A Night To Dismember- Samantha Fox plays Vickie Kent in this Doris Wishman cult horror classic. Vickie Kent is a suspected murderess who is released from an insane asylum to return home, only to raise the question of whether or not she was completely cured of her insanities. The last film done by Doris Wishman aka Chesty Morgan. (1983)

Alice Sweet Alice (aka Communion)- Starring a young Brook Shields. If You Survive This Night… Nothing Will Scare You Again. Neighborhood residents are terrorized by a series of murders that seem to be centered around the parishioners of a Catholic church. (1976)

Alone In The Dark- Three wacko cases escape the asylum of Donald Pleasance. The homicidal threesome surround the houseof a psychiatrist and terrorize his family. Also stars Jack Palance & Martin Landau. A hard-to-find treat. (1982)

Bay Of Blood- Un-cut import print AKA Last House On The Left II & Twitch Of The Death Nerve, This highly recommended film was the inspiration for Friday The 13th. At a lakeside property, 13 gore murders take place. Film has a great surprise ending. Directed by Mario Bava. This is one of his goriest films. (1971)

Blade Of The Ripper (aka Day Of The Maniac)- Surprise twists heaped atop each other during the climax of this film. The “Razor Killer” is slashing the throats of Vienna’s rich woman. An intended victim is the neglected wife of the American Embassy. Nothing is what it seems in this Euro-erotic psycho thriller loaded with nudity and bloody slashings. (1984)

Blodaren- Swedish film w/German subtitles! On tour through Sweden, the all-girl rock ´n´ roll band “Rock Cats” suddenly find themselves trapped in no-man’s land when their tour-bus breaks down. Soon they get to meet “the Bleeder”, an insane beast of a man whose sole interest is to kill them all off, one by one. The hunt is on… (1983)

Blood And Black Lace- Italian-French horror thriller about a fiendish killer focused on killing beautiful models. The killer wears a stocking mask that makes his face look empty, and there is merciless gore when he does his killings.. Directed by Mario Bava. (1971)

Blood And Lace- (UNCUT) Long called the sickest PG rated movie ever made. A cleaver carving murderer in a mask stalks an orphanage where bodies are preserved in a freezer after being murdered by a hammer. Newspaper advertisements for the film featured a big bloody hammer and promised “shock after shock after shock”. (1971) CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE PHOTOS

Bloodbeat- A gore film, mixed with psychic and slasher genres. A samurai warrior with a glowing aura terrorizes a rural family gathered for Christmas, in which the mother and sister have mental powers. (1982)

Blood Frenzy- A maniac tries to kill off a group of teenagers on an encounter session in the desert. Slasher film loaded with amateurish gore effects (1987)

Blood Lake- (SLASHER) Three young couples venture to a popular lake site to spend a weekend of wild partying together. What they don’t know is that there is a crazed mass murderer just lurking in and around the lake patiently waiting to pick his victims one by one. The sole survivor gets left in a kill or be killed situation where strength, determination, and intelligence will hopefully prevail. (1987)

Blood Rage- A man is blamed for murders actually committed by his evil twin. Overlooked slasher with OK plot and respectable gore. (1983)

Blood Symbol- Centuries ago, the monks of the Cult of the Blood Symbol went searching for their “chosen one” whose blood, they believed, would make them immortal. Olam, the only living survivor of the cult, finally finds his intended victim in Tracy Walker, a feisty, athletic college student. Late entry is the slasher genre. (1992)

Blood Tracks- A film crew producing a rock music video decides to shoot at an abandoned factory above the snow line. When an avalanche strands them, a murderous family living in the factory attacks and kills many of them. The Hills Have Eyes Meet MTV. (1985)

Bloody Mansion Of Death – Italian Language. Bloody Italian slasher killing of beautiful models. Very rare and recommended. (197?)

Bloody Moon- Directed by horror director Jesse Franco. The film involves two killers on a rampage during the Festival of the Moon. The killers terrorize this one girl and will kill everyone in their path to get to her. A true Italian gorefest. (1981)

Bloody Pom Poms (aka Cheerleader Camp)- Uncut import print!!! Alison follows her friends to a summer camp for cheerleaders. But she is having bad nightmares. Her boyfriend has followed her to the camp but he seems to be more interested in the other girls, girls who sooner or later are found brutally murdered. Alison starts to believe that she has a split-personality who kills them. (1987)

Body Count- Hard-To-Find Un-Cut 87 minute English language print. A group of teenagers are stalked, slashed and slain in the “Friday the 13th” style at an abandoned camp where 11 years earlier a couple was killed in a gruesome manner. A very graphic film with excessive gore, knifings, guttings, decapitations and skewering. It may be the ultimate unseen slasher film. (1986)

Broken Mirrors- Slasher thriller involving a killer singling out call girls while a customer also has murderous intentions involving his wife his wife. (1984)

Camp Slaughter- Widescreen Format. A group of youngsters venture out to a cabin to party and get away from school, duties and nagging parents for a while. What they don’t know is that in the woods surrounding the cabin a mysterious figure prowl and he is not happy with the youngsters present and decides to kill them off in the bloodiest fashion conceivable… (2004)

Campsite Massacre (aka The Final Terror)- A group of forest rangers go camping in the woods, and trespass into an area where a backwoods mama likes to kill people who come onto her turf. (1983)

Cardiac Arrest- The “Missing Heart Murders” are plaguing San Francisco – dead bodies that turn up with their hearts surgically removed. (1980)

Carnival Of Blood (aka Death Rides A Carnival)- A world famous amusement park (Coney Island) is suddenly transformed into a seething arena of hysteria and horror as a slasher with a mother complex knocks off victims. A sick story, in which organs are extracted by the psycho killer. (1971)

Cat’s Victims- (slasher) A pharmacist is murdered, and a woman happens to see the culprit leave the scene. She soon finds herself being stalked by the killer, and when her boyfriend tries to discover who the murderer is and stop him, he begins to find out that there is much more to the murder than the ordinary killing it first appeared to be. (1977)

Christmas Evil (aka Terror In Toyland)- This is the first of the killer Santa Claus movies released in the 80’s. A young boy witnesses his mother-having sex with a Santa on Christmas Eve. He grows up to run a toy factory, but every Christmas he makes a list of the BAD adults and leaves toys for the children. The first and best of the genre. (1980)

Class Reunion Massacre (aka The Redeemer)- Homosexual actor, lesbian bitch, unscrupulous attorney, athlete, rich woman, louse of a lover- these 1967 graduates of Stuart Morse Academy turn up at the creepy school to be imprisoned by a fiend who uses flamethrowers, shotgun, swords, and other items to kill. Long out-of-print and very hard-to-find. (1976)

Clownhouse- Teenagers are trapped inside their house with escaped maniacs, dressed up as clowns, who are stalking them. You may never look at a clown the same way again. (1987)

CONTAGION- A real estate agent is lured to a run-down mansion only to be trapped and tortured by ghosts. A gruesome slasher flick. (1987)

Curtains- Canadian slasher film starring Samantha Eggar as an actress who commits herself into an asylum to research her next role. Her producer-husband decides to leave her there, and brings six young actresses to his mansion under the guise of “studying” for movie roles. That’s when the slashing begins by a killer wearing an old hag’s mask. Very hard-to-find film. (1982) CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE PHOTOS

Deadly Camp- (UNCUT) Friday the 13th… Hong Kong style! A Psychotic family kills people that trespass on there lonely island. A family that slays together, stays together. Brutal and bloody. In Japanese with English sub-titles. (1999)

DEEP IN THE WOODS- French Language w/English subtitles. A troupe of actors is hired to perform for a young boy’s birthday at a remote mansion. The party goes well, except for some unusual behavior by the youngster and his grandfather, but then things take a turn for the worse when the police come by to warn everyone that a murderer is roaming loose in the area. The actors decide the safest thing to do is to stay in the mansion, but soon the bodies start piling up. (2000)

Deep Red (The Hatchet Murders)- Directed by Dario Argento. David Hemmings stars as a witness to the brutal and sadistic killings of a clairvoyant and sets out to investigate it with the help of a journalist, played by Daria Nicolodi. There are gruesome killings, a psycho killer, and occult and supernatural events. Very blood curdling. (1976) CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE PHOTOS

Don’t Answer The Phone (aka The Hollywood Strangler). A disturbed Vietnam Vet rushes around Hollywood, chocking women with a stocking. The violence is gratuitous and has no redeeming values. (1981)

Don’t Go In The House- A sicko psychopath, having been burnt as a child by his mother as punishment, keeps his dead mothers decaying body in the house and constructs an all metal room. He then lures females to his house where he ties them up and burns them to death. He keeps the charred corpses in his house and talks to them. Very gruesome. (1980)

Don’t Go In The Woods- Knife killer, low budgeter exploitation as two couples encounter a limb-tearing “Wild Man” in a Utah forest. Contains plenty of gore. (1980)

Don’t Open Till Christmas- “He’s making a list and checking it twice”. A psycho killer is knocking off Santas in very graphic ways: cleavers, castrations, etc. Caroline Munroe appears in a skin-tight dress. From the makers of Pieces. Be warned; can be very graphic. (1984)

Double Exposure- Ice pick killer stalks Los Angeles hookers. Rare early 70’s slasher film. (1974)

Edge Of The Axe- Very rare slasher film!!! Woman employees of a local psychiatric hospital begin to fall victim to a gruesome axe-wielding murderer. Rare and recommended. (1988) CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE PHOTOS

El Teato Del Horror- Mexican horror in Spanish Language only. This film came in the early 90’s when the 80’s slasher mania in all the world even spread to Mexico. There’s a beheading, there’s a walking body without a head chasing people with a sword (!), and cheesy f/x in a creepy environment. (1991)

Eyeball- (UNCUT) Director Umberto Lenzi’s clever giallo about a psycho who kills beautiful women and cuts out their left eye. When a tour group arrives in Spain, so does the deranged killer who cuts their number one by one. (1974) CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE PHOTOS

Eyes Of A Stranger- A reporter suspects a creepy neighbor, who lives in the high-rise building across from hers, is a serial killer terrorizing the Miami area. Stars Lauren Tewes (The Love Boat). (1981)

Final Exam- (Slasher film) Psycho killer shows up on collage campus to slash up pretty co-eds and dumb jocks. (1981)

Four Flies On Grey Velvet- (UNCUT) Italian psycho thriller directed by Dario Argento about a scientist who creates a device that scans the retina of a murder victims eyes to see what the last image the victim saw. Unique and quite horrifying. (1972)

Frat Fright (aka Happy Hell Night)- (UNCUT) 25 years ago on Halloween night, a college campus priest slaughters students in a Satanic ritual. Now in the present day, two students are sent to the asylum where the priest is being held to get a picture so they can pledge a sorority. They accidentally turn the priest loose and he continues his killing spree. A little-known but great film. (1981)

Funeral Home- Busty Lesleh Donaldson helps her grandmother run a tourist home, once a funeral parlor until her grandfather mysteriously disappeared. In the cellar, late at night, voices can be heard. Is Grandma keeping a dark secret? (1981)

Ghosthouse- The spirit of a young girl and her life-size clown doll haunt a rundown house near Boston. Of course a couple buys the place and the terror begins. Directed by Umberto Lenzi. (1988)

Good Night, God Bless (aka Lucifer)- Slasher film. A psychotic killer is embarked on a murder spree, and the authorities begin to suspect that he may have been sent from Hell. Also contains rare, original trailer for the film. (1987)

Graduation Day- Early 80’s slasher starring Christopher George!!! A killer wearing a sweat suit and fencing mask beings killing off members of the school track team one by one. (1981)

Gruesome Twosome- Extreme gore involves an apparent harmless old lady who is a wigmaker. What’s not known is her son kidnaps, kills, and scalps beautiful women for their hair that she uses in her shop. Comes across as a bit of a parody of gore films, but contains many graphic scenes. (1967)

Hands Of The Ripper- The infant daughter of Jack the Ripper is witness to the brutal murder of her mother by her father. Fifteen years later she is a troubled young woman who is seemingly possessed by the spirit of her father. While in a trance she continues his murderous killing spree but has no recollection of the events afterwards. (1971)

Happy Birthday To Me (Import Print)- Virginia is proud that she belongs to a clique. The best students at a private school. But before her 18th birthday, a grueling set of murders take place and her friends are the ones who are falling prey. Could it be her? She suffers from blackouts due to a freak accident one year earlier. We soon learn the truth behind her accident and what is going on… (1981)

Hauntedween- A better than average slasher about a group of college kids having a party in a haunted house to raise money. The acting is pretty bad, for some reason casting directors never cast actual southern people to play southern characters and it shows in this flick. But it does have some good slashings, a couple of really cool ones. (1991)

Haunts- The past and present of a tormented woman are stirred in the cauldron of her psyche. Murder and rape involving a scissors-wielding madman become reality to her and stimulate memories of past incest. Does the terror she feel involve the whole town or is it just a fabrication of her suicidal mind. An emotional story of the horrors of the mind. Stars Cameron Mitchell and Aldo Ray.(1976)

Have A Nice Weekend- Obscure slasher film. Tagline: The house is quiet… THEY ARE ALL DEAD! A group of family and friends assembling at a small New England island home for a weekend gathering at the behest of a war veteran. After their arrival, several members of the group are systematically picked off by an unknown psychopath. (1975)

HE LIVES BY NIGHT- (slasher) Asian film with both Japanese and English Languages. No subtitles. This is a great fun slasher comedy. Unlike ‘Scream’ the comedy is not dependent upon knowledge of modern horror films but effectively makes its own humor. The killings remain horrific despite the comedy; although the film is more serious at the start, more comedic at the end and there is a great scene in the middle where we successfully get both because the victim and her girlfriend are trying to scare each other as the killer prowls about. (1982)

Headless Eyes- A gruesome film about an artist turned housebreaker who is discovered by one of his victims; in their struggle she gouges out his eye with a spoon! With the eye hanging down his cheek by a nerve, and driven insane by the pain and horror, he seeks vengeance on the world (and the sex) that maimed him. He goes on a killing spree, leaving behind terribly mutilated bodies. Gory film with great effects. For those with a strong stomach. (198?)

Hellhole- An unlucky woman’s mother is murdered by a scarf-wielding killer named Silk, leaving the woman injured, traumatised and suffering from amnesia. She’s committed to a mental institution, where Silk follows her, looking for the papers he was trying to get from her mother. And Silk’s only the beginning of her problems, since the asylum is run by a mad doctor, performing experiments in chemical lobotomies! Stars 80’s sex symbol Judy Landers. (1985) CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE PHOTOS

HITCH HIKE TO HELL- Howard is a mild-mannered young man who drives a truck for a commercial laundry. He’s also a mother-obsessed psycho who picks up young female hitchhikers, rapes them and kills them. As the bodies start piling up, the police finally begin to investigate. (1977)

Home Sweet Home- An escaped mental patient steals a station wagon and makes his way to the Bradley’s Thanksgiving celebration, where he plans to make them a little less thankful. Stars bodybuilder Jake Steinfeld as the madman. (1981)

Honeymoon Horror- A clone of “Friday The 13th” as a husband catches his wife with another man and is somehow trapped in a fire. Some time later three pairs of newlyweds stop at the now motel, only to have some of them meet their demises at the hands of a badly burned maniac. (1982)

Hospital Massacre- UPGRADED PRINT. A young boy a crush on this girl. When he sends her a valentine card, she laughs at it. This must have made the boy go psycho. Cut to the present. The girl is now a grown woman, who is going to get a routine check up at her hospital. The killer shows up at the hospital and begins to methodically slice and dice the hospital staff to get to the woman. Stars the very sexy Barbi Benton. (1981) CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE PHOTOS

House Of Death (aka Death Screams)- Genre: Slasher! The last scream you hear… is your own! Teenagers are stalked and murdered by a maniac at a town fair. (1983)

House On The Edge Of The Park- (UNCUT) Disturbing Italian shocker, shot in America, depicts a razor-wielding murderer ( David A. Hess) slicing up women’s bodies, bashing in a man’s head, and performing disgusting acts of rape. WARNING! For mature viewers only. (1984)

HOUSEBOAT HORROR- A rowdy rock group are accompanied by a film crew to desolate Lake Infinity to produce a music video. One night the musicians visit the local pub while the various members of the film crew stay aboard the boat not knowing that a rampaging lunatic has snuck aboard the boat, and one by one the various characters are brutally slaughtered in a variety of grisly ways. (1989)

Humongous- A very rare print. A party of yachting teenagers get caught in a fog and take refuge on an unknown island, where it is rumored that the only inhabitants are an eccentric woman and her huge, grotesque mutant of a son, who is over seven feet tall, and murderous. He also feeds on dogs. (1981)

I Dismember Mama- A mentally disturbed young man, incarcerated in a rest home, locks a nurse in his room and attempts to murder her. An attendant comes to help, but he is brutally murdered. Then the young man escapes and starts a brutal killing spree by first returning to his home and killing his mother’s servant. A chilling series of murders follow. (1972)

Icebox Murders- A fiendish killer takes woman to his hideaway and chases them through it’s many corridors as if playing a game. He then brutally kills them and puts their corpses in his deep freeze. A good movie with a mysterious killer and graphic effects. (1986)

Iced (aka Blizzard of Blood) – Skiers at a mountain resort are being murdered by a serial killer. (1988)

Jack The Mangler (aka Seven Cadavers For Scotland Yard)- Spanish horror starring Paul Naschy, Italian Language. In this version of the famous story of the London serial killer, Jack not only likes to kill prostitutes but he is a cannibal as well. Rare find for Naschy fans. (1971)

Jack The Ripper- Directed by Jesse Franco with Klaus Kinski playing The Ripper. This German-Swiss depiction has The Ripper stopping at nothing to murder and rape his victims. A very graphic film. (1976)

Just Before Dawn- Five campers arrive in the mountains to examine some property they have bought, but are warned by the a forest ranger that a huge machete-wielding maniac has been terrorizing the area. Ignoring the warnings, they set up camp, and start disappearing one by one. If that sounds too run-of-the-mill, there’s a genuinely shocking plot twist half-way through… One of the better killer-in-the-woods flicks of the ’80s. (1981)

Lady Stay Dead- A psychotic gardener terrorizes and kills a wealthy actress, but when her sister shows up she foils his attempts to dispose of the body; has a great drowning in fish tank scene. (1981)

Last House On Dead End Street- Film-makers murder their stars to make snuff movies, then when they get cheated by their distributor, they kill the executives and make new snuff films. Due to the nature of this film, it should not be viewed by those under 18. (1981)

Left For Dead (aka I Miss You, Hugs And Kisses)- Stars Elke Sommer. Once banned in the U.K. as an infamous “nasty”, this print is rare and now available to the public. (1978)

Love Butcher- What is the relationship between a crippled old man and the grisly murders that have the police baffled? A psychotic killer is leaving a grisly trail of slain women. (1975)

Madman (aka Madman Marz)- Extremely rare un-cut early 80’s slasher flick starring Gaylon Ross (Dawn Of The Dead)!!! At a summer camp for youths, cockey pre-teen calls out the name of mass serial killer “Madman Marz”. Suddenly, counselors are being maimed and slaughtered in various ways by the backwoodsman who has returned when his name was called. (1982)

Mardi Gras Massacre- A serial killer in a welder’s mask stalks the streets of New Orleans during the Mardi Gras festival. He proceeds to torture prostitutes by amputating their hands, then feet, then ‘the part that you use for evil’. One interesting gore scene is where one of his victims has her stomach split open and bloody organs pulled out from within. (1978)

Memorial Valley Massacre- Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Tent… Campers on a holiday are terrorized by an axe-wielding maniac. (1988)

Mountaintop Motel Massacre- “Please do not disturb Evelyn. She already is”. Evelyn, known as Anna in the film, a motel management proprietor, kills her daughter in a fit of rage, then attacks unsuspecting guests with a sickle, and throws poisonous bugs and snakes on other guest’s sleeping bodies. Guests check in, but they don’t check out. (1983)

Murder Clinic (aka Revenge Of The Living Dead)- Patients and staff of an isolated mental hospital are being killed off by a hooded maniac who stalks the halls. Good, scary atmosphere makes movie worth watching. In widescreen format!!! (1966)

Nail Gun Massacre- Helmeted avenger takes to the Texas streets to slaughter construction workers who gang-banged his girl. The nail gun is used in a wide variety of ways. (1987)

Naked Massacre (aka Born For Hell)- Loosely based on the notorious Richard Speck murders, this is the grim tale of a disturbed Vietnam vet returning home via Belfast, who invades a house shared by eight nurses and proceeds to terrorize and murder them. (1976)

New House On The Left (aka Nighttrain Murders)- Often renamed 70’s drive-in film which is very difficult to find. Two girls leave by train for a vacation during the Christmas holidays, but are stalked by two murderous thugs. This print is extremely rare.(197?)

New York Ripper- (UNCUT) A blade-wielding psychopath is on the loose turning NYC bright red with the blood of young women. Much butchery and blood. Directed by Lucio Fulci. (1982)

Night, After Night, After Night- A Jack the Ripper-type serial killer is loose in London. Suspicion falls on a transvestite judge. Long Lost Swinging Sixties Slasher Film!!! (1969)

Night Of The Intruder (aka The Intruder, Night Crew)- Uncut import gore print. The ex-boyfriend of a check-out girl at a supermarket returns at closing time to make trouble. They quarrel and the boyfriend is ejected from the store. After they lock the building up to take inventory, the employees start dying off, and the survivors must eventually find a way to escape with their lives. (1988)

Night Ripper- An insane killer focuses his murderous sights on unsuspecting fashion models. Don’t they know what happens to pretty women in horror movies? (1986)

Nightmare- A gore movie about a man who chopped up his father and a female dominatrix when he was young. He is released from a mental hospital, doesn’t take his medicine, and travels to Florida to kill his ex-wife and family. For real gore fans only. Very gruesome and was released with a self-imposed “X” rating. (1981) CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE PHOTOS

Nightmare In A Damaged Brain- Complete uncut import print from Germany of the movie “ Nightmare”. A psychotic killer is freed and begins his pursuit of his ex-wife and kids in Florida, leaving a brutal trail of horrible and bloody murders along the way. THIS FILM IS IN GERMAN LANGUAGE ONLY, NO ENGLISH SUB-TITLES. IT CONTAINS SCENES OF GRAPHIC KILLINGS AND EXCESSIVE GORE, THE PRINT CONTAINS AN EXTRA 7 MINUTES THEN THE UNCUT U.S. VERSION. (1981) CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE PHOTOS

Non Ho Sonno- UPGRADED PRINT. Directed by Dario Argento, film starts seventeen years ago where there is a series of murders, all the victims females. Each of the murders are carried out the same way described in a nursery rhyme about the slaughter of farmyard animals. Skip to the present day where a new series of murders are occurring, but this time the killer is leaving cut outs of the animals next to the murder victims. Stars Max Von Sydow. Contains much blood and gore. (2001)

Paganini Horror- (UNCUT) A rock group hires a house in Venice to record a music video. The song is based on music by the legendary violist Pagaini, who sold his soul to the devil. The Satanic violinist they hire kills female band members with a spiked violin in this Cozzi slasher. English language with German subtitles. (1990)

Riverplay- Directed by Olaf Ittenbach (Burning Moon, Premutos) in German language. Three couples that meet for the first time while vacationing at a river come across a cruelly disfigured corpse. Now the couples do not know if the killer or killers may be among them. (2000)

Satan’s Blade- At a mountain resort, a local resident is possessed by the evil spirit of an ancient mountain man, and terrorizes a ski lodge. Two young couples and five girls arrive for a vacation not knowing that a murderous fiend is waiting to brutally kill them all. Rare and recommended. (1984)

Savage Intruder- She loved and trusted him until he cut off her head. An aging actress whose career ended in the ’30s lives in her decaying mansion with a retinue of bizarre people, including a personal assistant who keeps an arsenal of weapons. Sick slice-and-dicer. (1969)

Savage Weekend- Several couples head upstate to the country to watch a boat being built. Unfortunately they are stalked by a murderer behind a ghoulish mask. Extremely rare slasher film. (1979)

Schizo- Graphic British psycho thriller. A killer stalks his victims and viciously kills them by putting needles in the eyes, sledgehammer through the brain, and other various gory ways. It’s all believed to be related to an ice-skating star and the man that seems to follow her. (1976)

Schizoid- Psychiatrist Klaus Kinski’s group therapy patients are being knock off one by one by a scissors wielding maniac, The film has an eerie atmosphere and is very suspenseful. (1980)

School Killer- Stars Paul Naschy. A group of youths travel to a rundown, abandoned school for adventure only to find a demented watchman who begins to kill them off one by one. (2001)

Silence Of The Tomb (Silencio De la Tumba)- Spanish Language directed by Jess Franco.Group of people spending the weekend on an island are killed one by one. (1972)

Silent Night, Bloody Night- A frightening and suspenseful film about an escaped lunatic that terrorizes the people of a small New England town, especially those in an old mansion that once house a mental institution. Bodies and blood everywhere and no help in sight. DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE ALONE! (1973)

Silent Scream- Stars Barbara Steele and Yvonne DeCarlo!!! Scotty moves into Mrs. Engels’ seaside mansion where three other college students are boarding. Mrs. Engels prefers to stay in her room in the attic, but her son Mason helps the students get settled. Soon one of the students is killed. The policemen on the case begin uncovering the Engels family secret as the remaining students become endangered. (1980) SEE THIS FILM REVIEWED IN OUR MOVIE REVIEW SECTION

Slasher Film Trailers 1- 50 trailers of the best slasher films ever made. Sample titles; I Spit On Your Grave, Jason Joes To Hell, Just Before Dawn, Last House On The Left, Maniac, and load more. A must for the slasher film fan.

Slaughterhouse- A degenerate butcher-knife killer and his evil son murder people as if they were cattle, and hang them on hooks in a dilapidated factory. Slasher film not for the weak of stomach. (1987)

Sledgehammer- Slasher film. A young boy murders his mother and her lover with a hammer. Ten years later, a wave of teenage murders plagues the same area. (1983)

So Sweet, So Dead- Widescreen format. One day you’ll get closer to the violence of death… but THIS IS AS FAR AS WE DARE TAKE YOU… with any hope of bringing you back! A serial killer is on the loose. His victims are unfaithful wives and he always leaves compromising photographs at the crime scene. English language with foreign subtitles. (1972)

Splatter University- First you were appalled by “ The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” Then you were spooked by “ Halloween.” Now prepare yourself for the most horrific experience imaginable. It begins the moment you enter Splatter University, and you better believe you won’t be around for graduation. (1984)

Stagefright-A group of young actors and dancers rehearsing for a horror-musical based on sadistic mass murders of a psychotic killer, begin to be killed by a killer that just escaped from the local Insane Asylum. The killer is a berserk ex-actor who has already viciously murdered 16 people. (198?)

Suspiri (La Noche de los Asesinos, Night of the Skull) – Directed by Jesse Franco, in Spanish language w/English subtitles. Horror mystery about the residents of a Louisiana castle who are being murdered by a masked killer. When the family arrives for the reading of Marion’s will, his wife is strapped to the face of a cliff and drowned by the tide. More murders follow, and as Inspector Bore (Vicente Roca) investigates, he discovers some dark secrets in the family’s past. (1976)

Terror At Tenkiller- Rare slasher film!!! Two young girls, Janna and Leslie, go to summer vacation at Lake Tenkiller, somewhere in Oklahoma. Leslie is stalked by her nasty boyfriend, and someone is killing young girls near the lake. (1986)

Terror At The Opera- Directed by Dario Argento. A mysterious hooded figure waits in the wings, mesmerized by the voice and obsessed with the beauty of a young opera star. One by one those associated with the production are systematically and savagely eliminated. One of Argento’s best. (1991)

Terror Eyes (aka Night School)- Un-cut import print of 80’s slasher flick NIGHT SCHOOL!!! Who’s been decapitating the innocent girls at a local night school? The police are baffled. Stars Rachel Ward. (1981)

Terror And Black Lace- Mexican language film w/English subtitles!!! A woman is terrorized by a maniac in her own apartment building while wearing only black lingerie. (1985)

The Burning- A Friday the 13th clone with future stars Holly Hunter and Jason Alexander. At Camp Blackfoot, teenagers pull a prank on the camp caretaker, Cropsy, which leaves him horribly burned. When he’s released from the hospital, he returns to the camp armed with giant shears and eager for revenge. Make-up by Tom Savini. (1982)

The Dorm That Dripped Blood- Students renovating one of the school dorms over holiday break are stalked by a killer-on-the-loose. Creepy film as the victims are stalked inside a old large dorm. (1981)

The House That Screamed- Uncut, letterboxed import print of Spanish horror set in the 19th century boarding school for young woman, A touch of class is provided by Lilli Palmer as the head mistress. The film captures the oppressive sexual needs of the girls. Suddenly the girls are attacked by a knife-wielding killer. A hard-to-find Euro-horror classic. (1969)

The Johnsons- Dutch made film ( dubbed in to English) about the Johnsons, 7 brothers who at the age of 7 murdered 16 kids at a children’s home. Locked away for 14 years, they have escaped their prison cells in search of a sister who no one, but they, know exists. Tied to a remote, primitive demonic ritual, they seek out this woman to impregnate her and release an evil being upon the world. Gruesome and gory. Un- cut import version. (1992)

The Mutilator- “By sword, By pick, By axe, Bye Bye…”. (UNCUT EXTREME PRINT) Movie begins when a child, by accident, shoots his father. The story jumps to present day when six teenagers come to vacation at a condo in the area where the shooting took place. They are then stalked and hunted by a mysterious figure who murders by drowning, chainsaws, machete, hook impalement, and other grisly means. (1983)

The Toy Box- (Slasher) When Ralph persuades his girlfriend, Donna, to participate in a bizarre party, she discovers the guests are to perform erotic plays in the presence of a corpse – Ralph’s millionaire uncle. The players are promised gifts from the “toy box.” Ralph and Donna await their turn, when the mansion’s doors lock at midnight; and it’s not long before they discover the players are being murdered by…the dead uncle? (1971)

Three On A Meathook- Great adaptation of the true-life murder case of Ed Gein, the madman who wore the skins of his victims and had a mother complex. Very rare and hard-to-find film. (1973)

To All A Good Night- A group of teenagers at a party find themselves being stalked by a maniacal killer in a Santa Claus costume. Directed by cult actor/director David Hess. (1980)

Torso- (Uncut) Italian gore galore murders with touches of sleaze. A bevy of models are on the fringes of a series of hacksaw murders committed by a madman in a hood. Stars Suzy Kendall. Considered a classic in Italian gore. (1973)

Trampa Infernal- Seven young people go to a desolated forest looking for a bear, what they don’t know is that a crazy Vietnam vet lives there and he is waiting for fresh blood. Soon, they are killed by stomach and throat slashing, axe in the neck, exploding inside a car, etc… Who will survive? Spanish language. (1990)

TRICK OR TREATS- Five years after his wife, Joan, had him wrongfully and deliberately committed to a mental institution so she could live with her boyfriend, Malcolm escapes on Halloween night and arrives back at his old house to murder her, except Joan is not home but she’s out with her boyfriend while babysitter Linda is looking after Malcolm’s 10-year-old son Christopher, an equally psychotic and demented practical joker until, under cover of darkness, Malcolm shows up and begins a real terror game of attrition with Linda. (1982) CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE PHOTOS

Twisted Nightmare- After a mentally handicapped youth is killed, a figure lunges out of the dark for revenge. (1987)

Violent Blood Bath- Terror grips a resort town when a little girl and her parents are found raped and killed in their cottage. Then a strip-tease girl is strangled by her own bra and a girl out for a moonlight swim is a headless corpse by morning. Directed by George Grau (“ Let Sleeping Corpses Lie”) (1973)

Visions of Evil (aka So Sad About Gloria) – A young woman just released from a mental hospital moves back in with her family. However, she is soon troubled by disturbing visions in which she commits a series of axe murders. (1975)

Visiting Hours- Classic 80’s slasher flick. In this hospital your next visit may be your last. A crazed, women-hating killer rapes and brutalizes journalist Deborah Ballin. When he discovers that his attack didn’t kill Deborah, he comes to the hospital to finish what he started. (1982)

Woodchipper Massacre- The title of this amateur direct to video production says it all. “How much flesh would a woodchipper chip, if a woodchipper could chip flesh?” (1988)