From their worm-infested graves they rise, from the slab, gut-rotting corpses awake to eat the flesh of the living…


AFTER DEATH (AKA ZOMBI 3) – A group of people go to a tropical island and discover zombies brought to life by a voodoo curse. Surprisingly good exploit. (198?)

BIO-COPS- Over at Texas Red River Army Depot, sinister research in ongoing. Hong Kong scientists are working to create superhuman Painless Warriors, hoping to beat similar Russian plans. The virus necessary to the plan’s success mutates and the result is the Zombie New Human. Lots of zombie gore. (2000)

BIO ZOMBIE- A toxic chemical changes people into zombies who lust after human flesh. Six people are trapped in a shopping mall not knowing that zombies are with them. Japanese with English sub-titles. (1998)

BLACK DEMONS- Voodoo/zombie film directed by Umberto Lenzi. Four young people on vacation come across a voodoo ritual they think is a stage show. Later, the living dead seem to be following them along with one of the young people coming under a voodoo spell, and killing innocent people. (1991)

BLOODSUCKERS FROM OUTER SPACE- An invisible force from beyond our atmosphere takes over people’s bloodstreams, bleed out all their blood through orifices, then reanimates the body as the living dead. (1984)

BURIAL GROUND (aka ZOMBI 3, NIGHTS OF TERROR) – Above average zombie thriller. A professor studying at an old burial ground somehow manages to raise the dead. Meanwhile a group of models and photographers show up for a shoot and get more than they bargained for. Contains the infamous “zombie child/woman’s breast” scene. Very gory and recommended to zombie movie lovers. This is the original un-cut version. (1982)

CEMETERIO DEL TERROR (CEMETERY OF TERROR) – Rare un-cut Mexican import in Spanish language only. A mad doctor (Hugo Stiglitz), resurrecting a corpse in a rite of Satan, is plagued by a group of teenagers trying to stop him and the now walking corpse by stealing the Black Book Of Death. Film is very easy to follow. (1984)

CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD- Complete uncut version of Lucio Fulcis “Gates Of Hell”. In the town of Dunwich, a priest hangs himself in a graveyard, opening the portals of hell and releasing the living dead. A reporter and a psychic have three days to shut the portal or the Earth will be consumed by zombies. Contains the “girl throwing up her entire insides” scene and “creepy man getting drilled run thru his head” scene. (1981)

CORPSE EATERS- This long-lost zombie flick where the dead rise, and hunger for warm flesh and blood, is unrelenting. Two young couples funning around on Friday The 13th go into a cemetery when it starts to rain, and into an open vault. When they play a game with Satanic words for Lucifer, they manage to wake the dead. Gore takes place at the Happy Halo Mortuary. This film had been lost for years. (1974)

CURSE OF THE BLUE LIGHTS- An extremely hard-to-find video. A ghoulish clan plan to use dissolved human bodies to revive a legendary petrified “Muldoon Man”, along with numerous slimy zombies. (1988)

CURSE OF THE SCREAMING DEAD- A group of Southern deer hunters stop at a church graveyard in the woods. Their activities arouse the corpses of long-dead Confederate soldiers, who attack them. (1982)

DAMONENBRUT- Extreme gore in German Language. After a bank robbery a couple of gangsters hide out on an island to escape the heat. Unfortunately they picked the wrong island as there are demonic forces at work! Effectively mixes plenty of blood, zombies, flesh and sex in this film that stands out as one of the best German underground films. (2000)

DAWN OF THE DEAD; 22ND REUNION- Highlights from the 22nd year reunion of cast and crewmembers from Romero’s original “Dawn Of The Dead”. Clips from the movie and many stories on the making of the film fill this excellent collector’s item.

DAWN OF THE DEAD; AIRPORT AND MALL TOUR- Extremely rare footage. Take a tour with actors and workers from the first “Dawn of the Dead” film. See the airport, where the zombie gets the top of his head clipped off, and a tour of the shopping mall used in the film. You will learn loads of information on the making of this film. Highly recommended.

DEAD ARE ALIVE (aka Secret Of the Yellow Grave) – With the discovery of an Etruskergrabes a consequence of brutal murders at liebespaaren begins. A of photographer on archaeological expedition digging UP Etruscan of ruin in Italy begins tons suspect that on emergency all the Etruscans buried there acres actually DEAD. (1972)

THE DEAD COME HOME- Eight friends go to fix up an old house that Mark has purchased. Upon arriving they find the grave of Annabelle (the former owner) in the back yard. She had killed her husband back in the 40’s. Bob (one of Mark’s friends) smashes the headstone and awakens Annabelle, this begins the carnage. But the dead don’t stay dead and the living can’t escape as the house locks down to keep them in. (1991)

DEAD IS DEAD- A cocaine addict is given a blue drug that can either restore life or turn the user into a killer zombie. (1992)

DEVIL’S FETUS- A very nasty Asian gore film has a woman raped by a slime covered zombie at a party as the other party goers eat worm infested cake. Then arrives a pack of zombies lead by a demon that been decapitated at least a half -dozen times. THIS FILM IS GRAPHIC IN NATURE AND IS FOR MATURE BUYERS OVER THE AGE OF 18 ONLY.

DOCTOR BUTCHER M.D. (MEDICAL DEVIATE) – The doctor will see you now. This extremely gory cannibal adventure became a big moneymaker when released in the U.S. A mad doctor on an Indonesian island performs experiments that turn the local natives into flesh-eating zombies. Beautiful Alexandra Cole is stripped by the natives before the whole exhausting and gory conclusion. (1979)

DR. SATAN – Spanish language. Supernatural anti-hero from hell (Joaquin Cordero), creates zombies using special serums. (1962)

EVIL CLUTCH (aka Exploit Queen) – Inspired by the “EVIL DEAD” films. A young couple vacationing in the Alps find themselves in a haunted forest and encounter a fanged female demon and zombies among other gory exploits. (1988)

EROTIC NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD- A businessman buys a spa on a remote island not knowing it is infested by zombies. Warning: This feature is completely un-cut and was branded an “X” rating. Buyer must be at least 18 years old to purchase.

EROTIC NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD- (In Der Gewalt Der Zombies)- German Language print. Don’t forget we STILL also offer the version that is English dubbed. When ordering, please make sure you are ordering the correct print.

EVIL BLACK MAGIC- Asian film, widescreen, English subtitles- Hong Kong’s version of “The Evil Dead” with zombies, nails thru heads, and other various gruesome goings-on.(198?)

EVIL TOWN- Where only the dead survive. Passing through a small town, a stranger discovers that a crazed scientist is creating an army of zombies. (1987)

FLESH FREAKS- A gory, gruesome film about zombies and their master plan to convert the human race into the undead. These zombies were secretly created by a research team in the wild jungles of Central America using flesh eating parasites to devour the deceased and renew them into disgusting, blood thirsty fiends. Now, they’re loose and making their way into modern civilization to begin their deadly hunt. (2000)

FOREVER EVIL- While on vacation, several people are trapped in a secluded cabin by a cult who worship a Lovecraft-inspired god and their zombie killer. (1987)

FRANKENSTEIN 2000- NEW UPGRADED PRINT. Directed by Joe D’Amato. Director D’Amato’s last exploit film. A young woman named Georgia, capable of telekinesis, who is attacked and raped in her home by 2 thugs. Georgia suffers a shock and is hospitalized in a comatose state. As one of the thugs is the son of a powerful man, the blame for the crime is placed on a friend of hers who happened to be at the scene. When he is killed in prison, Georgia’s brainwaves cause an electric cable to break in the mortuary where the dead man’s body is and it causes reanimation. Georgia orders him to go out and kill those who raped her and those who tried to cover up the crime. (1991)

FROZEN SCREAM- Mad scientists turn people into frozen zombies and the zombies wreak havoc and kill people. (1975)

GARDEN OF THE DEAD- Several inmates on a southern prison farm sniff formaldehyde stored on the premises. After an attempted prison break, each man is shot dead, but they soon come back as the living dead and attack the prison. Very hard-to-find film. (1972)

GHOSTKEEPER- Canadian version of “The Shining”. When some tourists get lost in a snowstorm, stay overnight in a creepy old lodge, and meet a crazy old hag who forgets to tell them about a ghost creature that lives in the basement and feasts on human flesh. Great zombie footage. Film is very rare in the states. (1980)

GRAPES OF DEATH- Rare version of Jean Rollins’ film with English sub-titles. A tainted batch of wine turns an entire town into zombies, murdering all who enter. Very gory and moody. Because of the rarity of this film. (198?)

GRAVEYARD DISTURBANCE- Five youths rob a convenience store in Italy. While fleeing the town, they become lost in a fog shrouded small town. Upon entering a pub for a drink, they are approached by an eerie looking man who bets them that they would not be able to find there way out from a catacomb of rooms below the inn. What they find are coffins, corpses and zombies. Directed by Lamberto Bava. (198?)

GRAVEYARD OF HORROR (aka NECROPHAGUS) – Cemeteries, hidden caves, grave robbers, and a hairy corpse that comes back to life are found in this Spanish production dubbed in English. (1971)

HAUNTED COP SHOP 2- Japanese Language w/English subtitles. Specially trained government troops are sent to clean out a city that is plagued by vampires, ghosts and cannibalistic zombies. (1988)

HELL HUNTERS- A Nazi scientist, wanted as a war criminal, develops a spider serum that turns people into fascist Nazi zombies. (1986)

HOUSE OF SEVEN CORPSES- Little known but well made “B” film about a film crew making a film that re-enacts the mysterious murders that had taken place in the original mansion where they are on location. One-by-one the actors die in the same ways as the descendants of the manor. Then there is an appearance of a walking corpse. (1972)

I DRINK YOUR BLOOD- Un-cut import print with gore scenes cut from the original American release. After some hippies drug his grandfather, a young boy puts rabid dog blood in a batch of meat pies that the hippies eat. They start foaming at the mouth and become cannibalistic and infect a group of construction workers. (1971)

INVISIBLE INVADERS- Aliens, contacting scientist Adam Penner, inform him that they have been on the moon for twenty thousand years, undetected due to their invisibility, and have now decided to annihilate humanity unless all the nations of earth surrender immediately. They are attacked by the aliens, who have occupied the bodies of the recently deceased. (1959)

KILLING BIRDS (aka ZOMBIE 5) – Directed by Joe D’Amato. A group of graduate research students are on a mission to save a rare bird. Along the way they get lost and find an abandoned house isolated in the country. In a nearby bog, zombies come back from the dead seeking revenge for their brutal deaths decades earlier, and begin to slaughter the unsuspecting students. Very gory and very graphic. Dubbed In English. (1988)

KUNG FU ZOMBIE- Martial arts master battles a vampire proficient in kung fu. Then of course there are the zombies. A great mix of action, martial arts, vampire, and zombie genres. (1981)

LA ORGIA DE LOS MUERTOS- Extremely rare uncut Spanish theatrical print in English Language of Paul Naschys’ “The Hanging Woman” also known as “Return Of the Zombies”. Contains an additional 8 minutes of footage cut from all other prints.

LADRONES DE TUMBAS- Spanish Language. The best slasher/zombie film from Mexico from the 1990’s. This movie is populated by gorgeous women, young men and extremely gory effects. Three grave robbers and their girlfriends steal the jewels from a serial killer/zombie and after that its nothing but mayhem as this zombie kills, kills and kills. This has a large body count and you actually see the victims getting the classic axe in the head, be-headings, limbs chopping, guts squashed out with a bare hand, etc… I highly recommend this gem. (1990)

LET SLEEPING CORPSES LIE- This complete version with all the gore scenes in tact follows a young couple visiting her sister in farmland country, where the government is testing a radio-frequency machine to kill off the insect population. It succeeds in bringing back the recently deceased as walking zombies, and brother these zombies are brutal. (1974)

LIVING DEAD AT MANCHESTER MORGUE- Complete uncut, unrated, widescreen print of Director Jorge Grau’s zombie epic known as “Let Sleeping Corpses Lie”.

LIVING DEAD IN TOKYO BAY- NEW UPGRADED PRINT!!! A meteor splashes down in Tokyo Bay, releasing a “virus” that bring the dead back to life. The army attempts to cover up the incident as the legion of zombies begin to take over the city. Good gore effects. In Japanese with English sub-titles. (1992)

LOCURA DE TERROR- Spanish Language. Sometimes gruesome exploit/comedy in which a giant zombie robs graves for a mad professor and his assistant, who creates a machine to melt the flesh off the corpses. (1960)

LOVES OF THE LIVING DEAD- Asian Language w/English subtitles. Ultra-rare Hong Kong zombie flick. Plenty of guts and gore. (1986)

MANSION OF THE LIVING DEAD- Sleazy Jess Franco helmed rip-off of Amando de Ossorio’s Tombs of the Blind Dead about a group of lesbians who take a trip to a remote resort that just happens to be right next to an ancient temple occupied by rotting monks who wear skeleton masks to hide their nasty, sore-encrusted faces. After much soft-core sex antics the girls traipse one by one into the temple and to meet their doom. In Spanish, no subs. (1982)

MESSIAH OF EVIL (aka REVENGE OF THE SCREAMING DEAD)- Exceptionally disturbing cannibal zombie flick about a town that turns on it’s ear and becomes purely populated by flesh eating zombies every hundred years or so when the moon turns red and a certain dark stranger returns to visit. Corny monologues, bad acting, and lousy theme song aside, this flick holds your attention from beginning to end. (1973)


NATAS: THE REFLECTION- A man finds an old Indian Shaman who informs him that time is running out and that the evildoer, Natas, will soon return and must be stopped. The man follows the map and uses the magical necklace the Shaman gave to him to seek out and stop Natas. After one visit to a ghost town with Zombies, he returns with four friends to prove the existence of this town and to help him find and defeat Natas. (1983)

NIGHT CRAWLER (aka Zombie Brigade) – When an amusement park is built on the grounds of an old cemetery, the dead rise to take revenge. (1986)

NIGHT OF THE SEAGULLS- The third sequel in the Blind Dead Series. The living-dead Templarios return to main, mutilate, and kill modern Spaniards. Directed by Amando De Ossorio. Dubbed in English. (1975)

NIGHT OF THE ZOMBIES (aka GAMMA 693) – Living dead World War II soldiers roam the Germany countryside. The CIA sends agents to investigate and find ex-Nazi officers are behind the gruesome events. (1981)

NIGHTMARE WEEKEND- Evil computer scientists use software to warp human minds and turn college girls into rambling zombie ghouls. (1986)

OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES- North African desert, 1943, Partisans slaughter dozens of Nazi soldiers in a desert oasis. Now, the worm ridden and rotting bodies rise from the grave when a group of young people happen upon the oasis. This film should not be viewed by those under 18. (1981)

PO*NO HOLOCAUST- Italian Language, uncut. Directed by Joe D’Amato. This exploit/sex and violence epic revolves around a captain that leads his crew on a top secret mission provisioned by the Government. The mutilated bodies of fishermen have been found near a radioactive atoll. Rumors of human survivors from atomic tests are afloat. Overall a great adventure in Italian exploit filmmaking. (1979)

PREMUTOS- From the director of “THE BURNING MOON”. Premutos is the first of the fallen Angels, even before Lucifer. His Goal is to rule the world, the living and the dead. Expect the usual amount of blood and gore. Very rare beautiful English dubbed print. (1997)

RABID- A young woman develops a taste for human blood after undergoing experimental plastic surgery, and her victims turn into rabid, blood-thirsty zombies who proceed to infect others, which turns into a city-wide epidemic. (1977)

RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD (WORKPRINT)- This is a WORKPRINT tape of Return Of The Living Dead. It shows different scenes not found in ANY print, scenes used, but at different angles. It also shows the movie before effects or credits were inserted. These prints contain the scenes that are used in the film, and the rest are left on the cutting-room floor. The effects and credits are then inserted. This is a rare hard-to-find print. (SPECIAL PRICE OF $12.00 for this item.)

RETURN OF THE ZOMBIES (aka BEYOND THE LIVING DEAD) -Spanish fright flick starring Paul Naschy as a nasty nut resurrecting corpses and programming them to kill anyone standing in the way of his master’s scientific process. Directed by Naschy. Some great zombie effects. Dubbed in English. (1974)

REVENGE OF THE ZOMBIES (aka RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD) – Rare zombie gore directed by Jean Rollins available in The U.S.. Three woman die after drinking milk tainted with a deadly toxic. A chemical spill next to the graveyard reanimates the three woman. Much gore and very graphic, with a surprise ending. In French with English sub-titles. (198?)

REVENGE OF THE ZOMBIE- Little known film about a professor that is slain by a biker gang in front of his twin children. The twins have immense mental powers not known to anyone, and use these powers to raise their father from the dead to seek revenge against those who killed him. Rare film. (1988)

REVOLT OF THE ZOMBIES- Dean Jagger stars as an explorer in Cambodia who finds the secret for creating zombies. Very rare print. (1936)

SANTO VS. THE ZOMBIES- Uncut print of Invasion Of The Zombies. Wrestling superhero Santo battles an evil scientist who has created a race of zombies. Dubbed in English. (1961)

SEEDING OF A GHOST- A Sir Run Run Shaw film. Asian Language w/English subtitles. Falsely accused of killing his unfaithful wife, a taxi driver asks for help from a sorcerer he saved and together they dig up the woman’s mummified body. She is brought back to life as a zombie, that can suck the life-force out of her victims. (1983)

SHAOLIN VS. THE EVIL DEAD- Widescreen, in Japanese language w/English subtitles. Filled with hopping vampires, exploding zombies, and dazzling fights. Two Taoist priests have been competing with each other for leadership of their school by using various sorceries. But their battle accidentally awakens the King of the Vampires, who has lain dormant for a thousand years. (2004)

SHOCKWAVES- Low-budget exploit favorite with SS officer Peter Cushing creating an underwater corps of Aryan zombies, who rise from the depths as blonde figures wearing goggles. Also stars John Carradine. (1970)

SOLE SURVIVOR- The sole survivor of a plane crash, Denise Watson has been plagued by an odd feeling since the accident. An ad executive, she’s involved in the production of a coffee commercial that stars a washed up celebrity (who claims to have psychic powers). This psychic tells Denise that prior to the accident she had a vision of Denise surviving the crash, and that her survival was a fluke, a fluke that a malevolent force will put right by killing Denise and anyone involved… (1983)

THE CHILDREN- A busload of children has disappeared from the quiet New England town of Ravensback, and Sheriff Billy Hart is on the case. A short while later, he manages to track down the kids, but unfortunately they seem to have been transformed into murderous zombies by a cloud of radioactive gas. How can he stop the killer tykes before they destroy the town? (1980)

THE DEAD PIT (Un-cut Director’s Version)- A very rare and unknown treasure. A zombie movie as gory and gruesome as any made by Romero or Fulci. An evil doctor begins to do inhuman experiments on patients of the mental institution he’s head of. All of his failed experiments are dumped into a pit in the large chapel building where he experiments. His partner, no longer able to watch, follows him in one night, shoots him in the head, and the evil doctor falls into the pit. His partner then concrete seals the building. 25 years later, a young woman comes to the institution, which is now headed by the former partner, with amnesia. He uses hypnosis as a way of trying to regain her memory. What happens is the doctor of years past arises from the pit with his army of zombies and ravages the occupants of the hospital. This version has gore many scenes cut from the American version. (1989)

THE SUPERNATURALS- Uncut Import Print. Nichelle Nichols (from the original Star Trek series) is an army Sgt. who leads her platoon into the woods of the deep south on a training exercise. Unfortunately, it is the site where a bunch of yankee soldiers murdered a town of confederates. The corpses of the dead soldiers rise up to wreak revenge. (1986)

TOXIC ZOMBIES- The government uses an untested herbicide to kill a marijuana crop being grown by a group of young people. Most of the growers get sprayed with the chemical and turn into flesh eating zombies, killing anyone in their path. Gory and graphic, this is an un-cut import print. (1984)

UNA DE ZOMBIES (ONE OF THE ZOMBIES) – Widescreen, In Spanish language w/English subtitles!!! A mix of exploit, Comedy, and of course Zombies. These zombies have a different way to die, the head must be detached from their bodies. (2003)

URBAN SCUMBAGS VS. COUNTRYSIDE ZOMBIES- German language. An institute is plagued with the living dead when terrorists cause a biological disaster and the locals turn into zombies. (1992)

VENGEANCE OF THE ZOMBIES- Spanish production dubbed in English starring Paul Naschy who plays a demented assistant to an evil doctor who raises people from the dead to do his bidding. Some very good zombie sequences. (1972)

VIDEO DEAD- On a quiet tree-lined street evil has come in an unusual way; a television. It plays only one channel, a zombie movie over and over. Somehow the zombies come through the TV into reality to begin their blood drenching killing. (1987)

WHITE ZOMBIE- Long hailed as a lost classic, which was rediscovered in the 60’s. The film stars Bela Lugosi, playing a plantation owner in the West Indies who holds sway over an army of zombies. (1932)

ZOMBI APOCOLYPSE- Very rare English subtitled print of the gory MEXICAN classic “Cemeterio Del Terror” (Cemetery Of Terror).

ZOMBIE (I EAT YOUR SKIN) – A rare find. The uncut film which was unreleased when filmed in 1964, but picked up by schlockmeister Jerry Gross, hacked up and released as the second part of a double bill as “I Eat Your Skin”.

ZOMBIE CHILD (aka The Child) – A murderous child , who regularly hangs around the local cemetery, calls upon ghoulish graveyard demons to carry out her revenge against despicable characters. (1977)


ZOMBIE GOKUDO- Japanese Language. An innocent family man is killed by vicious yakuza. He comes back from the grave as a vicious zombie. The living dead man then proceeds to annihilate one by one those who put him in the grave. (2001)

ZOMBIE LAKE- Corpses of Nazi soldiers slaughtered in WWII rise from the depths of a lake to attack swimmers. Directed by Jean Rollin, the film is filled with plenty of rotting corpses, walking to find their next victims. (1985)

ZOMBIE NOSH (aka RETURN OF THE LIVING ZOMBIES) – A group of college students on an overnight hayride come across a group of man-eating zombies. They must fight for their lives while trying to escape and warn the authorities. Directed by S.William Hinzman. (1988)

ZOMBIE 3- Uncut unofficial film of Lucio Fulci’s Zombie (2). A cloud of toxic waste escapes a nuclear power plant contaminating birds. The birds in turn contaminate man who dies horribly only to come back to life as flesh-eating zombies. (1988)

ZOMBIE 4: A VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD- NEW COMPLETELY UNCUT UNCENSORED DIGITALLY REMASTERED EXTREME PRINT!!! Directed by Jesse Franco. A young heiress is haunted by her family’s secrets after arriving in the family’s stomping grounds in British Honduras- where the stomping is done by the living dead. (1971)

ZOMBIE 90- A gross-out, gut wrenching, extremely gory zombie fest from start to finish. Plot line may be thin, but the zombies are some of the goriest on film. Not recommended for the younger viewers. (199?)