fest.

BODY COUNt (1986) -Hard-To-Find Un-Cut 87 minute English language print of “camping del terre” . The 1986 rarely seen film from Rugerro “Cannibal Holocaust” Deodato. A group of teenagers are stalked, slashed and slain in the “Friday the 13th” style at an abandoned camp where 11 years earlier a couple was killed in a gruesome manner. A very graphic film with excessive gore, knifings, gutting, decapitations and skewering. It may be the ultimate unseen slasher film.

CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (1979) Uncut, uncensored, x-rated (for gore) import print of the vilest and cruelest of all cannibal films. This Italian gore fest classic has four documentary film makers travel to the remote jungles of the Amazon to film the daily lives of cannibal tribes. What they find is impalement, disemboweling, gut munching and much more. This movie is severely intense in it’s portrayal of cannibalism and should not be shown to younger audiences or to those with weak stomachs.

CANNIBAL MERCENARY (1983) It’s a horrors-of-war exploitation film that takes the violence inherent in warfare to absurd extremes. Besides the usual bullet hits and sharp-spiked jungle booby traps you get limb chopping, decapitation, eye gouging and a spike to the head followed by brain eating (hence the title). One hungry guy even eats the maggots off of a decomposing corpse! Filmed in Thailand and dubbed in English.

CORPSE MANIA (1981) Chinese language. A startling tale of a necrophilia serial murderer courtesan corpse, “Corpse Mania” could be called “outrageous” and “amazing”, but never “politically correct”! Be warned: you may regret it, but you’ll never forget it.

DANCE OF THE DEMONS (1985) Foreign, completely un-cut version of Lamberto Bava’s “Demons”.A number of people are given free passes to a new movie theater showing a movie about demons. One person gets infected then spreads the demon virus to many people. This version features different supplements then the American release. SEE THIS FILMS REVIEW IN OUR MOVIE REVIEW SECTION…

DAWN OF THE MUMMY (1981) Magazine models posing for a layout in Egypt raise an army of flesh-eating mummies. This is the un-cut version that was rated “X” when released.

DEAD AND BURIED (1981) Gruesome film about a mortician who revives the dead without their hearts in a small New England town. James Farentino plays the perplexed sheriff that discovers the truth. The film has a great surprise ending.

DEATH BED (The Bed That Eats) (1977) At the edge of a grand estate, near a crumbling old mansion lies a strange stone building with just a single room. In the room there lies a bed. Born of demonic power, the bed seeks the flesh, blood and life essence of unwary travelers… Three pretty girls arrive on vacation, searching for a place to spend the night. Instead, they tumble into nightmares – and the cruel, insatiable hunger of the Bed!

DEMONS 6: ARMAGEDDON (1990) A horror writer/producer discover a story of a past century witch and decides to make her subject of their next film. What follows is a gory, bloody killing spree by the witch who does not want her story told. Film contains much gore and should not be shown to younger viewers.

DEMONIAC (1979) Directed by Jesse Franco. After a religious nut witnesses a satanic rite staged by a scandal magazine publisher, he employs medieval torture to get even. Originally made as “The Ripper Of Notre Dame”.

DEMONIACS (1974) Very rare English sub-titled version of director Jean Rollins’ haunting film. Two young girls, raped by a group of sailors, come back as spirits after making a pack with the devil to seek revenge. This films contains a very high sexual content and proof of age of 18 must be provided.

DEVIL WITHIN HEr (1974) Widescreen import print of “Beyond The Door” containing over 20 minutes of gore cut from the U.S. Release. Extremely rare and recommended. SEE THIS FILMS REVIEW IN OUR MOVIE REVIEW SECTION…

DEVIL’S FETUs A very nasty Asian gore film has a woman raped by a slime covered zombie at a party as the other party goers eat worm infested cake. Then arrives a pack of zombies lead by a demon that been decapitated at least a half -dozen times. THIS FILM IS GRAPHIC IN NATURE AND IS FOR MATURE BUYERS OVER THE AGE OF 18 ONLY.

DRIVE-IN MASSACRe (1976) A restless crowd and a bad double feature lead to two brutal killings at a local drive-in. Patrons are splattered across the screen, members of the audience dismembered. Don’t hide your friends in the trunk.

EATEN ALIVe (1980) Directed by Umberto Lenzi. A woman seeking her lost sister in the jungles of New Guinea comes across a tribe of cannibals that devour her scouting party. Very gruesome scenes of cannibalistic killings. Not intended for younger viewers. AKA Eaten Alive By Cannibals.

EROTIC NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD A businessman buys a spa on a remote island not knowing it is infested by zombies. Warning: This feature is completely un-cut. Buyer must be at least 18 years old to purchase.

EROTIC NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD (In Der Gewalt Der Zombies)- Beautiful German Language print.

EROTIC RITES OF FRANKENSTEIn (1972) Directed by Jess Franco. Dr. Frankenstein’s rival Cagliostro murders him and steals the Frankenstein monster in an attempt to create a dark army of his own.

EVIL CLUTCH (aka Horror Queen) (1988) Inspired by the “EVIL DEAD” films. A young couple vacationing in the Alps find themselves in a haunted forest and encounter a fanged female demon and zombies among other gory horrors. see photos in our photo gallery…click here…

EVIL DEAD TRAp (1988) Nami, a talk show hostess, tells her audience to send in home videos to profile on her late night program. She receives an anonymous videotape, containing terrifying imagery. She watches in horror as an unseen filmmaker follows a route to an abandoned factory- and brutally tortures and kills a woman on camera. Great nightmarish from Japan, dubbed in English, with plenty of action. WARNING: This films is at times very graphic.

EVIL DEAD TRAP 3 (Mutilation For A Tender Love) (1993) A female cop investigates a maniac who specializes in slaughtering lesbians. She finds herself entangled in a complex web involving brutal axe murders and headless, limbless bodies. Widescreen format in Japanese language w/English subtitles.

EYEBALl (1974) Director Umberto Lenzi’s clever giallo about a psycho who kills beautiful women and cuts out their left eye. When a tour group arrives in Spain, so does the deranged killer who cuts their number one by one.

FACELESs (1988) Directed by Jesse Franco. Also featuring Caroline Munroe, Chris Mitchum and Telly Savalas. Complete uncut version dubbed in English with Japanese subtitles. A doctor attempts to restore a woman’s beauty after her face has been disfigured by acid.

FACES OF DEATH II This movie contains short scenes of death related material. Mortuaries, accidents, police work are filmed by TV crews and home video cameras.

FACES OF GORe (1999) The Ultimate Real Death Experience! Join your fiendish host, Dr. Vincent van Gore, as he leads you into the forbidden world of the dead. Only the most disgusting and horrifying car crashes, suicides and murders are presented. Nothing is faked. see photos in our photo gallery…click here…

FACES OF GORE 2 (2000) The diabolical Dr. Vincent Van Gore returns with an all-new collection of hideous 100% REAL DEATH footage!

FEMALE VAMPIRE (aka Erotikill) (1973) One of the more obscure films of director Jesse Franco. Countess Irina resides quietly in a hotel on the island of Madeira where she sustains herself by vampirising the island’s men and women. She is confronted by a poet who believes he is destined to become her lover and join her among the living dead.

FLESH FREAKS (2000) A gory, gruesome film about zombies and their master plan to convert the human race into the undead. These zombies were secretly created by a research team in the wild jungles of Central America using flesh eating parasites to devour the deceased and renew them into disgusting, blood thirsty fiends. Now, they’re loose and making their way into modern civilization to begin their deadly hunt.

FLESH EATING MOTHERS (1989) After sleeping around with the town’s population of mothers, a man spreads a cannibalistic venereal disease to each woman. The result is a horrific display of flesh eaters as they turn on their children for food.

FRANKENSTEIN ’80 (1972) Italian production dubbed in English. Once again we feel the maniacal terror of resurrected, restructured flesh. But this time, the Monster wants more than life; he wants women and he wants them bad. Driven by the pressure in his head, Frankenstein ’80 leaves a trail of bloody women and baffled authorities. Although not rated, this film contains nudity and scenes of graphic violence. SEE THIS FILMS REVIEW IN OUR MOVIE REVIEW SECTION…

GHOSTS OF SODOm (1988) Directed by Lucio Fulci. The spirits of Nazis who were killed by bombs while having an orgy, return 50 years later to terrorize a group of teens who stumble upon the house of their death. Filled with more proficient visuals than most Fulci films.

GOBLET OF GORe (1999) Directed by Andreas Schnaas. A cup (the goblet of gore) was once used in barbaric ceremonies that ended in death and despair. As the owners of the goblet die off, the cup exchanges hands down through the centuries, bringing a bloody end to whoever receives it. Rare English Language print.

GOREINVASIOn (2004) Made in Argentina in Spanish language. Goreinvasion is not a movie for “everyone”. It is full of cheap blood and gore, it have offensive scenes – but it’s made all in a comedy way. It’s the story of a cheap filmmaker that shooting a b-movie while he fights against his stupid, mainstream assistant. And then, the alien invasion. Yes, there is an alien invasion, which consists in guys dressed with cheap Jason Voorhees masks.

GRAPES OF DEATh (198?) Rare version of Jean Rollins’ film with English sub-titles. A tainted batch of wine turns an entire town into zombies, murdering all who enter. Very gory and moody. Because of the rarity of the English dubbed version.

GRUESOME TWOSOMe (1967) Extreme gore involves an apparent harmless old lady who is a wigmaker. What’s not known is her son kidnaps, kills, and scalps beautiful women for their hair that she uses in her shop. Comes across as a bit of a parody of gore films, but contains many graphic scenes.

HAND THAT FEEDS THE DEAD (1974) Italian production filmed in Turkey, in Turkish language w/English subtitles starring Klaus Kinski. Kinski is a 19th century doctor who starts dabbling in RE-ANIMATION when he finds an old laboratory in his basement. Things go terribly wrong in the lab and he screws up his own good/evil balance, turning himself into a type of “Jekyll And Hyde” creation. Caution: Lots of gore.

HANSEL E GRETEL (1990) Italian Language directed by Lucio Fulci. No trace of the Grimm Brothers in this horror film. Children are kidnapped by a crime syndicate who sell their organs. Two dead children return from the grave to take revenge. Some truly repulsive gore in this one. see photos in our photo gallery…click here…

HEADLESS EYES (198?) A gruesome film about an artist turned housebreaker who is discovered by one of his victims; in their struggle she gouges out his eye with a spoon! With the eye hanging down his cheek by a nerve, and driven insane by the pain and horror, he seeks vengeance on the world (and the sex) that maimed him. He goes on a killing spree, leaving behind terribly mutilated bodies. Gory film with great effects. For those with a strong stomach.

HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD (1983) Uncut import version of “Night Of The Zombies”. New Guinea is exposed to a gas (released during secret experiments) turning the landscape into the Walking Dead. A SWAT team sets out on a mission to find their source and destroy the zombies before they outnumber civilization. Plenty of exploding heads, munching of human organs, and maggot-infested zombies.

HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY- Written and directed by Lucio Fulci. A mother, father, and son move into Oaks Mansion, a creepy place next to a graveyard, only to find it haunted by a ghoul named Freudstein, who once carried on “illegal experiments’ with corpses. There are buckets of blood as the killer’s knife slits throats and thrusts into torsos, a weird babysitter, a tomb in the hallway, and other sinister happenings, especially in the basement. Un-cut import version.(1982)

HOUSE OF LOST SOULS- Un-cut print of a living dead film by director Umberto Lenzi. A group of researchers in the Alps Mountains come across a strange hotel and decide to spend the night. Erie things start to occur as cries of pain are heard, tarantulas, corpses appear, and blood begins to drip from the ceiling. A very entertaining living dead film with some nasty gore scenes. (1989)

HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK- Disturbing Italian shocker, shot in America, depicts a razor-wielding murderer (David A. Hess) slicing up women’s bodies, bashing in a man’s head, and performing disgusting acts of rape. WARNING! For mature viewers only. (1984)

HOUSE WITH WINDOWS THAT LAUGH- Stefano is an artist who arrives at a small isolated village to restore a painting at the local church. After receiving threatening phone calls ordering him to leave the painting alone he begins to wonder if this assignment is what it seems. This Italian horror is perhaps one of the creepiest import horror films made. In Italian language with English Sub-titles. (1976)

HUMAN ANIMALS – Banned from most theaters in America after claims that the radio commercials sounded like a gang rape, this Italian post-nuke fantasy is about three people standing on a deserted beach in their tuxes and evening gowns and listening to the wind. A killer crab attack forces the blonde to rip off part of her pink dress to bandage her foot, causing the two males to go hormonal. A black-haired mutant suddenly attacks. (1983)

HUMAN PORK CHOP- Gory Asian horror with English sub-titles. Cops break into a dark and dingy apartment and find human teeth on a dresser, a hidden skull, and a bag full of human internal organs. Although the film claims to be fictitious, Human Pork Chop is indeed based on true events. Scenes include human skulls stuffed inside ” Hello Kitty” dolls (very popular dolls in Japan), and other extremely grisly happenings. A highly recommended film for gore film fans.(1999)

INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN- An astronaut, returning as the first man to orbit Saturn, is infected with radiation poisoning, and literally begins to melt, flesh dripping, eyeballs exposed and ready to drop out, etc. He begins to kill for human blood which slows the process but does not stop it. Great make-up effects by Rick Baker. (1978)

bandoned house isolated in the country. In a nearby bog, zombies come back from the dead seeking revenge for their brutal deaths decades earlier, and begin to slaughter the unsuspecting students. Very gory and very graphic. Dubbed In English. (1988) see photos in our photo gallery…click here…

LA SETTIMA DONNA (aka Terror) Stars Ray Lovelock (Let Sleeping Corpses Lie). Sister Cristina ( Florinda Bolkan) plays a nun who takes the teenage girls in her care to a remote house where they rehearse A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Three thugs show up, brutally raping and terrorizing the girls, killing one by raping her with a cane, until Bolkan renounces her teachings and seeks bloody revenge. Dubbed in English. (1978)

LAND OF DEATH (Nella terra dei cannibali) – Brutal horror directed by Bruno Mattei. The daughter of an American senator is kidnapped and taken into the Amazon, where cannibal tribes still practice gruesome rituals. American forces go in to attempt a rescue and some of them meet a gruesome fate. Not for the weak of heart. (2003)

LAS NEVE CARAS MIEDO- Mexican horror in Spanish language. A group of parapsychologists explore an old house. Gore, nudity. (1995)

LAST HOUSE IN ISTANBUL- Turkish Language. A bunch of lunatic criminals try to hide them into a villa out of Istanbul. They keep a rich married couple and their little boy as hostages. One of the most violent horror thrillers to come from Turkey. (1974)

LAST HOUSE ON DEAD END STREET- Film-makers murder their stars to make snuff movies, then when they get cheated by their distributor, they kill the executives and make new snuff films. Due to the nature of this film, it should not be viewed by those under 18. (1981) see photos in our photo gallery…click here…

LAUGHING DEAD- Travelers in Mexico participate in a “Festival Of the Dead” celebration, only to become some of the dead when Mayans decide it’s sacrifice time. Zombies run amok, pulling off body parts.(1989)

LIVING DEAD IN TOKYO BAY- NEW UPGRADED PRINT. A meteor splashes down in Tokyo Bay, releasing a “virus” that bring the dead back to life. The army attempts to cover up the incident as the legion of zombies begin to take over the city. Good gore effects. In Japanese with English sub-titles. (1992)

LONG ISLAND CANNIBAL MASSACRE- A series of horrible murders prompts a massive police investigation. Inspector James Cameron, a two-fisted roughneck, heads the investigation. A group of lepers living in the Long Island wastelands have created a terror network, killing and feeding off the flesh of innocent victims. Their leader has mutated into an invulnerable monster, who intends to propagate and strengthen his stronghold. (1980)

MONDO CANNIBALE- Uncut original Italian print of Bruno Mattei’s CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST: THE BEGINNING.

MONSTER HUNTER (aka Anthropophagus II)- This blood-thirsty sequel to The Grim Reaper follows the cannibalistic monster with superhuman strength on a bloody, gory rampage still pursued by a priest with the knowledge of how to destroy him. The film credits have listed Peter Newton listed as director, he’s really Joe D’Amato, one of Italy’s best horror directors. (1982)

MOSQUITO THE RAPIS*- Uncut, English Dubbed, widescreen format. A deaf and dumb accountant suffers from a psychic trauma in his childhood. He is collecting puppets and mutilates female bodies in the mortuary. After his secret love died by an accident he starts to kill. (1976)

MUTATION 2: GENERATION DEAD- German Language Gore directed by Timo Rose. The toxic chemical rediscovered in the original film causes more death and destruction across Germany, leading to a new mutation unlike anything the world has ever seen… (2001)

MUTATION 3: CENTURY OF THE DEAD- Directed by Timo Rose, widescreen, in German language. More gore zombie horror from Germany’s premiere underground director. (2002)

NEKROMANTIK 2- Concerns the further adventures of Betty (from Nekro1). Mixing the mundane with the horrific, director Buttgereit examines Betty’s distraught life in the aftermath of her boyfriend’s untimely and untidy death. Soon she discovers a new beau and must decide to trust her affections to the new suitor or her dead boyfriend whom she has unearthed. (1990) see photos in our photo gallery…click here…

NEW YORK RIPPER- A blade-wielding psychopath is on the loose turning NYC bright red with the blood of young women. Much butchery and blood. Directed by Lucio Fulci. (1982)

NIGHT OF THE INTRUDER (aka The Intruder, Night Crew)- Uncut import gore print. The ex-boyfriend of a check-out girl at a supermarket returns at closing time to make trouble. They quarrel and the boyfriend is ejected from the store. After they lock the building up to take inventory, the employees start dying off, and the survivors must eventually find a way to escape with their lives. (1988)

NIGHTMARE- A gore movie about a man who chopped up his father and a female dominatrix when he was young. He is released from a mental hospital, doesn’t take his medicine, and travels to Florida to kill his ex-wife and family. For real gore fans only. Very gruesome and was released with a self-imposed “X” rating. (1981)

NIGHT CRAWLER (aka Zombie Brigade) -When an amusement park is built on the grounds of an old cemetery, the dead rise to take revenge. (1986)

NIGHTMARE IN A DAMAGED BRAIN- Complete uncut import print from Germany of the movie “Nightmare”. A psychotic killer is freed and begins his pursuit of his ex-wife and kids in Florida, leaving a brutal trail of horrible and bloody murders along the way. THIS FILM IS IN GERMAN LANGUAGE ONLY, NO ENGLISH SUB-TITLES. IT CONTAINS SCENES OF GRAPHIC KILLINGS AND EXCESSIVE GORE, THE PRINT CONTAINS AN EXTRA 7 MINUTES THEN THE UNCUT U.S. VERSION. (1981)

OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES- North African desert, 1943, Partisans slaughter dozens of Nazi soldiers in a desert oasis. Now, the worm ridden and rotting bodies rise from the grave when a group of young people happen upon the oasis.(1981)

OF THE DEAD- This morbid, unusual, and critically acclaimed documentary was filmed in the most exotic locations all over the world. Of the Dead (Des Morts) deals with death, the soon dead, and the living they leave behind. Our senses are shown no mercy as we witness the brutal execution of a Philippine Guerrilla. We are literally taken inside a cremation chamber while a human body melts and finally crumbles into nothingness. We witness-first hand- doctors trying to save a victim of multiple stab wounds, all close up, in graphic detail leaving nothing to the imagination. (1981)

PARAPSYCHO- SPEKTRUM DER ANGST- German Language. Bizarre German horror thriller about a creepy fellow who psychically murders his lovers. Includes very real autopsy footage. (1975)

PIECES- Uncut print of this 80’s gore classic. A chainsaw-wielding madman is killing off female students at a Boston Mass. College. He then takes parts of his victims and builds a human puzzle. The police send in a woman undercover agent in an attempt to identify the killer. (1983)

P*RNO HOLOCAUST- Directed by Joe D’Amato, uncut and in it’s original Italian language. This sci-fi/horror/sex and violence epic revolves around a captain that leads his crew on a top secret mission provisioned by the Government. The mutilated bodies of fishermen have been found near a radioactive atoll. Rumors of human survivors from atomic tests are afloat. Overall a great adventure in Italian horror filmmaking. (1979)

PREMUTOS- From the director of “THE BURNING MOON”. Premutos is the first of the fallen Angels, even before Lucifer. His Goal is to rule the world, the living and the dead. Expect the usual amount of blood and gore. Very rare beautiful English dubbed print. (1997) see photos in our photo gallery…click here…

RATMAN- A maniac butchers a fashion model on a Caribbean island and leaves the body to be eaten by rats. The model’s sister suspects something isn’t quite right with the police investigation and decides to go snooping on her own. With her friend, Fred, their investigations lead them to an unknown part of the island where they discover a monstrosity of a rat like man. The creature is killed by Fred, but the true horror of its nature is just beginning… (1988)

REVENGE (aka Blood Cult 2) – A Cult of devil-worshippers prey on students for human sacrifice. Stars John Carradine and Patrick Wayne. (1986)

REVENGE OF THE LIVING ZOMBIES (aka Return Of The Living Dead)- Rare zombie gore directed by Jean Rollins available in The U.S.. Three woman die after drinking milk tainted with a deadly toxic. A chemical spill next to the graveyard reanimates the three woman. Much gore and very graphic, with a surprise ending. Dubbed in English with French sub-titles. Because of the rarity of this English dub version the print is fair-good. (198?)

RIGOR MORTIS: THE FINAL COLORS- German gore directed by Timo Rose, Widescreen, in German language w/English subtitles. More sick and twisted gore from Germany’s premiere underground director. (2003)

RIVERPLAY- Directed by Olaf Ittenbach (Burning Moon, Premutos) in German language. Three couples that meet for the first time while vacationing at a river come across a cruelly disfigured corpse. Now the couples do not know if the killer or killers may be among them. (2000)

SHOCKING ASIA 2- Venture, if you dare, behind the bamboo curtain and into the dark and alluring mysteries of the Far East where centuries-old traditions remain shrouded in superstition and fear. Bizarre rituals and unbridled morals walk hand in hand. (1985)

SLAVE OF THE CANNIBAL GOD- A cross between an Italian cannibal movie and a jungle adventure film. Ursula Andress and her weak-willed brother want to find her missing husband, and she hires big-game hunter Stacy Keach. There are scenes of cannibals eating lizards, snakes, human flesh, a mummified corpse, and that’s just for starters. At one point Ursula Andress is stripped naked and smeared with red paint. (1978)

SNUFF TRAP- Directed by Bruno Mattei. After her daughter gets abducted, a mother enters the dark underground world, because the kidnappers belong to an international organization that directs snuff films as long as the exclusive clients pay well. The search for her daughter does not only lead the mother across Europe, but also into prostitution. She goes to bed with some guys to get her clues. When she finally reaches contact with the snuff organization lead by the mysterious Doctor Hades, she’s getting into great danger herself. WARNING!! THIS FILM CONTAINS GRAPHIC SCENES. (2004)

SPACE WOLF- Widescreen, German Language w/English subtitles. Directed by Timo Rose. A group of seven criminals must participate in an anti-aggression seminar in the forests. Upon their arrival, they are besieged by a horrible creature that mutilates and kills. This creature hunts the group and kills them cruelly. Contains a cameo appearance by Olaf Ittenbach. (SEE THIS FILMS REVIEW IN OUR MOVIE REVIEW SECTION…

SPARE PARTS (aka Meat)- A honeymooning couple and are hunted down by mysterious kidnappers in cahoots with the evil landlady who runs a hotel. The woman manages to escape, but the man is whisked away by two medics in an ambulance. The bride enlists the help of a truck driver and uncovers a fiendish international plot to provide black-market organs. The ghouls take parts from the bodies of healthy young and extremely unwilling human victims. (1979)

SPIDER LABYRINTH- A stylish Argento-ish film about an American lecturer who arrives in Budapest to meet a professor who has stumbled onto an over 4,000 years old mysterious evil sect. Lots of gore effects. (1988)

SUPERSTITION (aka The Witch)- Haunted house/exorcism film with ample gore effects. Black Lake is haunted by a witch drowned there in 1692, and she also haunts a nearby mansion. Bloody acts of violence takes place there such as an exploding head in a microwave oven, a body ripped open by a skill saw, a body gutted and chopped in half by a descending window frame, the toes of a swimmer bitten off, and that’s just the beginning. (1982) SEE THIS FILMS REVIEW IN OUR MOVIE REVIEW SECTION…

TENDER FLESH- Directed by Jess Franco. A stripper and her sleazy boyfriend are invited by a wealthy woman and her lover to join them on her private island for a weekend of sex games in exchange for a large fee. When the couple gets there, however, they are captured, and then let loose on the island to be hunted down and killed. (1998)

THE BURNING- A Friday the 13th clone with future stars Holly Hunter and Jason Alexander. At Camp Blackfoot, teenagers pull a prank on the camp caretaker, Cropsy, which leaves him horribly burned. When he’s released from the hospital, he returns to the camp armed with giant shears and eager for revenge. Make-up by Tom Savini. (1982) SEE THIS FILMS REVIEW IN OUR MOVIE REVIEW SECTION…


THE HOUSE OF CLOCKS- Directed by Lucio Fulci. Three robbers break into the house of an elderly couple and kill them. But they come back from the dead before the thieves can even leave the house. Rare movie never released in the states. Dubbed In English. (1989)

THE JOHNSONS- Dutch made film (dubbed in to English) about the Johnsons, 7 brothers who at the age of 7 murdered 16 kids at a children’s home. Locked away for 14 years, they have escaped their prison cells in search of a sister who no one, but they, know exists. Tied to a remote, primitive demonic ritual, they seek out this woman to impregnate her and release an evil being upon the world. Gruesome and gory. Un-cut import version. (1992) SEE THIS FILMS REVIEW IN OUR MOVIE REVIEW SECTION…

THE MUTILATOR- (UNCUT EXTREME PRINT) Movie begins when a child, by accident, shoots his father. The story jumps to present day when six teenagers come to vacation at a condo in the area where the shooting took place. They are then stalked and hunted by a mysterious figure who murders by drowning, chainsaws, machete, hook impalement, and other grisly means. (1983) SEE THIS FILMS REVIEW IN OUR MOVIE REVIEW SECTION…

THE POSSESSED (aka Demon Witch Child)- The most complete version of director Amando De Ossorio’s version of The Exorcist. An old hideous woman accused of Witchcraft and Satanism takes her revenge by killing herself and possessing a child who by demonic means becomes sexually precocious, has grotesque fits, and turns into an old hag. Mature viewers only! (1974)

THE SLAYER- Two couples begin a long awaited vacation on a isolated island retreat. One girl has recurring nightmares of “The Slayer”. Soon upon their arrival, grisly, bloody murders begin. The girl’s worst nightmares have become reality. (1982)

THE TOMB (La Tomba) – Italian Language. A group of university students of archeology accidentally unleash upon the world the gore-munching Mummy of legend. (2004) see photos in our photo gallery…click here…

THE WASHING MACHINE- Gory, uncut film from director Ruggero Deodato. A mutilated body is found in a washing machine. When the police arrive, the body has disappeared. Three strange sisters, who own the washing machine, each take turns seducing the detective in charge of the investigation. Why? You must find out… (1992)

THINGS II- Direct to video gore. Things II is about an author who lures a pizza delivery girl into his house and then proceeds to tell her about two of his most recent scary stories. This movie has it all, from a little creature that can chew up a steel pen in a matter of seconds (but can’t escape from a doggy cage) to werewolf’s and serial killers. (1998)

TORSO- Italian gore galore murders with touches of sleaze. A bevy of models are on the fringes of a series of hacksaw murders committed by a madman in a hood. Stars Suzy Kendall. Considered a classic in Italian gore. (1973) SEE THIS FILMS REVIEW IN OUR MOVIE REVIEW SECTION…

TRUE GORE- Banned in 38 countries. Archival footage, along with photos and film of actual bloody, of gory disfigurements from various atrocities such as war, accidents, hospital victims. Very graphic. (1987)

UNA DE ZOMBIS (One Of Zombies)- Widescreen, In Spanish language w/English subtitles. A mix of Horror, Comedy, and of course Zombies. These zombies have a different way to die, the head must be detached from their bodies. (2003)

URBAN SCUMBAGS VS COUNTRYSIDE ZOMBIES- German language. An institute is plagued with the living dead when terrorists cause a biological disaster and the locals turn into zombies. (1992)

WAX MASK- Two women are thrown into a world of terror when they discover that a string of mysterious deaths in Rome are connected to a macabre wax museum, and that the artist/owner of the museum is himself linked to the murder of one girl’s parents years earlier, in this chilling remake of “House Of Wax”. Produced by Dario Argento and dedicated to Lucio Fulci. (1997)

WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOUR DAUGHTERS?- A gory trip in Italian cinema and a follow-up to “What Have You Done To Solange?”. Remastered from original negative and in widescreen format. Not for the weak stomached. (1974)

WIZARD OF GORE- One of the great camp-classics from gore king Herschell Gordon Lewis. A mad magician named Montag the Magnificent who performs horrifying mutilations on stage (all faked), but then does them for real with members of the audience after the show. See a woman split in half and watched another spiked to death. (1970)

YOU’LL DIE AT MIDNIGHT- Directed by Lamberto Bava. A psycho strikes again, except that he’s been dead for awhile. A police officer suspects his wife has been cheating on him . One day he sees her with someone else. Back at home, he has an almost lethal fight with her and she injures him with an ice pick. After the husband leaves the house, the woman is killed while taking a shower. All suspects lead to the husband, but after he gets killed the new suspect is found in the face of a man who died 8 years ago but whose corpse was never found. (1986)

ZERAM- Japanese sci-fi horror in which a lovely alien humanoid battles the monster Zeram (a fugitive E.T. from another galaxy), which has a strange mushroom-like flattop from which a snake with a human head emerges. As fights go on and on, the creature mutates into other forms. Great visuals and special effects. (1991)

ZOMBIE CULT MASSACRE Angry bikers and undead zombies wreak havoc on a zealous religious cult high in the Ozarks. Very gory and recommended. PRINT QUALITY IS FAIR!!! (1997)

ZOMBIE NOSH (aka Return Of The Living Zombies) – A group of college students on an overnight hayride come across a group of man-eating zombies. They must fight for their lives while trying to escape and warn the authorities. Directed by S. William Hinzman. (1988)