A TASTE OF BLOOD- Director Herschell Gordon Lewis’ Vampire Epic. John Stone, a rich industrialist, receives a mysterious package from Carfax, England. Inside it are two carafes of brandy, and a letter informing him that he has come into inheritance of a heretofore unknown family manor in England. Following the instructions in the letter, he toasts the family with a glass of the brandy. He becomes addicted to the brandy, and we soon find out that it is the blood of Dracula, and Stone has become a vampire. (1967)

ASSIGNMENT TERROR- Alien invaders from a dying planet arrive on Earth to take it over. A good way to start would be to bring our favorite monsters (Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, The Mummy, and The Werewolf) back to wreak havoc. But–The Werewolf decides to fight the invaders. Stars Michael Rennie ,Paul Naschy, and Karin Dor. (1969)

BEAST OF MOROCCO (aka The Hand Of Night)- An archaeologist takes a vacation in Morocco, where he will try to recover of the irreparable loss of his wife and children. But there, a vampire princess will bring to him more than just an annoyance. (1966)

BILLY THE KID VS DRACULA- Popular cult film from the 60’s. Dracula travels to the American West, intent on making a beautiful ranch owner his next victim. Her fiancé, outlaw Billy the Kid, finds out about it and rushes to save her. Stars John Carradine as Dracula. (1966)

BLOOD- Sexploitation film from director Andy Milligan concerning Dr, Orlovski, a werewolf in 1930’s London, who keeps company with man-eating plants and an offspring of Dracula. (1973)

BLOOD AND ROSES- On the day that Leopoldo is celebrating his engagement with Gorgia, (Martinelli), jealous Carmilla, (Stroyberg), is seething nearby. A body is unearthed while preparing for the firework display that looks identical to Carmilla, but it is actually Carmilla’s vampiric ancestor called Marcilla whose spirit possesses Carmilla who seduces and vampirises Gorgia. This is a rare uncut print. (1961)

BLOOD OF DRACULA’S CASTLE- Young lovers move into an inherited castle only to find it occupied by vampires, werewolves, girls chained to walls, and coffin beds. One ghoulish event after another begins as death follows upon death. An all-time camp classic. (1967)

BLOOD OF DRACULA- A young girl at an all girls’ boarding school becomes a vampire when the headmistress hypnotizes her. Ads warned: ”In her eyes – desire! In her veins – the blood of a monster.” (1957)

BLOOD OF NOSTRADAMUS- His thirst unquenchable, his fangs dripping with gore, notorious Mexican vampire German Robles brags of his ability to murder the police chief at midnight- a vow which gravely upsets law enforcement and forces cops to remain on vigil against this brazen bloodsucker. Mexican production dubbed in English. (1960)

BLOOD OF THE VAMPIRE- A Transylvanian doctor executed for being a vampire is brought back to life by his hunchbacked assistant. Classic late 50’s vampire film with a good amount of blood for it’s time and the classic make-up of the doctor’s hunchback assistant. (1958)

BLOOD OF THE VIRGINS- Spanish Language. A potent combination of hot Latin spice, Hammer style horror and topless go-go dancing, this vampire movie from south of the border is a wild and untamed slice of raw cinema. A bunch of young swingers are on holiday in the mountains. One night their van breaks down. They seek shelter in an old abandoned lodge. It’s a night none of them will ever forget… A raunchy and radical production. (1967)

BLOOD SPATTERED BRIDE- Very sexual vampire saga about two newlyweds spending the night in an old castle. Scenes include a shrouded woman figure who likes to bath in blood, and lesbian vampires who share the same coffin. Spanish production dubbed in English. (1969)

BLOODTHIRSTY ROSE (aka Evil Of Dracula)- Shiraki, a psychology teacher gets a new job to teach at a girl’s college campus. When he arrives he finds out that the principle’s wife was killed in an auto accident days earlier. That night he sees a girl who had disappeared weeks before with blood dripping from her breast, then he sees the principle’s wife. Some days later, one of the girls, Kyoko, falls ill from loss of blood and then commits suicide. From all his evidence, Shiraki figures out that all this is being caused by vampires and suspects that the principle and his supposedly dead wife are the culprits. Rare English Dubbed print. (1974)

BRIDES OF DRACULA- Vampire hunter Van Helsing returns to Transylvania to destroy handsome bloodsucker Baron Meinster, who has designs on beautiful young schoolteacher Marianne. (1960)

BRING ME THE VAMPIRE- In a tale of who’s right and who’s wrong or who’s dead or alive. Heirs to a fortune are summoned to a will reading at Black castle for the night. What they don’t know is a vampire roams the corridors, seeking blood. Mexican production dubbed in English. (1961)

CAGED VIRGINS (aka Caged Vampires/Dungeon Of Terror)- Directed by Jean Rollins. Popular 70’s drive-in vampire horror. A vampire lures beautiful young women to his castle in Europe. Filled with plenty of vampires, virgins, and blood. Raunchy and recommended. (1971)

CAPULINA CONTRA LOS MONSTRUOS- Spanish language. Comedian Capulina faces the Mummy, Wolfman, Frankenstein & a vampire… (1974)

CAPULINA VS THE VAMPIRES (Capulina Contra los Vampiros) -Spanish Language. Count Dracula lives with several vampiras, but he dies when he’s impaled with a lance accidentally and is staked in the floor. One of his vampira contracts strong men so that they remove the lance, but no manages to remove it to it and she kills them leaving them without a drop of blood. Capulina arrives as crew member and accidentally removes the lance and the Count is revived. (1971)

CAVE OF THE LIVING DEAD- The cave is a hiding place for vampires who terrorize a German village, under the spell of a mad scientist. (1963)

COUNT DRACULA’S GREAT LOVE- Paul Naschy portrays the demon vampire. A stop for rest becomes a living hell for four weary travelers who unknowingly spend the night in the castle of Count Dracula. This is the complete un-cut print, not the badly chopped up print that’s most often found. (1972)

CRYPT OF THE LIVING DEAD (aka Hannah, Queen Of The Vampires) – Two archeologists warn superstitious natives on an island that a long-dead bloodsucker is about to waken and drink their life fluid. Gore murders take place by an unknown predator. (1972)

CURSE OF NOSTRADAMUS- Classic Mexican horror in English Language. An aristocratic vampire swears an oath to kill the enemies who killed his father. In order to terrify them even further, he warns each one when he is coming for them. (1960)

CURSE OF THE UNDEAD- The cinema’s first vampire Western! Young women in a small Western town are dying one by one of an unknown malady involving massive blood loss. The Carter family’s ranch is being terrorized by ruthless land baron Buffer. And a mysterious black-clad gunfighter with an aversion to sunlight has just arrived in town. (1959)

CURSE OF THE VAMPIRES (aka Creatures Of Evil) – A man keeps his vampire mom chained in the basement. A sequel to The Blood Drinkers. (1970)

DEVIL’S WEDDING NIGHT- An archeologist and his twin brother learn that the ring of Nibelungen is in Transylvania. One travels ahead and falls prey to an evil vampire Countess. The other brother arrives to find his vampirized brother residing in a coffin. A bloody climax with all the local virgins and the Countess initiates them into her bloody rituals. Stars Sara Bay (Lady Frankenstein). (1975)

DEVILS OF DARKNESS- (UNCUT) A secret vampire cult, which has its headquarters beneath the town cemetery, searches for victims for its human sacrifice rituals. An extremely rare and very hard-to-find 60�s horror film. (1965)

DINNER WITH A VAMPIRE- Directed by Lamberto Bava. A man and three woman are invited by a famous director to make a movie at his eerie castle. However, their host is revealed to be a 2,000 year old vampire and he challenges the people to find a way to kill him and finally end his boring, centuries-old existence. (1988)

DOCTOR VAMPIRE- Chinese Language w/English subtitles. Bowie Lam plays a doctor, who after stumbling upon an old castle whilst visiting England, becomes captivated by the beauty of Ellen Chan. He doesn�t realize at first that she is a vampire, until she bites him. He then returns to Hong Kong and causes all sorts of problems in the hospital he works at. Doctor Vampire is a unique take on the vampire genre. It’s really great stuff — a fine mix of horror and comedy in the vein of Evil Dead 2. (1990)

DRACULA IN ISTANBUL- Foreign Language. International vampire horror has Dracula on the loose. (1953)

DRACULA: PRISONER OF FRANKENSTEIN (aka The Erotic Rights Of Frankenstein)- Spanish-French production blending werewolves, vampires and beasties of the night. Written and directed by Jesus Franco. Dennis Price plays the doctor and Howard Vernon as the vampire. (1972)

EL PUEBLO FANTASMA- Mexican Horror in Spanish Language. A black-clad vampire/gunfighter attains his quick draw by killing and vampirizing his victims. (1963)

EL VAMPIRO (aka The Vampire)- Original uncut Mexican print of “The Vampire” starring Abel Salazar, with English subtitles. (1957)

EL VAMPIRO NEGRO (The Black Vampire) – Inspired by the real life exploits of the serial killer The Vampire of Dusseldorf.

EL VAMPIRO SANGRIENTO (The Bloody Vampire)- Mexican Horror, Spanish Language. Original Theatrical print of �The Bloody Vampire� containing almost 20 additional minutes than the edited American print.

EMPIRE OF DRACULA (El Imperio de Dracula) – Mexican horror, Spanish language. A group of beautiful female vampires lure men to their estate so they can feed on their blood. A young man is sent by his dying mother to Castle Draculstein (!) to avenge his father who was wildly killed by the bloody Count. (1967)

EROTIKILL- Alternate American version of Jesse Franco’s Female Vampire starring Lina Romay as a descendant of a family of vampires, who comes down from her mountaintop retreat to quench her thirst. (1973)


FEMALE VAMPIRE (aka Erotikill) – One of the more obscure films of director Jesse Franco. Countess Irina resides quietly in a hotel on the island of Madeira where she sustains herself by vampirizing the island’s men and women. She is confronted by a poet who believes he is destined to become her lover and join her among the living dead. This is the only full version presented on film containing sexual and gore content not found on it’s initial American tape release. (1973)

FRANKENSTEIN’S BLOODY TERROR- (Un-cut German Print) Paul Naschy stars as a werewolf who goes to an occult specialist for a cure to his curse. The specialists turn out to be vampires. The movie contains good moody photography. A rare hard-to-find classic. This is a German print with English sub-titles and contains an extra 26 minutes not found in the American release. (1971)

GENIE OF DARKNESS- German Robles stars as the blood sucking vampire. Villagers attempt to steal the ashes from the vampires coffin to keep him from coming back to life. Mexican production dubbed in English. (1960)

GOKE BODY SNATCHER FROM HELL- A pretty amazing airplane disaster/horror/sci-fi movie. When a plane crashes, the survivors are killed by a space vampire that takes over their bodies. Lots of surprising grisly make-up in this Japanese production. Dubbed in English. (1969)

GOLIATH AND THE VAMPIRES- The mighty Goliath (Gordon Scott) is pitted against an evil vampire who uses an army of faceless robots to do his bidding. One of the better sword and sandal spectacles. (1964)

GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE- Classic 70’s drive-in horror starringWilliam Smith. Michael Pataki portrays a vampire who rapes a college co-ed in an open grave. She has the baby despite her doctor telling her what’s growing inside is not human. She has the baby and nourishes him with her own blood. The baby grows up to be William Smith who is tracking the vampire that raped his mother. A long lost gem. (1972)

HAUNTED COP SHOP 2- Japanese Language w/English subtitles. Specially trained government troops are sent to clean out a city that is plagued by vampires, ghosts and cannibalistic zombies. (1988)

HERE COMES A VAMPIRE- Japanese Language w/English subtitles. A vengeful ghost possesses one cop after another in a precinct and turns them into bloodthirsty monsters. (1990)

HORRIBLE SEXY VAMPIRE- Count Adolf Oblensky, the last of the Von Winninger family, who must spend the night with his lover Marianne in the cursed ancestral castle to claim his inheritance. They are haunted by his ancestor, the invisible vampire Baron von Winninger, who likes to strangle his victims naked. Dubbed in English. (1970)

HORROR OF THE BLOOD MONSTERS- More Grade Z camp from director Al Adamson. There’s no escape when a terrifying wave of inexplicable vampire killings sweep across Earth. The killings are traced to a distant planet, where a crew lands to find primitive vampire-like creatures. (1971)

IL PRATO MACCHIATO DI RUSSO (aka The Red Stained Pastures)- Italian Language. A young hippie and his American friend take a ride from a motorist and are taken to a strange Villa. Unknown to them, their blood is to be sacrificed to the owners of the Villa, who are vampires. EXTREMELY RARE AND GORY FILM. (1973)

INVASION OF THE VAMPIRES- Produced in Mexico and re-edited and dubbed for America by K. Gordon Murray. The story is set in the 16th century where Dr. Ulises, a vampire expert, is convinced an evil Count is responsible for several mysterious deaths. Meanwhile, resurrected vampires begin to besiege the village. (1961)

KISS MY BLOOD- German Language w/English subtitles. Vampyress Celina falls in love with battered East Berlin housewife Jane and efficiently rids her of her wife-beating husband. But the young couple soon find themselves on the run from a mysterious vampire hunter who has developed an unhealthy obsession with his prey. (1998)

LA INVASION DE LOS VAMPIROS- Original Mexican language, theatrical print of “Invasion of the Vampires”

LAKE OF DRACULA- Japanese horror film made with passion. A woman is saved from a vampire by an old man and the experience lingers with her for years, even though others treat it a a bad dream. Then she receives a delivery and it’s a coffin containing the grandfather of Dracula. Very well made, rare, dubbed in English. (1971)


LAS ALAGRES VAMPIRAS DE VOGEL- Spanish Language. The town of Vogel, in Transylvania, stands under the ruins of the old castle where the vampire lord tortured his prisoners and drank their blood. Now, two stranded young girls take shelter in the remote European castle where the Count is delighted to receive them. A nightmare is awaiting them. (1975)

LAS VAMPIRAS- Mexican Horror, Spanish language, stars John Carradine. Carradine made four Mexican horror films back-to-back in the late 1960s. This one is the most accessible, and also the most tolerable. Once more cast as Count Dracula, Carradine is followed around by winged female vampires with enormous breasts. (1968)

LEGACY OF DRACULA (aka Bloodthirsty Doll)- Widescreen, Japanese language w/English subtitles. After being told of the recent demise of his girlfriend Yuko Nonomura, Kazuhiko Sagawa visits her grave. On his subsequent disappearance, his sister Keiko, and her boyfriend Hiroshi follow his tracks to Yuko’s creepy ancestral home. Here they are given an icy welcome by Yuko’s mother. Despite coming up against supernatural horrors, Keiko refuses to give up on her brother. With it comes the dawning realization to Keiko that her life, maybe even her soul, is in mortal danger from the deadly secret of the Vampire Doll… (1970)

LEGEND OF BLOOD CASTLE (aka Blood Ceremony, Female Butcher)- Jorge Grau directed this chilling take on the age old vampire story. An aging Countess finds that the blood of young virgins will keep her young. When she falls for a younger man, she kills more than 600 virgins to keep her secret. Eventually she is caught and put on trial, condemned to die in the castle she committed her hideous crimes. Perhaps the best of the Spanish directors, Grau makes a very entertaining film with tons of atmosphere and chills. Highly recommended. (1972)

LEMORA LADY DRACULA- Surrealistic vampire film follows a young girls odyssey through a nightmarish landscape filled with grotesque people. (1973)

MARK OF THE VAMPIRE (aka The Vampire)- A small town doctor attends to the death of a scientist developing some pills made from bat serum in an effort to transform man’s intellect. The doctor pockets a bottle of the pills and accidentally takes one, causing him to prowl the night as a hideous monster. (1957)

MARY, MARY, BLOODY MARY- A beautiful artist (Cristina Ferrare) moonlights as a vampire while in Mexico, killing lovers of both sex. It seems that the only person who has any chance of stopping her reign of terror is her father (John Carradine), who’s also a vampire. (1976)

MONSTER DEMOLISHER- German Robles reprises his role as the blood sucking vampire as he continues his killing ways in a nearby Mexican village. Mexican production dubbed in English brought to America by K. Gordon Murray. (1960)

MR. VAMPIRE- During a reburial, the local priest notices that the corpse has not decomposed and has the blue fingernails typical of a vampire. Before he can destroy the vampire, it escapes. Now he must deal with the menace, aided only by his two bumbling assistants, one of whom is soon infected by the vampire’s bite while the other is enjoying the embrace of a life-eating she-ghost. The humorous highlight of the movie are the hopping zombies, which must be seen to be believed. Rare and recommended. Widescreen, in Chinese language w/English subtitles. (1985)

MR. VAMPIRE 2- Modern grave robbing “archeologists” find perfectly preserved specimens from the past of a man, a woman, and their child. Unbeknownst to the scientist and his two bumbling assistants, these are vampires immobilized only by the paper spells pasted on their foreheads. While transporting the child to a buyer, its spell blows off and the vampire child escapes and befriends some local children. Eventually, the parent vampires are also awakened and escape, but by now the local herbalist is on their trail to destroy them. In Japanese language w/English subtitles. (1986)

MR. VAMPIRE 3- In Japanese w/English Subtitles. I really like the Mr. Vampire series. In Volume 3, Mr. Vampire is confronted by a rogue priest (Uncle Ming) who uses the disembodied ghosts of his 2 nephews to bilk victims out of cash. When Mr. Vampire and Ming meet, Mr. Vampire’s genuine personality and honorable nature eventually wins the rogue over, and they become friends. Together, they team up to fight a group of supernatural mongols who raid the town seeking to rape, burn. and pillage. (Of course, what else?) Also contains invasions of Blob Ghosts? (1987)

MR. VAMPIRE 4- In Japanese w/English subtitles. The fourth installment in this popular Asian vampire series. (1988)

NIGHT OF THE BLOODSUCKERS- John Carradine stars as a modern day Dracula, controlling a harem of beautiful vampires thirsty for blood. They lure their victims to their doom by posing as ladies of the evening. Rated R. (197?)

NIGHT OF THE DEVILS- A young man begins to suspect that his girlfriend may be part of a satanic witch cult. A witch and some Veradale’s (vampires) terrorize the Yugoslavian countryside ! Long lost Euro-horror in widescreen format. (1972)

NIGHT OF THE SORCERER’S- A team of researchers travel into the African jungle to study the mysterious disappearance of elephants in the area. Instead they discover a tribe of voodoo-zombies who rise from the ground, capture the women, whip them and slice their heads off on an altar. The women return as vampires who look for more women to kill. Directed by Amando de Ossorio (1974)

NIGHT OF THE WALKING DEAD- It concerns a woman (Emma Cohen) falling in love with an aristocratic-type vampire and the tragedy that ensues. There is one very effective scene in a cemetery. (1977)

NIGHTMARE IN BLOOD- Attendees at a horror-film convention in San Francisco keep disappearing. It turns out that the guest of honor is a real vampire. (1978)

NOSFERATO IN BRAZIL- Director Ivan Cardoso’s first film. Shot totally in Super 8mm. It’s a parody of the old-age vampire story, but this time Nosferato decides to feed on the bikini-clad beauties lying on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro (land of the string bikini, mind you!) Lots of laughs, skin and an beautiful locations! (1970)

ORGY OF THE VAMPIRES (aka Vampire’s Night Orgy) – A tour bus group becomes stranded in a isolated village whose inhabitants are vampires. Great 70’s drive-in horror. (197?)

PLANET OF BLOOD (aka Queen Of Blood) – A scientific expedition to Mars to rescue a crashed spaceship finds only one survivor, a green-skinned alien woman with glowing eyes (Florence Marly). On the trip back, crew members die one-by-one, drained of all their blood. Stars John Saxon and a young Dennis Hopper. (1966)

PLAYGIRLS AND THE VAMPIRE- One stormy night five showgirls seek refuge in a spooky castle. The gals reveal a penchant for Baby Doll nighties and stiletto heels while vampire Count Gabor Kernassy lurks about. (1960)

RAPE OF THE VAMPIRE (aka Queen Of The Vampires) – From French director Jean Rollin, dubbed in English. Sexual plot with vampirism, blood, and much more gory elements about a plot to free two girls from the curse of vampires. Director Rollins’ first film (1967)

SAGA OF THE DRACULAS- An extremely rare film. An aging vampire desires to continue the curse of his bloodline and seeks to convert his niece’s child to his bloodsucking ways. Directed by Leon Klimovsky. (1972)

SAMSON VS THE VAMPIRE WOMAN- This entry into the Mexican-produced “Samson” series finds the wrestling superhero battling a group of vampire women that use hypnosis to disguise how ugly they really are. Dubbed In English. (1961)

SANTO AND BLUE DEMON VS DRACULA AND THE WOLFMAN- Spanish Language. After facing defeat at the hands of Cristaldi the magician, Dracula is back to seek revenge and rule the world. With the help of the Wolfman and his legion of followers, victory seems eminent. Professor Cristaldia, descendant of the magician, is warned about Dracula’s plans and calls upon El Santo and Blue Demon in the hopes that they can put the infamous count and the werewolf down for good. (1973)

SANTO AND BLUE DEMON VS DRACULA AND THE WOLFMAN- Spanish Language w/English subtitles.

SANTO AND BLUE DEMON VS THE MONSTERS- Spanish Language. The legendary masked heroes of wrestling join forces to battle Mexican versions of Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, The Wolfman, The Cyclops, and a Vampire Woman. One of the few Santo films made in color. (1969)

SANTO AND THE TREASURE OF DRACULA (aka Santo And Dracula’s Treasure)- Spanish Language. That masked wrestler is back, struggling with Dracula and a time machine. Directed by Rene Cardona. (1968)

SANTO VS BARON BRAKULA- UPGRADED PRINT. Spanish Language. Santo goes up against rich but unsavory Baron Brakola, who’s interested in a local girl, Rebecca. The girl’s family calls in Santo’s ancestor to prevent tragedy, but Brakola turns the girl into a vampire. The best the silver-garbed hero can do is drive a steak through her heart, releasing her spirit. Brakola returns to his coffin and we shift to the present. Brakola assaults a descendant of the dead girl’s family, and Santo enters into the fray. (1963)

SATAN’S BLACK WEDDING- A man travels to another city for his sister’s funeral to try to find out why she killed herself. He discovers that she is actually a vampire and returns from the dead to take revenge on her family. (1975)

SEVEN BROTHERS MEET DRACULA- Dracula assumes the identity of a Taoist priest and flees to China, where he resurrects an army of zombies. He is pursued by Dr. Van Helsing, who is aided by a family of kung-fu heroes. Stars Peter Cushing. (1974)

SEX AND THE VAMPIRE (aka Le Frisson Des Vampires, Terror Of The Vampires) – Directed by Jean Rollin. A sexy bloodsucking saga about a couple on a honeymoon dumb enough to stop off in an ancient castle for the night and set upon by vampires. Great vampire film dubbed in English. (1970)

SHAOLIN VS THE EVIL DEAD- Widescreen, in Japanese language w/English subtitles. Filled with hopping vampires, exploding zombies, and dazzling fights. Two Taoist priests have been competing with each other for leadership of their school by using various sorceries. But their battle accidentally awakens the King of the Vampires, who has lain dormant for a thousand years. (2004)

SLAUGHTER OF THE VAMPIRES- Italian vampire (often confused as a Mexican vampire film) horror about a bloodsucker who gives newlyweds a wedding night surprise. This film was re-edited and sold to TV in 1969 as Curse Of The Blood Ghouls. (1962)

TARKAN AND THE GOLD MEDALLION- Turkish Language. Jaw-dropping Turkish fantasy / action film overflows with one crazy scene after another. Here are just a few of its charms: A nude horseback riding vampiress snares a woman in a giant spiderweb, mad slashing and hacking “Ha ha!” style swordfights, acrobats tossing a young boy around like he’s a hot potato, our hero Tarkan fighting a gold swordsman in a room full of spikes, and, in our favorite scene, a nun and a stripper are tied to crosses and stabbed in the stomach, their blood trickling down troughs to revive a busty undead babe in a coffin ala The 7 Golden Vampires! Highly recommended! (1972)

THE BLOODY VAMPIRE- Mexican vampire horror brought to America by K. Gordon Murray. Two vampires fight for supremacy; Count Frankenhausen, evil aristocracy against Count Cagliostro, good aristocracy. Sequel to INVASION OF THE VAMPIRES. (1960)

THE BODY BENEATH- A reverend and wife take over Carfax Abbey. They�re unknowingly from a long-descending line of vampires that are slowly being destroyed by in-breeding. Directed By Andy Milligan. (1970)

THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD- A Scotland Yard investigator looks into four mysterious cases involving an unoccupied house: 1) A writer encounters a strangler of his own creation, 2) Two men are obsessed with a wax figure of a woman from their past, 3) A little girl displays an interest in witchcraft, and 4) A film actor discovers a cloak which gives him a vampire’s powers. (1971)

THE LIVING COFFIN- A mysterious veiled witch, a bog of quicksand and a coffin with a built-in alarm are featured in yet another Mexican import by K. Gordon Murray. (1958)

THE LIVING CORPSE (aka Dracula In Pakistan)- PAKISTAN HORROR WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES. This 1967 Pakistani version of DRACULA is the only film ever to be given an “X” rating in its country of origin. It tells the story of of scientist who tests out a serum on himself, only to die and become reanimated with a thirst for blood. While rather tame by modern horror standards, THE LIVING CORPSE offers a decidedly unique take on the vampire genre. (1967)

THE NUDE VAMPIRE- Another sensual import of vampirism, lesbianism, and blood drinking. This film’s content was quite ahead of its time. (1969)

THE VAMPIRE (aka El Vampiro)- The vampire Count Lavud attempts to swindle a beautiful woman out of her fortune. This film is a Mexican classic and was followed by many sequels. Not rated. Dubbed in English. Stars Mexican film stars German Robles andAbel Salazar. (1957)

THEY’VE CHANGED THEIR FACES- In Italian w/English subtitles. A young employee of a large conglomerate is called to a mysterious, brooding mansion to be told of his promotion to head of an auto company. He attempts to kill the Nosferatu-like being that informs him of this. (1971)

TRACK OF THE VAMPIRE (aka Blood Bath)- A Schizophrenic painter murders woman and lowers their still-warm bodies into a boiling vat. He also thinks he is a reincarnation of a vampire. Exploitation film has a large cult following, and was produced by Roger Corman. (1966)

TWINS OF EVIL- A religious sect led by Gustav Weil hunts all women suspected of witchcraft, killing a number of innocent victims. Young Katy, Gustav’s niece, will involve herself in a devilish cult, and become an instrument of Justice in the region. Classic vampire film. (1971)

UNCLE WAS A VAMPIRE- Count Osvaldo Lambertenghi is an impoverished noble who has turned his castle into a hotel. But since the count has been bitten by a vampire, to spend the night there might be very dangerous. Christopher Lee co-stars. (1959)

VAMPIRA- A romance-horror hybrid, was cited by the Young Critics Circle as Best Picture for 1994. The film follows a vampire woman’s attempt to find in the love of a young architect her and her family’s redemption from their accursed state. Filipino Language. Very rare and very recommended. (1961/94)

VAMPIRE AND THE BALLERINA (aka Dancer and the Vampire) – Italian production dubbed in English concerning a vampire stalking a ballerina troupe practicing in a nearby chateau. (1960)

VAMPIRE CIRCUS- One of Hammer Films’ gorier productions. A circus company of vampires come to a town which was responsible for the killing of the circus owner’s cousin. One by one they seduce and kill the town folk in graphic style. Beware, this is an un-cut version with all gore scenes intact. (1972)

VAMPIRE HAPPENING- A campy look at the vampire legend as a Hollywood actress inherits a castle and travels to Transylvania to see her ancestral home. After opening her great grandmothers crypt, she finds out more about her family tree than she imagined. (1974)

VAMPIRE MAN (aka Onna Kyuketsuki/The Lady Vampire) – A vampire named Nobutaka kidnaps Miwako, the wife of an atomic scientist whom he believes to be the second incarnation of his former soul mate. He carries her into his subterranean laboratory and locks her in a cell. She refuses his advances so he turns her into a wax doll. But her boyfriend and daughter come to rescue her. Letterboxed in Japanese Language with English sub-titles. (1959)

VAMPIRE PEOPLE- Foreign production of a cult of vampires whose head vampire is an ex-doctor. He seeks a special blood from a daughter of one of the town families. Usual creepy atmosphere and some very good vampire effects. (196?)

VAMPIRE RAIDERS VS NINJA QUEEN (aka Vampire Raiders: Ninja Queen) – Another crazy camp fun film from China involving A Ninja Queen, vampires and hopping zombies. Very recommended. (1988)

VAMPIRE VS VAMPIRE- Asian film w/English subtitles. The One-Eyebrow Priest (Lam Ching-ying) is back and joined by his two kung fu-fighting assistants and a juvenile kyonsi (hopping corpse) armed with dynamite as together they take on a freshly-resurrected Western vampire. (1989)

VAMPIRO, GUERRERO DE LA NOCHE- Spanish Language. Mexican Wrestler Vampiro Canadiense is fighting in the main event. However we do notice two lady fans of Vampiro enjoying the show. The girls are sitting with a very evil looking dude. What proves to be evil about the man is the strange metal glove he’s wearing on his left hand. The glove seems to have a power over Vampiro, and with a twist of his wrist Vampiro collapses in the ring. The crowd panics and Vampiro is lead out of the ring on a stretcher. But before Vampiro is brought to the hospital, his body is kidnapped by the evil man and the two women. (1992)

VAMPIRES OF COYOACAN (Los Vampiros De Coyoacan) – Spanish Language. Wrestling heros Mil Mascaras and Superzan star. A beautiful girl falls under the spell of vampires and her heros must rescue her from the mansion of death. (1973)

VAMPIRE’S COFFIN- Mexican horror in the style of the Universal Studio’s 40’s horror films. The film depicts tomb defilers who unleash a vampire, who then makes one of the defilers his “Igor-like” minion. The climatic battle takes place in a wax museum. Dubbed in English. (1957)

VEIL OF BLOOD- English dub print. In this sleazy “erotic horror movie”, a young pretty virgin, Helga (Marie Forsa) arrives at a castle in Germany. In the castle’s basement, naked women, led by a bitch vampire called Wanda, perform rites with penis shaped candles, while bongos are heard on the soundtrack. People staying at the castle engage in soft core sexual sessions.(1973)

VENGEANCE OF THE VAMPIRE WOMAN- Features Santo. Mexican Horror, Spanish Language. One of the rare and goriest entries in the Santo films. Santo aids in an epidemic of vampire killings. (1970)

WORLD OF THE VAMPIRES- Mexican production dubbed in English is unique in that music played on a piano built with bones and skulls is used to destroy the bloodsucking monsters. (1960)

YOUNG DRACULA- Directed by Lucio Fulci. A boorish, snobbish toothpaste factory owner, Constantino Nicosia, gives his wife and everyone a hard time having let success and wealth go to his head. But after the superstitious Nicosia has an encounter with an elderly gypsy aunt, and a business trip to Romania results in another encounter with a suave vampire, named Count Dragalescu, Nicosia returns with blood-sucking like qualities which makes him re-examine his life and existence. (1975)