ADVENTURES AT THE CENTER OF THE EARTH- Mexican, Spanish Language. A pair of hikers are attacked when exploring a cave, having left to one die and the other totally crazy. The incident is followed by rumors of horrible creatures who live under the Earth’s surface. The greatest scientists, hunters and explorers investigate the mysteries that are deep within the Earth. What they find is terrifying, but is very fatal. This film had been recommended as one of the most spectacular productions in the Mexican cinema of its time. (1965)

ASESINO INVISIBLE (The Invisible Assassin) – Mexican horror in Spanish Language, directed by Rene Cardona. The Mask of Gold, fighter of Mexican free fight and hero of its earth, will have to face the invisible assassin. (1964)

ATTACK OF THE MAYAN MUMMY- Jerry Warren import dubbed in English. A woman is hypnotized by a greedy archeologist so she can recall her past life as a princess and lead him to a fortune in buried jewels. “Raiders”-style adventure meets New Age-style channeling meets Mexican-style monsters. (1963)

AUTOPSY OF A GHOST- Mexican horror comedy. Spanish Language. Stars John Carradine, Basil Rathbone, and Cameron Mitchell. Story of a mad doctor an his weird crazy family, a very skinny woman two dumb detectives, a ghost, and a female robot, among other characters. The ghost is looking for final rest and peace for his soul, but in order to get that he has to make a woman fall in love with him and she has to die for him.. (1968)

AVENGING SHADOW VS THE BLACK HAND- Spanish Language. Super rare Mexican wrestling horror. (1959)

AZTEC MUMMY- Here it is in all of it’s hard-to-find glory. The original Spanish language print of “La Momia Azteca”. Not a television print, but the original Mexican theatrical print. Quality is very good. This is a rare high quality collectors find.

BESTIA NOCTURNA- Mexican Horror in Spanish Language. A single, courageous man tracks down a psycho killer who finds victims along the highway. (1986)

BLACK PIT OF DR. M- Spanish Language. Dr M runs an insane asylum with Dr Gonzalez and a third doctor. Dr M makes a pact with the third doctor. Whichever of the two dies first will come back to explain death to the survivor The other doctor dies and not only comes back but he tells Dr M that he too will join him in death in 3 months(?). One of the most violent patients escapes. She then throws a bottle of acid into the orderly Elmer’s face. She is subdued but Elmer is horribly burned via the acid. A very rare print. (1958)

BLOOD OF NOSTRADAMUS- His thirst unquenchable, his fangs dripping with gore, notorious Mexican vampire German Robles brags of his ability to murder the police chief at midnight- a vow which gravely upsets law enforcement and forces cops to remain on vigil against this brazen bloodsucker. Mexican production dubbed in English. (1960)

BLOOD OF THE VIRGINS- Spanish Language. A potent combination of hot Latin spice, Hammer style horror and topless go-go dancing, this vampire movie from south of the border is a wild and untamed slice of raw cinema. A bunch of young swingers are on holiday in the mountains. One night their van breaks down. They seek shelter in an old abandoned lodge. It’s a night none of them will ever forget… A raunchy and radical production. (1967)

BLUE DEMON (DEMONIO AZUL)- Spanish Language. BLUE DEMON was one of the most famous of the Masked Luchadors in Mexican history. This film was the movie that introduced Blue Demon to the world, and in it he faces off against a murderous Werewolf. (1965)

BLUE DEMON CONTRA LAS DIABOLICAS- Spanish Language. More Mexican wrestling fun with the masked Blue Demon.

BLUE DEMON VS THE INVADERS (aka Blue Demon Y Las Invasoras)- Spanish Language only. Wrestling super hero Blue Demon battles visitors from the beyond. A very rare print. (1968)

BLUE DEMON VS THE SHADOW OF THE BAT- Mexican horror in Spanish language! Blue Demon faces off with a bat-faced phantom who longs for the glory days when he too was a great wrestler, before his terrible accident. (1965)

BRAINIAC- English dub print. SEE EL BARON DEL TERROR SPANISH LANGUAGE PRINT. Mexican horror dubbed in English. In 1691, the Spanish Inquisition was in power. Many died but never did they expect one of the convicted to come back; 300 years later. For 300 years, the Baron has waited for his revenge upon his accusers. Now the wait is over and revenge is at hand. One of the all-time classic Mexican horror films. (1961)

EL BARON DEL TERROR- Original Uncut Mexican language film of “THE BRAINIAC”

BRING ME THE VAMPIRE- In a tale of who’s right and who’s wrong or who’s dead or alive. Heirs to a fortune are summoned to a will reading at Black castle for the night. What they don’t know is a vampire roams the corridors, seeking blood. Mexican production dubbed in English. (1961)

CAPERUCITA Y PULGARCITO CONTRA LOS MONSTROUS- Original Mexican language print of “Little Red Hood Meets The Monsters”.

CAPULINA CONTRA LOS MONSTRUOS- Spanish language. Comedian Capulina faces the Mummy, Wolfman, Frankenstein & a vampire… (1974)

CAPULINA VS LOS MOMIAS- Mexican horror in Spanish language.

CAPULINA VS THE VAMPIRES (Capulina Contra los Vampiros)- Spanish Language. Count Dracula lives with several vampiras, but he dies when he’s impaled with a lance accidentally and is staked in the floor. One of his vampira contracts strong men so that they remove the lance, but no manages to remove it to it and she kills them leaving them without a drop of blood. Capulina arrives as crew member and accidentally removes the lance and the Count is revived. (1971)

CASTLE OF THE MONSTERS (El Castillo de los Monstruos)- Spanish Language. The Mexican equivalent to the string of Universal Films in the mid- forties in which for some reason or another every imaginable movie monster converges on one castle to cause terror. In this case, the reason is to disrupt the honeymoon of a couple and the amount of monsters actually puts Universal to shame. Featured in the castle are: The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Mummy, and of course, The Wolfman. (1957)

CASTLE OF THE MUMMYS OF GUANAJUATO- Spanish Language. Spanish wrestling hero The Blue Demon, along with Tineblas & Superzan, battle a mad scientist with an army of mummies. An extremely rare print. (1973)

CAZADOR DE DEMONIUS- Mexican horror in Spanish Language. A contemporary werewolf movie, the werewolf–actually, more like a were-bear– is Tobias, an indigenous brujo who can convert himself into a nahual, an animal spirit. After being murdered, he returns from the dead as a bestial creature. (1983)

CEMETERIO DEL TERROR (Cemetery Of Terror)- Rare uncut Mexican import in Spanish language only. A mad doctor (HugoStiglitz), resurrecting a corpse in a rite of Satan, is plagued by a group of teenagers trying to stop him and the now walking corpse by stealing the Black Book Of Death. Film is very easy to follow. We have an English subtitled print titled ZOMBI APOCOLYPSE. (1984)

COLMILLOS: EL HOMBRE LOBO- Mexican horror is Spanish language. Rare print known as Fangs: The Wolfman (1990)

CURSE OF NOSTRADAMUS- Classic Mexican horror in English Language. An aristocratic vampire swears an oath to kill the enemies who killed his father. In order to terrify them even further, he warns each one when he is coming for them. (1960)

CURSE OF THE AZTEC MUMMY- Second in the Mexican “Aztec Mummy” series brought to the U.S. by K. Gordon Murray. The Mummy confronts the superhero “The Angel” when his crypt is defiled. Dubbed in English. (1957)

CURSE OF THE CRYING WOMAN- They say the old woods are haunted. If anyone dares to go through them at night, they will be killed. At night you can hear the screams as if it was a woman crying. Could the one who is committing these horrible murders be the old woman crying in the night? (1960)

CURSE OF THE DOLL PEOPLE- Mexican horror film dubbed in English. Four people witness a taboo voodoo show and are marked for death. “Dolls”, living horrors possessed with spirits go into action to kill, kill, kill. (1961)

CURSE OF THE STONE HAND- U.S. producer Jerry Warren purchased two films, added new footage with John Carradine, and released it to the public. The story revolves a creeping, crawling hand that commits murder. (1959)

CURSE OF THE VAMPIRES (aka Creatures Of Evil) – A VERY MUCH UNDER-RATED VAMPIRE FILM. A man keeps his vampire mom chained in the basement. A sequel to The Blood Drinkers. (1970) see photos in our photo gallery…click here…

DIMENSIONES OCULTAS (aka Don’t Panic) – Mexican horror in Spanish language. Forget Freddie and Jason. Virgil’s the newest nightmare in town. On his seventeenth birthday, Michael is given a present of a Ouija board by Tony his best friend. At a session, Tony using a medium known to him only as “Virgil” unwittingly unlocks the evil forces of the board. Soon there is a wave of violent killings and the chief suspect appears to be Michael. (1987)

DOCTOR OF DOOM- First in Mexico’s “Wrestling Women” series in which brain transplants by a mad doctor leaves several empty craniums. Heroric wrestling women take on Gomar and her pain-brain companion. Dubbed in English.(1960)

DONA MACABRA- Spanish Language. Macabre black-comedy featuring some greedy relatives visiting a bizarre family. (Like a very sick version of Arsenic and Old Lace). In color. (1971)

DR. SATAN- Spanish language. Supernatural anti-hero from hell (Joaquin Cordero), creates zombies using special serums. (1962)

EL HIJO DE ALMA GRANDE- Mexican horror in Spanish language. Blue Demon and Alma Grande Jr. meet a sadistic cult of eye-worshipers led by a blind alien. (1974)

EL HOMBRE Y LA BESTIA- Spanish Language. The story of the beast hidden in the most secret part of the soul and spirit of every human being. Inside of one man an indescribable mix exists. One, the man, is kind and loving; the other, the beast, is evil and hateful. It is the struggle of one man to overcome this horrifying situation which ends in tragedy for himself and his loved ones. (1973)

EL LATIGO NEGRO VS EL ANIMA DEL AHORCADO- Mexican Horror in Spanish language. Horror set in the modern west as a Zorro-like character faces the wraith of an indestructible ghost. (1959)

EL LIBRO DE PIEDRA (The Book Of Stone) – Mexican horror in Spanish Language. At the request of well-off Eugene Ruvalcaba, the governess Julia Septién is contracted to become position of the education of the small Silvia, daughter of Eugene and his late wife. The girl behaves of a strange way and affirms to play with Hugo, the stone statue of a boy reading a book that adorns the gardens of the mansion. What at the outset it seems a simple game of the infantile imagination is transforming until becoming a macabre obsession. (1969)

EL MONSTRO DE LOS VOLCANES (Monster Of The Volcano) – Spanish Language. A yeti-like monster is stalking the mountains of rural Mexico, sometimes displaying the powers of hypnosis. It ultimately plays a part in destroying two shady characters. (1963) see photos in our photo gallery…click here…

EL MONSTRUO RESUCITADO (aka Dr. Crimen)- Mexican horror in Spanish language. The Tragic Limits and Secrets of Dr. Crimen! The first major medical sci/fi movie in Mexico, loosely based on the Frankenstein story but injecting gory surgical motifs into it… (1953)

EL OGRO- Mexican film in Spanish Language. Kids on a jungle adventure encounter ruthless treasure hunters and “El Ogro” at a cursed Aztec temple. Mexican kidde film (1971)

EL PLANETA DE LAS MUJERES INVASORAS (Planet Of The Women Invaders)- Spanish Language. A flying saucer (a pretty good model) lands near an amusement park. Two attractive alien women leave the ship and enter a “space ride” which–coincidentally–looks exactly like their saucer. Dispatching the two operators of the ride with their ray guns, they substitute their ship for the fake one. The next night, a number of people board the ship, thinking it is part of the carnival. (1965)

EL PLANETA DE LAS MUHERES INVASORAS- Mexican horror in Spanish Language. This film came in the early 90’s when the 80’s slasher mania in all the world even spread to Mexico. There’s a beheading, there’s a walking body without a head chasing people with a sword (!), and cheesy f/x in a creepy environment. (1991)

EL PUEBLO FANTASMA- Mexican Horror in Spanish Language. A black-clad vampire/gunfighter attains his quick draw by killing and vampirizing his victims. (1963)

EL TERRIBLE GIGANTE DE LAS NIEVES (The Terrible Snow Giant) – Mexican Horror in Spanish language. A giant snow monster wreaks havoc on a mountain village. (1962)

EL TRONO INFERNAL (Throne Of Hell)- Mexican horror in Spanish language. A mystical warrior battles a demon-possessed archaeologist who transforms into a werewolf-like creature during the climax. (1992)

EL VAMPIRO (aka The Vampire)- Original uncut Mexican print of “The Vampire” starring Abel Salazar, with English subtitles. (1957) SEE THIS FILMS REVIEW IN OUR MOVIE REVIEW SECTION…

EL VAMPIRO (aka The Vampire)- ENGLISH DUB print of “The Vampire” starring Abel Salazar, with English subtitles. (1957) SEE THIS FILMS REVIEW IN OUR MOVIE REVIEW SECTION…

EL VAMPIRO NEGRO (The Black Vampire) – Inspired by the real life exploits of the serial killer The Vampire of Dusseldorf.

EL VAMPIRO SANGRIENTO (The Bloody Vampire)- Mexican Horror, Spanish Language. Original Theatrical print of “The Bloody Vampire” containing almost 20 additional minutes than the edited American print!!!

EL VIOLADOR INFERNAL (Violator From Hell)- Mexican horror in Spanish language. After a mass murdered is executed one of the Devil’s minions revives him so he can go on killing! Strong stomachs required. (1988)

FRANKENSTEIN, THE VAMPIRE & CO.- Spanish Language. Mexican version of “Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein”. Two screwballs get mixed up with monsters, mad scientists and vampires. (1962) see photos in our photo gallery…click here…

GENIE OF DARKNESS- German Robles stars as the blood sucking vampire. Villagers attempt to steal the ashes from the vampires coffin to keep him from coming back to life. Mexican production dubbed in English. (1960) SEE THIS FILMS REVIEW IN OUR MOVIE REVIEW SECTION…

HELLISH SPIDERS- Mexican horror starring Blue Demon in Spanish language. This print was taken from a Mexican television station, where they had spiced in Mexican commercials, which are entertaining in their own right. Super rare! A flying saucer brings an evil alien queen — a giant spider-woman, who feeds on the brains of humans. Blue Demon and his allies battle the aliens, who have the power to assume human form. (1966)

INVASION OF THE ZOMBIES- Second in the Mexican wrestling hero “Santo” series. In this film, Santo fights a scientist creating an army of zombies to take over the world. Dubbed in English. (1961)

ISLAND OF THE DINOSAURS (Isla de los Dinosaurios)- Rare Mexican Dino flick in Spanish Language. An expedition to a deserted island discovers cavemen and dinosaurs. (1967)

JAGUARS VS THE MYSTERIOUS INVADERS- Spanish Language. More Mexican Sci-Fi madness. (1973)

JEKYLL AND HYDE- A SATANIC PACT- Mexican horror w/English subtitles starring John Carradine. A bloody retelling of the Jekyll and Hyde story. (1968)

KALIMAN EN EL SINIESTRO MUNDO DE HUMANON- Mexican horror, Spanish language. Upon his arrival in Rio Vista Janeiro to attend a convention on parapsychology. The incredible Kaliman and his young and inseparable assistant Solin become involved in a chilling adventure in the treacherous Brazilian Amazon jungle. The merciless Humanon has created a terrible laboratory where he performs horrible macabre genetic transformations. Kaliman must use his telepathic ability and physical dexterity to rescue the beautiful Guarina and a group of scientist before the are mutilated by Humanon! (1974)

KARLA CONTRA LOS JAGUARES- Mexican Sci-Fi in Spanish Language. Karla (Marcela Lopez Rey), a beautiful woman who is planning to steal a great amount of money from a federal reserve, is secretly making some kind of indestructible zombies that will obey her orders and will fight against the only possible obstacle to her plans, “Los Jaguares” three guys, wearing capes and masks and riding motorcycles. (1974)

LA CABEZA VIVIENTE (The Living Head)- Mexican Horror, Spanish Language. Original Mexican theatrical print of “The Living Head”. This print has 9 additional minutes than the edited American print.

LA CASA DEL TERROR (The House Of The Terror)- Original uncut in Spanish Language. The film from Mexico that was hacked up by U.S. producer Jerry Warren and screened on the U.S. market as Face Of The Screaming Werewolf . This film contains the original story of a scientist and his eagerness to excel at his macabre experiments by terrifying the city with his museum terror house. The film does star Lon Chaney Jr. and also Mexican comedian “Tin So” who was just about cut out of the entire American version. (1958) see photos in our photo gallery…click here…

LADRON DE CADAVERES (Corpse Thief) – A HORROR THEATER FAVORITE. Mexican Horror in Spanish language. A delightfully bizarre Mexican film from 1957, Wolf Ruvinskis stars as wrestler Guillermo, a wanna-be cowboy. Carlos (Crox Alvarado) comes around the gym asking questions about a recent rash of dead body thefts, and Guillermo is drawn into the fray, and when another wrester is stabbed and the body brought to the laboratory of the evil Don Pachito , Guillermo is recruited to investigate undercover. (1957)

LADRONES DE TUMBAS- Spanish Language. The best slasher film from Mexico from the 1990’s. This movie is populated by gorgeous women, young men and extremely gory effects. Three grave robbers and their girlfriends steal the jewels from a serial killer/zombie and after that its nothing but mayhem as this zombie kills, kills and kills. This has a large body count and you actually see the victims getting the classic axe in the head, be-headings, limbs chopping, guts squashed out with a bare hand, etc… I highly recommend this gem. (1990) see photos in our photo gallery…click here…

LAS ALEGRES VAMPIRAS DE VOGEL- Spanish Language. The town of Vogel, in Transylvania, stands under the ruins of the old castle where the vampire lord tortured his prisoners and drank their blood. Now, two stranded young girls take shelter in the remote European castle where the Count is delighted to receive them. A nightmare is awaiting them. (1975)

LAS MOMIAS DE GUANAJUATO (The Mummys Of Guanajuato)- Spanish Language. Stars Santo, Blue Demon & Mil Mascaras. In the famous museum where they are Mummys of Guanajuato, is Satan, the ghost of a fighter of the past that fought an ancestor of Santo. A century later arrives the moment for taking revenge itself, through these Mummys he summons up life and seeds the terror in the city. (1971)

LAS MUJERES PANTERAS (The Panther Woman)- Spanish Language. Fourth amazing “Wrestling Women” film — pits them against Panther Women… Elizabeth Campbell, Ariadna Welter, Tongolele, Eric Castillo, Loco Valdes. Extremely rare. (1966)

LAS NEVE CARAS MIEDO- Mexican horror in Spanish language. A group of parapsychologists explore an old house. Gore, nudity. (1995)

LAS VAMPIRAS- Mexican Horror, Spanish language, stars John Carradine. Carradine made four Mexican horror films back-to-back in the late 1960s. This one is the most accessible, and also the most tolerable. Once more cast as Count Dracula, Carradine is followed around by winged female vampires with enormous breasts. (1968)

LEVENDES MACABRAS DE LA COLONIA- Rare Mexican film in Spanish Language starring Mil Mascaras. A strange painting transports Mil Mascaras and friends back in time to an ancient castle full of zombies and mummies. (1974)

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD- Children’s Mexican film in Spanish Language. A big, bad wolf has plans of making a meal of a girl known as Little Red Riding Hood. Mexican Kiddie Movie, brought to us by the courtesy of K. Gordon Murray. (1960)

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD AND THE MONSTERS- Mexican kiddee matinee classic in English language. Little Red Riding Hood and Tom Thumb fight a vampire and a witch in a haunted forest. (1960)

LOCURA DE TERROR- Spanish Language. Sometimes gruesome horror/comedy in which a giant zombie robs graves for a mad professor and his assistant, who creates a machine to melt the flesh off the corpses. (1960)

LOS DIABLOS DEL TERROR- Mexican horror in Spanish language only. Stars Gaston Santos. (1959)

MANSION OF THE SEVEN MUMMIES- Mexican Horror. Spanish Language. Blue Demon helps a town besieged by an evil warlock and his mummy minions. This is the complete uncut Mexican print. (1977)

MAS NEGRO QUE LA NOCHE (Blacker Than The Night)- Mexican horror in Spanish Language. When four women move into an old house left by one woman’s aunt, strange things begin to happen. Bizarre voices, visions of ghosts, and mysterious noises lead them to discover the darkest powers of evil and a horror and agony beyond terror. (1975)

MISTERIO EN LAS BERMUDAS- Misterio en las Bermudas- Stars the Mexican hero Santo. Santo, Blue Demon, and Mil Mascaras battle the occult while guarding a princess in the Bermudas. Beautiful digital print in Spanish Language. (1977)

MOMIAS DE SAN ANGEL (Mummies Of San Angel)- Stars Mexican wrestler Mil Mascaras in Spanish Language. Once more, the inevitable clash between mummies and masked wrestlers. (1975)

MONSTER DEMOLISHER- German Robles reprises his role as the blood sucking vampire as he continues his killing ways in a nearby Mexican village. Mexican production dubbed in English brought to America by K. Gordon Murray. (1960)

NEUTRON VS THE KARATE ASSASSINS- Mexican Horror in Spanish Language. Superhero wrestler Neutron battles a gang of robotic assassins who use their hands and feet as deadly weapons. (1965)

NEUTRON VS THE MANIAC- Wolf Ruvinski reprises his role as the South-of-the-Border grappler to solve a series of sanitarium murders. DUBBED IN ENGLISH. (1961/62)

NIGHT OF 1,000 CATS- Another uncut classic Mexican shocker from the director of Survive. A crazed millionaire feeds people to his large collection of starving cats. He also decapitates women and preserves their heads. The first ever cannibal-cat movie. (1972)

ORLAK, HELL OF FRANKENSTEIN- Mexican horror, Spanish Language. Around the year 1800, convicted body-snatcher Jaime (Joaquin Cordero) uses the terrible Creature called Orlak (also Joaquin Cordero), the remote-controlled monster of the mad Doctor Carlos Frankenstein (Andres Soler), to wildly kill those who found him guilty. (1960)

PACTO DIABOLICO- Mexican horror starring John Carradine, in Spanish language. A crazed doctor performs gruesome experiments in his search for a youth serum. (1969)

PHANTOM OF THE RED HOUSE- Mexican haunted house quickie has heirs to a fortune killing each other while a dead millionaire’s spirit watches. Another K. Gordon Murray Mexican import dubbed in English. (1954)

PLAYBACK- Mexican thriller directed by Rene Cardona, Jr. Rare horror of a raping maniac whose victim (a lady doctor) has big time payback in store. IMPORT IN ENGLISH. (1982)

RAT IN THE DARKNESS (Rata en la Oscuridad) – Rare Mexican horror w/English subtitles. Two sisters buy a large empty house filled with rats, especially one large rat. (1979)

RETURN OF THE MONSTER (El Regreso Del Monstruo)- Mexican horror in Spanish Language. Mexican horror about scientist, guided by a talking skeleton, creates hideous creatures. (1959)

ROBOT VS THE AZTEC MUMMY- Third and final entry in the Mexican “Aztec Mummy” series. Dr. Krupp wandering in a crypt with a robot he has created which he has given a brain. The Dr. wants to raid the tomb of its gold, but it is guarded by the Mummy. Dubbed in English. (1959)

SAMSON VS THE VAMPIRE WOMAN- This entry into the Mexican-produced “Samson” series finds the wrestling superhero battling a group of vampire women that use hypnosis to disguise how ugly they really are. Dubbed In English. (1961)

SANTA CLAUS- K. Gordon Murray bought this Mexican film and dubbed it into English. It played in matinees during the holiday season and made him millions. In the movie, Santa teams up with Merlin the magician to fight the dreaded red devil. The devil, in red tights and horns, has the worst Spock ears you’ve ever seen. A very hard-to-find classic. (1959)

SANTO AND THE VENGEANCE OF THE MUMMY- Spanish Language. Santo joins an expedition which comes across a very ugly, living mummy. Is it the monster doing the killing? Great looking print. (1970)

SANTO ATTACKS THE WITCHES- Spanish Language. Santo, the masked wrestling hero battles the reincarnation of a Seventeenth century witch, (Lorena Velazquez), who has bewitched Ofelia, (San Martin). Ofelia’s lover, (Ramon Bugarini), summons Santo’s help to stop Ofelia from being a sacrifice at a Spring Festival. (1964)

SANTO EN ORO NEGRO- Spanish Language. Santo goes to Puerto Rico. He is summoned by the government to face a villain who constructs robots. (1971)

SANTO FACES DEATH- Spanish language. El Santo tries to recover a stolen emerald, as he again plays “secret” agent for Interpol. (1969)

SANTO VS BLACK GOLD- Spanish Language. Santo faces Robots run by a mad scientist inside a prison? World domination is the objective and Santo stands in their way. (1975)

SANTO VS THE INFERNAL MEN- Spanish Language. This is Santo’s second film. Concerns an attempt to put a police agent into a drug smuggling ring. However, when the man is placed in danger, it’s up to the masked Santo to go in to extricate him alive. (1958)

SANTO VS THE MARTIAN INVASION- This entry in the masked wrestling hero Santo series has the hero fighting off a Martian invasion whose plans are to destroy the planet unless planet wide human peace is attained. In Spanish with English Subtitles. (1966)

SANTO VS THE SHE WOLVES- NOW IN ENGLISH SUBTITLES…. A young blonde woman is drawn to an abandoned warehouse by a disembodied voice saying “Come…come…” She is confronted by a hairy old woman, who says she is Luba, queen of the werewolves. It is time for her to be reborn in a new body; then the werewolves will destroy the human race and rule the earth. The blonde stabs old Luba and becomes queen; she is carried around joyfully by her subjects. (1972)

SANTO VS THE SPACE BLOB- Spanish Language. Santo does battle with a murderous blob from outer space. (197?)

SANTO VS THE TELEVISION ASSASSINS- Spanish Language. Filmed in 1981, and one of the last few films Santo made, this is actually an enjoyable little action/drama, featuring an atmospheric, pulsing title theme, some nicely staged ring work, and a somewhat unique variation on the mad scientist who frequently served as the foil in these films. (1981)

SANTO VS THE TIGRESS- Spanish Language. Santo is called upon to help a female singer when she believes that someone on her ranch is trying to do her in, including a hunchback oaf. One of the rare Santo films in color. (1971)

SANTO VS THE ZOMBIES- Uncut print of Invasion Of The Zombies. Wrestling superhero Santo battles an evil scientist who has created a race of zombies. Dubbed in English. (1961)

SATANICO PANDEMONIUM- Exploitation from Mexico in widescreen format w/English subtitles. A young nun is tempted by visions of forbidden sexual fantasies to cross over to Satan. (1975)

SE LOS CHUPA LA BRUJA- Spanish Language. Mexican Horror-Comedy remake of Abbott & Costello’s “Hold That Ghost”. Two bumbling idiots must spend night in haunted house. (1957)

SHIP OF MONSTERS (aka La Nave De Los Monstruos)- Spanish Language. Great, sci-fi comedy contains a robot, some strange musical numbers, lots of very weird monsters, space travel and two sexy women. A very rare Mexican classic (1959)

SPIRITISM- Updated, rare complete uncut version of this Mexican film dubbed in English. A woman receives three wishes from Satan. She gets the money for her mortgage, but also wishes her dead son back to life. Based on Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Monkey’s Paw”. (1961)

SURVIVE- A jet liner crashes in the Andes and the survivors stay alive by eating the frozen corpses of the dead. Very graphic. (1977)

SURVIVE- Beautiful digital upgrade. In Spanish language w/English subtitles. We also still carry the English Dub print. Please specify when ordering.

SWAMP OF THE LOST MONSTER- Mexican horror dubbed in English. Mexican villagers are terrorized by something out there- in the swamp. Their fears are reassured when a mutilated body is found in pieces. What they find lurking in the swamp is a hideous, murdering creature. (1970) see photos in our photo gallery…click here…

TEENAGE ZOMBIES- A group of teens plan a beach party on a secluded island in the Gulf of Mexico. Their boat disappears and they find themselves at the mercy of the diabolical Sorcerer who controls the island’s inhabitants, a denizen of depraved zombies. THEY’RE NEXT. A Jerry Warren production. (1957)

THE WITCHES’ MIRROR- Mexican import about the ghost of a murdered woman that emerges from the accursed glass to wreak revenge on her unfaithful husband. Dubbed in English (1961)

THEFT OF THE MUMMIES OF GUANAJUATO- Spanish Language. Many mummies battle a group of masked wrestlers led by Mil Mascaras and Blue Angel. This is the final film of the Mummies Of Guanajuato series. (1972)

VACACIONES DE TERROR (Vacation Of Terror)- Spanish Language. Rene Cardona horror about family who moves into house once occupied by ancient witch. Julio Aleman. (1985)

VAMPIRE’S COFFIN- Mexican horror in the style of the Universal Studio’s 40’s horror films. The film depicts tomb defilers who unleash a vampire, who then makes one of the defilers his “Igor-like” minion. The climatic battle takes place in a wax museum. Dubbed in English and packaged for the U.S.A. by K. Gordon Murray. (1957) SEE THIS FILMS REVIEW IN OUR MOVIE REVIEW SECTION…

WORLD OF THE VAMPIRES- English dub print. See “El Mundo De Los vampiros” for Spanish Language print. Mexican production dubbed in English is unique in that music played on a piano built with bones and skulls is used to destroy the bloodsucking monsters. (1960)

EL MUNDO DE LOS VAMPIROS- Spanish Language. Original uncut Mexican language film of “WORLD OF THE VAMPIRES”

WRESTLING WOMAN VS THE AZTEC APE- First in the Mexican “Wrestling Women” series. A very mad doctor uses women to perform brain transplants because women tolerate the “shock” better than men. After a string of failures, he concludes a female athlete would have the stamina to survive. With the use of Gomar, half man, half gorilla, they kidnap a female wrestler and transform her into a superhuman being. Great fun, dubbed in English. (1960)

WRESTLING WOMEN VS THE AZTEC MUMMY- The wrestling women are back and this time they take on the Aztec Mummy. SEE Wrestling Wild Women!!! SEE Flesh-Crazed Fighting Females!!! SEE Maniacal Mummies and Bat-Beasts From Beyond!!! (1964)

ZOMBI APOCOLYPSE- Very rare English subtitled print of the gory Mexican horror classic “Cemeterio Del Terror” (Cemetery Of Terror).

ZORRO VS THE TEENAGE MONSTER- Spanish Language. This incredibly rare never-dubbed-in-English ’58 Mexican wannabe-serial monster flick starts off with a poorly made-up monster, rampaging around a creaky laboratory, that wants to be Frankenstein whilst a comic-relief skeleton with light-bulb eyes commentates on the action! Very rare and recommended. (1958)